Perhaps the hairstyle that is the most versatile is that for the medium length hair. Usually easier to manage than longer hairstyles, they can be created with curls, cut into bobs, enhanced with wisps of bangs, coiffed, tied into a ponytail, turn into undulating waves, and done as an updo. Here are some common hairstyles of medium length that are suitable for almost any type of hair.

curled bob Medium Length Hairstyles

Curls, Curls, and More Curls

Curls have the much appreciated quality of enhancing hair with luxurious volume. Take the ubiquitous curled bob. You only have to have a layered bob and raise the drama ante with the creation of volume as curls. Long and oval faces look good with medium length curly hair. Think of a young Nicole Kidman in “Far and Away” or Keri Russell before “The Americans.”

Medium length hair is easier to maintain. It is also an option for women who want their locks shorter but not too short. Curls remain intact even when hair is shortened. And, admittedly, make women look younger, fresher, and more daring than their straight-haired counterparts. Long hair may be elegant but hey, medium length and curly is cute and sassy.

U shaped Medium Length HairstylesRevitalizing Your Hairstyle

One way to rev up medium length hair is to have it cut in a U shape and round off the entire head with curls. With such a hairstyle, the hair’s natural texture shines through with curls of different lengths. If you have natural red hair coloring, get a medium length haircut that stops just above your chin and be the show-stopper in any place and at any time!

The trick is to go to a salon and ask how much this revitalized hairstyle might cost. Checking out SuperCuts prices to give you an idea how much you will spend. A reputable salon will have professional hairstylists who can advise you on how to take care of your new medium length haircut. Curls have to be tamed to keep them from making you look like you just rolled out of bed.

layers and with bangs Medium Length HairstylesIt’s in the Bangs…Sometimes

Another medium length hairstyle is that with layers and with bangs. This particular haircut will flaunt your best features perfectly. Medium length hairstyles give you the length without the high maintenance required by longer hair from all that washing, conditioning, and styling. Medium length cuts are also cost-efficient as they don’t need voluminous amounts of hair care products to keep them in shape and in good health.

To achieve the medium length look, your stylist should create textured, choppy layers throughout to add shape to the rest of your hair. Scrunch some mousse that can boost curls with your fingers through your hair. Shake your head once or twice and you’re ready to go. With this style, you can have side swept or thick bangs. Ask your hairstylist what kind of bangs will flatter your facial shape and blend naturally with the rest of your features. Find out if your regular salon will charge you more or less than the current Hair Cuttery prices for this hairstyle with and without bangs.

beehive hairstyle Medium Length HairstylesMedium Length Styles for Forty-somethings

For women over 40, medium length hairstyles can age you drastically unless they are cut by expert stylists. Bobs, hair pieces, and updos are some of the enhancements that fortysomethings can consider to reduce the age factor to work. Layered haircuts give volume and body to any hair type and for women over 40, these hairstyles can make the difference between sophisticated and slutty. Wear a fringe – sharp or blunt – depending on your face shape. Or you can try sweeping your hair to one side to give you a classic elegance. Dab on some sheer mousse to retain that sleek appeal.

Vintage hairstyles are a hit for medium length hair. Just blow dry your hair while applying gentle strokes to untangle the strands with a soft paddle brush. The result is hair with volume but not too big to frame your face like a tent. Last, but certainly not least, recreate a 60s beehive hairstyle by sweeping up your hair’s front backwards and using some pins to pit up to create a moderately-sized beehive. Accessorize your look with some fancy barrettes to finish the clean, chic look reminiscent of a young Jane Fonda who, by the way, has always had medium length hairstyles.