If you’re always looking for the next beauty trend that’s storming the internet this post is going to have some ideas you’ll be really excited about! One of the best things about beauty is that you can play with it, try new things, and change your style as often as you want. 2016 was the year for bold lines, polished looks and perfect appearances in beauty trends. With the new year come new beauty trends, and this year is exactly the opposite of 2016. 2017 trends are moving towards a more natural, loose, and ‘unpredictable” look.

2017 Beauty Trends

Natural Cheeks

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The Kardashians told everyone that contouring was the way to go but now we’re moving away from that! Leave the high, sunken, dramatic cheekbone makeup techniques behind for a softer look. Ladies are opting to just use a powder blush on the apples of their cheeks to give a soft, feminine look. Don’t be afraid to enhance the natural beauty of your face, rather than trying to make it appear to be something it’s not! Grab your favorite pink blush and a bit of natural rosiness to them!

Berry Lips

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If you’re like me, you have an extensive collection of bold red and wine shades of lipstick. Put them on the back burner for a bit and give berry tones a try! Colors like boysenberry and hues of purple and blue are quickly growing in popularity for the winter. As summer approaches, look for a mauve shade with purple undertones or a a light pink shade. These colors make a bold statement while still appearing somewhat natural and understated.

Untamed Brows

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Kiss your eyebrow pencils and stencils goodbye and say hello to natural brows! This is great news, isn’t it ladies? One of my least favorite things to do is shape and fill in a bold brow. It just takes so much time! I’m so relieved to be able to skip this step and not worry about still looking stylish. Instead, invest in a good clear brown gel that you can dab on to keep stray hairs in place. If you feel like your brows need filled a bit, use a brow powder to even them down. Don’t worry about combing them perfectly, it’s okay if they look a tad unkept as this will make them appear more natural.

Big, Natural Curls

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Good news on this front too! You can cut back on the smoothing products and heat tools and allow your hair to be as crazy and curly as you want! I have naturally curly hair and often smooth mine with a curling iron so that my curls look perfect and match one another. This trend is dying a bit and we’re beginning to embrace more natural looking hair! We all know our curls never match perfectly, and now it’s okay to let them do what they want! It’s okay if you have different sized curls, and some are more perfectly formed than others. Embrace the big, fluffy look and give your hair a break from the products and heat. If your hair needs a little encouragement, spritz a bit of sea salt spray on it to give that tousled, beachy look.

Long, Straight Hair

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Have you always admired Jenny Curran’s hair in Forrest Gump? In contrast to the big, fluffy hair trend, the pin straight look is also back in style! The inspiration behind this trend seeks to achieve a flawless, sleek and sophisticated look while appearing that minimal effort was exerted. Bust out those flat iron hair straighteners or rock your naturally straight locks, ladies!

The best thing about trends is that they do change quite often, which gives you so much opportunity for incorporating variety and experimenting with your look all the time! Obviously, some trends are going to lend themselves to your natural look and personality more than others. Have fun trying new things and don’t be afraid to break out of your box and attempt something different than you’re used to!