Pairing the perfect hairstyle with the perfect dress and venue can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from for your hairstyle.  You can wear your hair up, down or half up and half down.  Whatever you choose then you choose whether you want to curl or straighten your hair.  The options are unlimited, read more to narrow down what hairstyle you love. Whether it’s your big day, or you a part of someone else’s this is an important part of your look on the special day.


Maid of Honor Hairstyles

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As the maid of honor you want to stand out from the rest of the bridesmaids in the wedding party.  Whether you stand out by wearing a different style dress, color dress, or hairstyle you are the most important person other than the bride.  The hairstyle above definitely stands out and is appropriate.  For this updo you will need decently long hair to make it look more elegant and more volume like the model in the picture has.  The braid is optional but gives the look more excitement and makes it stand out.



Bridesmaid Hair Tutorial The Perfect Updo Youtube Maid Of Honor Hairstyles Maid Of Honor Hairstyles Over Hair Style

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A simple french braid is always a great style for an updo.  This classic is perfect for any maid of honor and goes with just about any style of dress.
wedding hairstyles for long hair bridesmaid

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By simply curling your hair you can get 4 great looks, there has to be at least one that matches your outfit.  The curls are flawless by themselves but by adding a braid or bun you can get a whole new look that will possibly be more suitable with your dress.

Picture provided by: Fashion Style Company

Not the typical pony tail is appropriate for this classic look.  If you are the maid of honor in a vintage wedding this is the perfect hairstyle for you.  It is elegant and classy.  The pearls are an extra accessory that are not necessary depending on your dress and the theme of the wedding.

beach wedding hairstyles for bridesmaid

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If you have a lot of hair this is the perfect style for you, It is a great combination of a braid and having your hair back off of your face.  This will definitely help you stand out among the bridesmaids.  A more simple or lace dress would be the  best option for this hairstyle because it is a bold statement and powerful by itself.  For a summer wedding you might consider adding some flowers throughout the hairdo b


Bridesmaid Updos

Messy Updo Hairstyles for Bridesmaids Long Hair

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This style is classic and elegant.  It would match any style of bridesmaid dress and any season of the year.  If you want to have all of your bridesmaids wear the same updo then this may be the perfect style for you.  The curly hair put into a messy bun works with thick and thin hair but also works with almost any length of hair too.  You can not go wrong with this hair style for your bridesmaids.

Loose Updo Hairstyles with Braid: Bridesmaids Hair

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Having your hair in an updo is always a good way to go when it comes to a wedding.  With this style you can have volume, a brad, and a little of bit of curls.  It is the ultimate compromise and you can change up the bun to more of a messy bun or even more structured and straight.  It all depends on what you want and what fits the wedding theme.  

Bridesmaid Hair Updos-9

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If you want a simple look, this is the perefect updo for you.  It is a common bridesmaid look, that is more than a bun but simple and low.

Braided Updo Bridesmaid Hairstyles Photos

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If you have a lot of hair this style might be one of the best options for you.  Also, if you want to have your hair up but don’t want all of the fly away hairs this perfect because the braid keeps the fly away hairs in.

Bridesmaid Updos 03

Picture provided by:  Womens Hairstyles

If you want a more unique hairstyle that will look great with anything, this crown braid may just be the perfect style for you.  If you want simplicity and something easy this may be the hair style for you.  Any bridesmaid would look great in this hair style.


Elegant Updos

Braided Rose Chignon Updo for Prom - Prom Hair Ideas

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Flowers are always considered elegant in any terms.  This flower braid hairstyle is an elegant hair style that any one can wear to a wedding, whether you are a bridesmaid, maid of honor, bride, or guest.

Picture provided by: The Right Hairstyles

Twists are an elegant way to put all of your hair up into an elegant updo.  Almost any hairdresser would be able to do this hairstyle for you very quickly.

Picture provided by: Fan Fuji

If you plan on having a small braid or a head band a twist is the ideal hairstyle for you.  By simply tucking in your hair you get an elegant look instantly.

Picture provided by: Indulgy

Nothing says elegant like a simple twist in your hair and a little style.  Wedding updos are almost always elegant, this one just stands out.

Picture provided by: Cosmopolitan

The classic bun on top of your head is always a winner in the hair world.  It is an elegant way to get the hair out of your face.  This style can work for anyone attending the wedding.


Wedding Hair Down

bridal hair down, large curls for wedding and professional makeup Elstile

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Curling your hair is a classic wedding hairdo and has been down for centuries.  If you want something simple that will go with anything, curling your hair is safe and looks great at the same time.

half up wedding hairstyles

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Curls are a classic but adding a simple braid or waterfall braid across the back adds more complexity.  It gives a focal point and is one of the top wedding hairdos.


Wedding Hairstyles Hair Down Mia Bella Bridal Gallery Wedding Hair Down Fresh New Sweet Wedding Hair Down As New Hairdo

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The crown braid is simple and makes a statement.  Many wedding hairdos are not this brave, but the crown braid adds a new dimension.

ccbd0d6abcf9683cbe9f979f61a806b7 588×900 Down Wedding Hair Style wedding hair make up photo

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Flawless curls and flawless low and loose braids are so elegant and easy to do.  These wedding hairdos are common but match everything.  The hairstyles above are wearable by any wedding guest or part of the wedding party.

Picture provided by: Weddings Eve

Give your hair some volume and curl with this classic wedding hairstyle.  Instead of a braid in the back, a simple poof and a couple of bobby pins will do the trick.  Any one can pull of this hairstyle, short or long hair.

Partial Updos

Picture provided by: Hairstyles

With lots of volume and curls you can accomplish this wedding hairstyle.  This is a suggested hairstyle for the bride or a bridesmaid.  Unless it is an extremely formal wedding.

Picture provided by: The Right Hairstyles

A complex half updo may be your perfect hairstyle for you if you have a very simple dress or if you just want to give your look a little more detail.  This style may be difficult but it can be done.

Half Up Flower Bun Hairstyle

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This hairstyle can be down with either straight hair or curly hair.  The simple flower bun at the top is elegant and adds complexity.  Any one at a wedding could pull of this hairstyle.

Picture provided by: The Right Hairstyles

This hairstyle is perfect if you want to do something simple and is a partial updo.  It is simple and works for anyone attending a wedding, in it or just a guest.

Picture provided by: The Right Hairstyles

If you have long hair this is the perfect hairstyle for you if you want to have a partial updo.

Long Hair Wedding Styles

Picture provided by: Imp Fashion

You definitely need long hair to do this wedding style.  It is simple and elegant and can be used for anyone attending a wedding.

Picture provided by: Long Hairstyles

Braids are so elegant and simple but still look great no matter what occasion.  A simple braid can be used for any member of the bridal parties hair, the brides hair or a guest.  A long braid looks better so you need to make sure that you can make a braid go to the side that passes your collar bone.

Picture provided by: DH Gate

A fish tail or a twist is great for long hair.  It makes your hair look elegant and it is not quit as long as it normally is.  Also, with a twist or fish tail braid your hair will not be in your face.

Picture provided by: Pinterest

You need pretty long hair to do any type of updo but to make your messy bun look full you need long hair.

Picture provided by: Long Hairstyles

You need a lot of hair to pull off this beautiful updo.  First of all you need a decent amount of hair just to have the crown braid and then on top of that their is the classic curly messy bun.  This style is elegant and beautiful.


Now you have many options to choose from.  Remember to consider the dress you are wearing to the occasion and try to match which style you like with you dress.  There are limitless variations of each hairstyle so do not be afraid to mix and match.