curly hairstylesCurly hair doesn’t cooperate when you need it to. But before you get on that wishful thinking mode again, think of the many hairstyles that your natural curls have to offer. Believe it or not, your straight-haired friends and co-workers might be on wistful thinking mode as well for those ringlets or waves you carry so well.

Note that while curls are low maintenance, you still need to know the most flattering hairstyles there are for curly hair. Go to your nearest salon and ask for the best and most affordable SuperCuts prices for styling your specific kind of curly hair (remember that there are also different textures of hair).

Tight Curls and Pixie Cuts

layerd pixie hairstylesLayered pixie: this classic pixie hairstyle has longer front layers for wavy or coarse hair. Short, cropped hair prevents just naturally curly hair to develop into full blow circlets. Loosen the waves on your damp hair with the application of a hair straightening product on it. Blow dry to fluff up your hair’s natural texture and then blow dry your hair’s front layers using a paddle brush to make the bangs smooth. Mist the hair at the back lightly with a light finishing product.

tight curls hairstylesTight curls: otherwise known as ringlets, these spiral curls deserve layers as well because the curlier the hair, the more it needs to have longer layers. Hair that’s humongous with curly should the ends tapered with layers. Soothing serums can help tame such hair. Comb back your hair’s middle section and blow dry using the diffuser and your finger to pull hair gently to retain its natural texture. Dab some curl cream in the front to combat frizziness.

Andie MacDowell and the Pageboy

curly hairstyles 2Minimal but long layers: these hairstyles are for thick and wavy hair. Case in point: the actress Andie MacDowell’s super curly hair is wavy and voluminous at the same time and a long cut enables the hair’s weight to be flexible when it comes to styling. Loosen the waves with the application of a straightening product that can be left on the hair. Blow dry for a few minutes and then brush through to loosen the curls some more and achieve volume. The leave on product will keep the curls in place.

curly hairstyles 3Pageboy: this hairstyle is most suitable for thick hair with a lot of super tight curls. Get a pageboy cut at reasonable Hair Cuttery prices that’s shoulder length and have the hairstylist cut the ends in longer layers. This particular length makes it possible for your curls to be short enough to keep on low maintenance but also keep your hair from expanding out too much and becoming a headdress. A leave-in conditioning product applied to your damp curls, scrunching them up a bit to push the curls in, a few minutes’ drying time, and you’re done.

Go to the Extreme

curly hairstyles 4Extremely layered: hairstyles for dense hair that are relaxed and wavy should have many layers to avoid making the hair look and feel heavy. These layers begin at the cheekbones to keep the cut even and not just have one heavy length. A professional hairstylist will know how to make your curls fall softly around the sides of your face without making it look like an Egyptian pyramid.

This carefree and movable hair just needs a conditioning product to be left on the hair before blow drying it with the use of a diffuser. Wind your hair into small sections around a medium barrel-sized curling iron if you need your hair super polished. Remember to shake out your curls using your hands and then spritzing your hair with a mild or light hairspray.