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Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Founded 33 years ago Great Clips is a hair salon franchise unlike any other. They started their business under the name “Super Clips” as an enthusiastic way to storm the current market and provide great services around the continent . With their revolutionary way of thinking, low prices and no-frills approach to hair care they found immediate success. The amount of interest was so high that Great Clips had to open 3 saloons in the span of 3 months to cope with the demand. Mind you, this was a startup business with a growth rate of one salon per month. Today that growth rate is a far bigger number, with just over 3,700 hair salons located all over USA and Canada and over 30,000 people employed this is one of the biggest franchises on the continent. Currently it is featured in the Top 100 franchises in the World.

As mentioned this success can be attributed to the revolutionary way of thinking and doing business in general. Great Clips offers competitive prices, affordable hair care and with no appointments needed it’s convenient for any kind of schedule. They even incorporated everything online so you can reach them within minutes using your smartphone app or just a plain old browser. This includes finding the closest Great Clips salon or letting them know when you plan to come and get a haircut so you don’t have to wait at all when you get there.

This hassle free / “back to basics” approach offers a reliable option in a crowded marketplace with many different preferences of which most have some unneeded elements that you could live without. With Great Clips currently thriving they are even offering people that would like to do a bit of managing to open their own business and to be in charge of one of the Great Clips salon. Of course this is only if there are none available at their area of your residence.

However, this does require a bit of investing since no one will give you ownership and branding of something for free but if you are looking to make a smart investment this could be among the top things to consider.

If you are interested in the cost of owning a Great Clips salon they require a $300,000 net worth and $50,000 in liquid funds to be at your disposal. This might seem a bit steep or too expensive but when you consider that you are getting to have your own startup with the name already built up for you in the last 30+ years of doing business, and not to mention all the support imaginable from the more experienced Great Clips staff, it becomes a reasonable price to ask for.

In the end with their great prices and low cost to operate compared to the competition, Great Clips continues to provide remarkable results and a steady growth from year to year. They continue to show, time after time that thinking simple and not overcomplicating things can and does pay off greatly.


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