6 Best Color Changing Nail Polish Brands for a Long-Lasting Effect

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

As an avid lover of nail polish, I must say that nail polish may seem like a small and insignificant addition to your look, but you’ll notice when it’s gone! Single solid colors are beautiful. They’re perfect for any occasion, but sometimes one color is boring. I love Nicole’s Kim-pletely In Love, but sometimes it’s a little boring. I usually spice it up with black and speckled nail polish, but all the coats get annoying. Why not just buy a color changing nail polish that gives you two colors? Below you’ll find six nail polish brands that can spice up your look this summer (or whenever)!

1. Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

plenty of color changing nail polish samples

It’s time for a change! One color can get pretty dull after a while. When you step into the sun with this nail polish on, it’ll change from that one monotonous polish shade into a vibrant bright color! The color changes within seconds!

Even when the sky is filled with clouds, UV rays can still penetrate through them, so your nail polish will still change colors.

Are you wondering how this works? I know I was curious! The answer is actually an interesting one: Spectrachrome Crystals are used to show hidden color when ultraviolet rays hit your nail polish.

The nail polish doesn’t actually change colors, but rather colors that are invisible to the human eye now become visible once the sun hits it. You should thank NASA for this invention. They used it for their space program, but Del Sol uses it to make those nails pop!

It has no harmful chemicals like toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde. It is not tested on animals, and its color-changing properties are safe and hypoallergenic. It sells for $9.99 on Amazon.

2. Mia Secret Mood Nail Polish

several examples of color changing polish

This color changing nail polish does not use the power of the sun to change its color, but the power of your own body temperature! Mia Secret Mood nail polish can even show you which parts of your nail are the warmest.

The nail bed is the warmest portion of the nail, and this will cause the polish on that area to turn to another color. The tip of your nail is the coolest part. Therefore, the tip will achieve a less intense hue.

It may not be as cool when it comes to how it changes color as Del Sol, but it can replace a mood ring! It contains no DBP. You can purchase it for $19.39 on Amazon (it’s a six-piece set with six different colors), but on Etsy, it’s $5.99 per bottle, and the seller here offers ten different colors if you would like to try one at a time.

3. Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish Cream

Our third option for this list is the Ruby Wing color changing polish cream. When you’re indoors, this nail polish will remain the color you painted it, but once you’re outside, it changes to a different shade.

It uses SolarActive technology to achieve its color change. As with Del Sol, the new color you see doesn’t mean the color of your nail polish has changed. It just means that what was once hidden is now visible to you.

You can find this color changing nail polish on Amazon for $10.00. These nail polishes are also available on SolarActive for $7.95. Even if you’re still making up your mind with regards to what brand or color to buy, you can check out the huge selection of nail polishes that Ruby Wing has to offer.

Festival hue is such a beautiful color! Of course, all the others are pretty, but that one reminds us of outer-space or a club scene.

4. BMC Thermal Heat Color Changing Nail Polish

BMC thermal color changing polish

Speaking of outer-space, this color changing nail polish will have your nails looking like a groovy Milky Way! (Don’t laugh, we all try!) This three-piece set comes with the following polishes: Lady Incognito, Galaxy Traveler, and Revived Reality.

It should be mentioned that you will need a UV or LED lamp that puts out at least 9 watts of power to cure your nail polish correctly. You can buy the set for $17.94 on Amazon, or you can buy only one from the three-piece set for $5.03.

5. Just Add Sun Color Changing Nail Polish

This nail polish is also influenced by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When you’re indoors, you polish has one hue, but step outside into the sun, and your nails become a work of art!

This nail polish contains no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP. It’s a cruelty-free product for all you animal lovers. I would suggest buying it on Amazon, but it’s out of order at the moment, so go to the company’s main site for this brand.

The price you pay will depend on what you want, but singles seem to cost $9, and collections can cost up to $27.

6. Pretty and Polished Nail Polish

a demonstration of how a nail polish changes its color

This color changing nail polish is activated by the sun’s power as well. Some of these pretty polishes even contain glitter to make your look stand out even more!

Pretty & Polished nail polishes are all cruelty-free and free from the big five harmful chemicals, which are dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, camphor, and toluene.

This nail polish can be found on the company’s main site, costing between $5 and $9.

Putting It All Together

Your nail polish will be your hottest accessory if you get one of these color changing nail polishes. They’re all fairly inexpensive, and you’ll have to change your nail polish less because you’re practically wearing more than one color at a time!

If you’ve used any of the following brands above or know someone who has, feel free to comment below on your experience to let us know your personal opinion about the above-described nail polish brands. Also, comment which brand you would like to try. Carry on fabulous people!

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