Many ladies flock to Regal Nails salon to improve their overall appearance, however, nothing gets them quite as excited as nail day. Getting your nails done has long been known as a pamper session.

Whether you remember the days where the only artificial nails in the business were those tacky plastic stick-on nails, or you grew up coming to appreciate the marvels of silk, acrylic and gel, one thing remains, ladies love having good looking nails. Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, the chances are good that every woman has a nail file and some nail varnish. If you do have your nails done regularly, the question is often which is better for your nails, acrylic or gel?

Process of application and damage caused

When applied to the nail, the acrylic is in powder form and is mixed with a liquid substance to form a round pearl or bead. This bead is malleable for a period of time, and the nail technician uses a brush to smooth the bead out. After a few moments though, this substance hardens and the acrylic layer is formed on the skin. It is imperative that a primer is put on the nail first to serve as a protection layer for the nail bed, and it’s also important that there are no bubbles or air pockets, as this is where bacteria tend to flourish. Trained technicians know this, however. With gel, a primer is also used, and a nail varnish like substance is placed on the nail. It is not crucial for a primer to be applied with gel though, however, incorrect application of gel or primer can lead to fungal infection.

Both types of applications have the potential to damage the nail bed and a good nail technician will alert you to the fact should you need to rest your nail bed for a while.


Acrylic nails tend to take a little longer to dry than gel ones, however, they are a bit harder and seem to last a bit longer, as well. The danger in this is that the harder the nail, the more likely it is to get snagged and ripped off in its entirety. It is, therefore, important to take great care of your nails. Gel nails tend to be a little more flexible, however, they are a bit harder to fill up than acrylic nails.


Both acrylic and gel nails offer a wide variety of options. With the acrylic applications, look out for Swarovski crystals, beads, and pearls. There isn’t a wide variety of colors, though, unless you decide to add gel or use different colored tips. The gel option has over 36 colors to choose from, and a good nail technician would be able to do almost and design you may want on your nails. Think themed nails for instance Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Soccer World Cup. Whether acrylic or gel is the better choice, seems to be a personal one.