This incredible makeup style need no longer just be reserved for the rich and famous, this can easily be achieved by using the correct colour blending techniques and correct makeup types.

Before getting excited and running off to buy a whole load of makeup and brushes, ensure that you know what to buy. Technique means nothing if your face looks cakey or pasty.

Mix apples with apples

When you used a cream-based foundation, it is important to use the rest of your makeup as cream based as well or else the makeup will appear cakey and flaky. This will also ease the blending process substantially.

The rule of two

When choosing the lighter and darker shades for contouring, the rule of thumb is to stick to two shades darker and two shades lighter. In the end, you want to appear as natural as possible, not like you are trying to apply face paint for a Day of the Dead party. The colours need to be close enough to look natural, yet needs to still be effective.

Blend, blend, blend

You don’t need to rush out and buy a big and expensive brushes, however, a big blending brush will come in handy. Ensure that the quality of the brush is good, as you want a soft and natural look. You also don’t want the brush to lose bristles all over your face due to the poor quality. If you can’t manage to find the brush you want or you just don’t have the time and need to look super gorgeous in a hurry, your finger work just as well. There are a few makeup artists who insist on using their hands as the heat of their fingers tends to do wonders for blending.

Clear up the distractions

Ensure that your hair is tied up and if you have bangs, that they are pinned back and there are not obstacles you have to work around or over to get to your face. Also, ensure that the room you are using is well lit and that the mirror is clean. Also, make sure that the mirror close enough for you to see any blending errors. There is nothing worse than getting into your car, and in the sunlight notice blending errors. This is not easy to fix once the foundation has settled.

Work in stages

First apply your normal foundation and make sure to blend it in on your entire face and under your chin and jaw. The next step would be to apply your concealer. Use the lighter foundation shade and apply a strip along all the places the sun would hit naturally. The width of your finger should suffice. Blend this in well. You would now apply the darker shade in all the places where you would be shaded from the sun, and blend well once again. Next you would apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks. You can use a setting powder. Add your eye makeup and lipstick and you’re good to go.