Changing Hair Color For a More Beautiful You

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Hair is always considered as the crowning glory for women. One of the ways the hair can be spruced up is by changing or enhancing its color. The practice of dyeing hair began several centuries ago, with henna being the prevalent choice of colorant. Coloring the hair has since become the usual practice among women.

Choosing Hair Color

  • Changing Hair Color For a More Beautiful YouYour natural hair color and skin tone should be considered before selecting the tint you will use to color your hair.
  • There are several natural hair color types – blonde, red, black and brunette. You should choose the shade closer to the natural hair color to ensure that the dye will suit you.
  • A blonde could go for brunette shades while a brunette could choose lighter tones closer to their natural hair color. A redhead can also sport a darker blonde shade. On the other hand, highlights could spruce up black hair by giving it highlights.
  • The skin tone is another factor that should be considered in determining the hair color that would suit you. Those with dark skin tone should go for medium to dark shades while those with lighter skin tone should opt for lighter to medium shades.

Types of Hair Color

  • There are several types of hair dyes – permanent, semi-permanents, temporary and natural. Unlike the other types of hair color, the temporary one lasts only through one or two shampoos.
  • Most women use hair coloring products sold in the market, with prices ranging from very cheap to the more expensive. These products are available in many tints so women could choose the closest shade ideal for them.
  • Others prefer to use natural, homemade dyes. However, the homemade dyes do not last, when compared to the products in the market.
  • The home-made dyes such as henna, ground coffee and brewed black tea are ideal for those who would like to have darker hair color.
  • Chamomile tea with squeezed lemon could lighten dark hair. Apply this mixture on the hair several times to see good results.

Do-it-yourself Hair Color

  • Changing Hair Color For a More Beautiful YouIt is ideal to go to a hair salon or use professional hair dresser to apply hair color. But you could save a lot of money if you do it yourself.
  • The do-it-yourself kits could be bought anywhere with instructions on how to apply the color.
  • Use hand gloves to protect your hands and skin. Then, mix the dye with the oxidizing agent in a bowl.
  • Before applying the hair color with the use of a hair brush, use petroleum or hair conditioner on the hairline to protect the area from stains.
  • Divide the hair into four sections and apply the hair color on several strands of each section. After 30 minutes, wash out the hair and apply conditioner.

Taking Care of Dyed Hair

  • Since dyeing causes short-term damage to the hair, a conditioner must be applied to the hair after the procedure. A home-made protein hair mask could also help address the damage.
  • For those who prefer natural conditioners, they could use olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil.
  • It is also advisable to use leave-on conditioner so that the hair color will last.
  • Protect your colored hair from the sun, as it will cause the color to fade. Keep your hair from being exposed to the damaging UV rays of sun by wearing a hat or by using a spray sunscreen.
  • Have fun as you give your hair a makeover by changing the color. You will become a new person. After all, having colored hair makes women feel beautiful and improves their self-esteem.


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