Dreaming lately of looking like a hot celebrity with not all of the hair? Then look no further because the sexiest short looks are right here. Everyone seems to want long hair, but in reality short hair is where the party is at. If you are deciding between a bob, pixie cut, wavy or straight hair, you will be able to compare and decide all right here.

Julianne Hough


Image Source: http://cdn-img.instyle.com

Going along with her sporadic lifestyle, Julianne rocks her voluminous waves to go along with her bubbly personality. Straight or curled Hough knows just how to perfect the short hair look. Personally, the waves she has going on in this picture are exactly what I dream to have. With her bright look at life, her bright blonde locks really help lock the Julianne Hough look.

Miley Cyrus


Image Source: 8-awesome-short-cut-with-symmetric-undercuts.jpg

We all know Miley Cyrus is far from original. Cyrus went from her long lush hair to the short look. Miley isn’t afraid to jump out there and be different, and all eyes went on her when she changed her entire look with her new pixie ‘do’. She wasn’t doing the innocent Miley get up anymore. The old Miley look we all loved and knew transformed into the new edgy look we all grew to love. Miley claims that we will never see her with long hair again and is even trying to convince everyone around her to follow her way and come over to the pixie side.


5502acf19a985_-_elle-01-best-hair-in-america-the-midwaveImage Source: http://ell.h-cdn.co/

The queen bee herself, Beyonce pulled off a hot short hairdo. With her textured wave she added the long bob look. Her waves definitely give you that beach feel that everyone seems to love and want. If you had this look you may even get mistaken for the queen herself, and who wouldn’t want to be compared to the one an only Beyoncé herself? It may not be very often where we get to see Beyoncé with her short hair, but when we do it is jaw dropping to say the least.

Taylor Swift


Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Six months into planning and Swift finally did it, she cut her once long hair.  With her outgoing personality, after all of the back and forth of if she was going to do it or not she finally said goodbye. We have all once seen Swift with her long natural curls but straight short hair really seems to be working for her. Taylor is looking better than ever with her short hair, but she does tell that it has grown and inch.



Image Source: http://i0.wp.com/

Rihanna who you also might know her being referred to as the hair chameleon, has changed her hair more times then we could count on one hand. Cut, color and her style have revolved over short periods of time. You never know what look Rihanna will be pulling off next or when.If you follow Rihanna’s looks you’ll never get bored of seeing her new stylish looks all the time. We have seen her with many different looks in the past; long, curled, red, black, half shaved, straight and her pixie look.

Kylie Jenner


Image Source: https://mudancasdaju.files.wordpress.com

The whole Kardashian family has beautiful hair, but Kylie really can do anything and still have all eyes on her.  Kylie Hair Kouture is Kylie Jenner’s new hair extension line, that you can see on her a lot of the time. When you see the blue ombré look that she looks so good in, it is her hair extensions! They are gorgeous and the color will make you glow. I love the blue color, but Kylie does also make other colors so you are sure to find a color that will look amazing on you just like it does on Kylie.

Halle Berry


Image Source: http://www2.pictures.stylebistro.com

Halle Berry is yet another hot celebrity pulling off the hot pixie look. Halle likes to have fun with her hair and not always have it look exactly put together. If you’re in the wake up and go kind of mood everyday, then this look would be good for you. Being fearless is what this look is all about.

Everyone seems to want long hair, but in reality short hair is where the party is at. We all know that these celebs are hot and no way would they have their hair like this if it wasn’t the most trendy and hottest short styles known to date. Everyone go schedule their appointments and get your scissors ready, you are about to look like the hottest celebrities known with short hair.