Hollywood Nails Prices

Hollywood Nails prices range from $18.00 for a regular manicure and $25.00 for a regular pedicure. For a more detailed look at Hollywood Nails prices and services, continue reading below.

Hollywood Nails and Spa is a glamorous spa devoted to your hands and feet.

Hollywood Nails and Spa uses top quality products and follow firm sanitation procedures. With their top quality trained and experienced nail technicians that are constantly looking for different and better ways, learning latest techniques to enhance their services.

Below are the latest estimated Hollywood Nails prices.



Restore My Nails$18.00
Exotic Mango Manicure$23.00
Apple Martini Manicure$28.00
Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Manicure$30.00
Hollywood’s Organic Manicure$35.00
Heavenly Hollywood Manicure$45.00
Microdermabrasion Hand Treatment$55.00
Hollywood Princess / Prince Manicure (For Children Aged 10 and Younger)$12.00

Manicure Extras

French Tips$6.00
Polish Change$6.00
Polish Change in French Tips$10.00
Warm Paraffin Treatment$8.00
Sugar Scrub (Non-Organic)$7.00
Mud Mask$10.00
Organic Sugar Scrub (Orange or Lavender)$10.00
Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask$8.00
Shine Buff$5.00
Nail Art$5.00


Renew My Feet$25.00
Exotic Mango Spa Pedicure$35.00
Apple Martini Spa Pedicure$47.00
Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Spa Pedicure$55.00
Hollywood’s Organic Spa Pedicure$55.00
Kona Coffee Bean Spa Pedicure$60.00
Microdermabrasion Foot Treatment$65.00
Heavenly Hollywood Spa Pedicure$70.00
Hollywood’s Princess / Prince Spa Pedicure$25.00

Pedicure Extras

French Tips$8.00
Polish Change$12.00
Polish Change in French Tips$15.00
Sugar Scrub (Non-Organic)$10.00
Organic Sugar Scrub (Orange or Lavender)$12.00
Mud Mask$12.00
Warm Paraffin Treatment$12.00
Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask$10.00
Callus Elimination$5.00
Shine Buffing$5.00
Foot Reflexology Massage$10.00
Volcanic-Stone Massage$7.00
Nail Art$5.00

Nail Extensions

Regular Acrylic New Set$30.00
Regular Acrylic Fill$20.00
Solar Nail New Set$45.00
Regular Gel Powder New Set$35.00
Regular Gel Powder Fill$25.00
Gel Liquid New Set$55.00
Gel Liquid Fill$37.00
Pink and White Acrylic New Set$45.00
Pink and White Gel Powder New Set$48.00
Pink and White Gel Liquid New Set$65.00
Back-Fill Acrylic (Pink and White)$35.00
Back-Fill Gel Powder (Pink and White)$40.00
Back-Fill Gel Liquid (Pink and White)$45.00
French Tips with Acrylic New Set$30.00
French Tips with Gel Powder New Set$35.00
French Tips with Gel Liquid New Set$40.00
Design Tips with Acrylic New Set$35.00
Design Tips with Gel Powder New Set$40.00
Design Tips with Gel Liquid New Set$55.00
Color / Glitter Powder with Acrylic New Set$40.00
Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Powder New Set$45.00
Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Liquid New Set$65.00
Back-Fill Color / Glitter Powder$35.00
Two Color / Glitter Powder New Set$55.00

Enhancements for Nail Extensions

Nail Repair – Acrylic (each)$3.00
Nail Repair – Gel Powder (each)$5.00
Nail Repair – Gel Liquid (each)$7.00
Gel Glass Top Coat$5.00
Take Off$15.00
Nail Art (1)$3.00
Nail Art (2)$5.00
Nail Art (10)$15.00

Hair Removal and Waxing

Brow Shaping$15.00
Upper Lip$10.00
Sides of Face$28.00
Full Face$40.00
Half Arms$25.00
Full Arms$40.00
Half Leg$35.00
Full Leg$60.00
Full Leg, Feet, and Toes$80.00

Threading Services

Upper Lip$13.00
Brow Tweezing$20.00
Sides of Face$20.00
Full Face$65.00
Brow Reshaping by Tweezers$28.00

Skin Care

Revive My Skin$55.00
Hollywood’s Teen Facial$70.00
Sensational Aromatherapy Facial$95.00
Fountain of Youth Facial$125.00
Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Facial$75.00
Hollywood’s Organic Signature Facial$100.00
Hollywood’s Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Food Facial$110.00
Hollywood’s Back Facial$90.00
Microdermabrasion Treatment$100.00
Glycolic Facial$100.00

Enhancements for the Skin Care Services

Décolleté Treatment (20 Minutes)$20.00
Revitalizing Eye Treatment$15.00
Contour or Calming Mask (Approximately 20 Minutes)$20.00
Organic Dr. Alkaitis Mask$25.00
Organic Dr. Alkaitis Eye Treatment$25.00
Hydrating Treatment for Hands (10 Minutes)$12.00
Hydrating Treatment for Feet (10 Minutes)$17.00

Body Treatment

Body Polish (50 Minutes)$80.00
Hollywood’s Exclusive Grape Seed Body Treatment (50 Minutes)$95.00
Microderm Body Scrub (50 Minutes)$150.00
Mineral Mud Wrap (50 Minutes)$100.00
Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap (50 Minutes)$110.00
Hollywood’s Seaweed Body Peel (60 Minutes)$120.00
Hollywood’s Cellulite Wrap (55 Minutes)$110.00
Hollywood’s Cellulite Wrap (6 Treatments Special)$620.00
Heavenly Organic Body Treatment (60 Minutes)$130.00

Therapeutic Massages

Refresher Mini-Massage (20 Minutes)$25.00
Swedish Massage (30 Minutes)$40.00
Swedish Massage (60 Minutes)$60.00
Swedish Massage (90 Minutes)$90.00
Swedish Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$306.00
Deep Tissue Massage (30 Minutes)$45.00
Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes)$75.00
Deep Tissue Massage (90 Minutes)$100.00
Deep Tissue Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$405.00
Relaxing Stone Massage (60 Minutes)$75.00
Relaxing Stone Massage (90 Minutes)$100.00
Relaxing Stone Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$405.00
Acupressure Chair Massage (30 Minutes)$45.00
Acupressure Chair Massage (60 Minutes)$85.00
Hollywood Day Spa’s Massages (30 Minutes)$75.00
Hollywood Day Spa’s Massages (60 Minutes)$100.00

Eyelash Extensions and Makeup Services

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set (Includes First Refill)$200.00
Partial Set$75.00
Lash Refill$45.00
Lash Refill (Package of Five)$200.00
60-Minute Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage During Application$45.00
Brow Tint$15.00
Lash Tint$20.00
Brow and Lash Tint$30.00
Lash Perm$20.00

Makeup Services

Everyday Makeup$30.00
Makeup Lesson$45.00
Bridal Makeup$75.00

Permanent Makeup

Lip Liner$425.00
Full Lip with Liner$595.00
Beauty Mark$75.00

Females have constantly been ineffective about nails and what better method to pamper that inherent female characteristic than to have those nails done at Hollywood Nails? A bride and her bridesmaids will be especially pleased to have their manicures and pedicures done professionally and creatively by trained Hollywood Nails professionals at cheap Hollywood Nails prices. Hollywood Nails deliver nail services, care, and treatment in the healthiest conditions to guarantee safety and happiness.

Even the nastiest, most bitten down, and rough-edged nails can be renovated by a variety of rejuvenation treatments. Hollywood Nails delivers top quality service that’s done with care and purity when you experience Hollywood Nails. Only sterilized utensils and equipment of hospital-grade benchmarks are used when you get a pedicure or manicure. Hollywood Nails makes sure that Nail buffers and nail files are new every time and are used on a one-time only basis to guarantee customers of the hygienic technique of delivering nail services.

Hollywood Nails prices for the services are fairly cheap and within the scope of most budgets. Whether you just want your nails cleaned or coated in a polish from a variety of colors or treated with anti-ageing protective gel, Hollywood Nails is the place to visit. Comfortable and professional customer service in a hygienic, well-lighted, and open environment, that’s what Hollywood Nails gives its clients. Not to discussion their use of the up to date equipment, tools, and technology to provide an complete beauty care and treatment experience.

For more information regarding Hollywood Nails, visit their official website.

Hollywood Nails Hours

Monday10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday11:00 am – 5:00 pm