Every once in a while, a girl’s gotta get her hair done. And I don’t mean just getting those split ends trimmed up. I’m talking about night-on-the-town, red carpet event level of getting your hair done. This means an indulgent wash and scalp massage, deep conditioning treatments, and a killer blowout, style, or up-do, etc. It’s easy to find other places for the money to go but indulging a bit in an experience like this at a top-rated hair salon is totally worth it. If you live close or plan to visit one of these major US cities, use this as your guide to where to have an incredible day at the hair salons.

Hair salons in San Francisco

Named San Francisco’s best hair salon, Cinta Salon is an indulgent experience waiting just for you. Their motto is “inner beauty is your job – we do the rest.” Located near popular the popular Union Square district, it’s the perfect location if you’re looking for some new inspiration.

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The salon’s modern, urban design perfectly matches the fast-paced, future-thinking mood of the city. The salon is peaceful and beautiful with state-of-the-art equipment. Cinta Salon stylists pride themselves on their high level of skill and creative ideas. Their mission is to make the look you’re dreaming of a reality, even after you leave the salon.

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They have a Blow Dry Bar in the salon which is designed for you to be spoiled a bit without scheduling a regular style. You can escape from work for a bit to get an amazing look for your evening event, or enjoy an afternoon of pampering with your friends.

Denver Hair Salon

In contrast to the sleek design of Cinta Salon in San Francisco, Clementine’s Salon fits perfectly into the trendy mountain-city of Denver. The city of Denver, Colorado has experienced a huge surge in popularity over the past few years. Bars, restaurants, breweries, shops and cafes are popping up all over the place. Dani and John Everson opened Clementine’s in 2011. Located in the LoHi neighborhood, the salon has thrived since its doors opened. In fact, it has grown in popularity so much that last year they opened a second location in the Stanley Marketplace.

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Clementine’s Salon is edgy, trendy and inviting. Their skilled staff is ready to tailor your hair to whatever you want. They’re a popular wedding spot for bridal parties to get their hair done. Whether you want a fresh color before your big day or need a flawless style to last throughout your wedding day, Clementine’s can get it done for you.

Hair Salons in Chicago

George The Salon is classicaly Chicago, housed in a large, open loft. One of the best things about this space is how calm, soothing and simple it is. Featuring exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, you feel like you’re home in the midst of the state-of-the-art city salon.

The salon owner, George Gonzalez, has a goal of bringing balance to the salon and its customers. George firmly believes in feeding your hair what’s best for it and using products that are good for the earth. His passion to do good and help other people is what has made his salon so successful. Everyone seeks a company to support that they know is filled with good people and a good mission.

One of the things that really makes this salon stand out other than the impeccable services it offers, is that the employees of George The Salon donate a large amount of their time and energy to helping and serving victims of domestic violence.

Philadelphia Hair Salon

If you’re an East Coast-er, you’ve gotta hit up Hush Salon in Old City Philadelphia. Hush describes their salon as “beauty without the noise.” This salon does a perfect job of balancing elegance with simplicity. It’ll remind you of a cute little boutique you’ve shopped at for ages and you’ll feel like you’ve known the staff for forever. Hush prides themselves on being friendly and welcoming to anyone and everyone who needs a fresh new ‘do.

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Hush Salon’s work and services have been featured in a wide variety of publications, fashion shows, makeovers and photo shoots. So, they’re no stranger to the celebrity-world and their work matches that level of skill, design, and creativity.

Think it might be time for a road trip to your nearest big-city hair salons for a new look?

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