4 Secrets to Enhancing Your Brown Eyes


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         Brown eyes are uniquely beautiful. The colors range from a deep chocolate to a light caramel, and just about everything else in-between! And the perk is that you have a multitude of options to choose from. Although most don’t think of brown eyes as being as interesting as blue or green eyes, with these makeup tips your brown eyes are sure to stand out! Once you find a variety of shades that you are happy with, the trick is to perfect each swipe of powder and make it perfect for you. Below are only a few of the many makeup tips for brown eyes that you can use to get the style you like best.

1. Perfect the eye shadow.

Brown-eyed women are very fortunate because we have the advantage of choosing a larger range of color options when it comes to shadows and liners.


Blue and brown are on opposite sides of the color spectrum but they complement each other and make the brown and golden flecks of many eyes really pop. Light blues are usually the best matches because you do not want to overpower the eye with so much color. Match up a blue and a gray to give a more smokey appeal, or you can keep it simple with a little dash of blue to add subtle color to your face. If you have light brown eyes, adding a tint of blue to your eye shadow will help make them look wider and brighter.

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Pinks are also incredibly complimentary for brown eyed women. A light pink shadow dusted over your lids is a very nice touch for an everyday look. Even though a pink shade is more of a shopping or work color (makeup to wear on a daily basis), mixing your shadow with swipes of blue or gold will also give your brown eyes an appealing look. Even a dark plum color, mixed in with some purple shading on your lid, will make a difference. You can put pink and gold together or pink and silver.


Purples are very pretty on brown eyes. Opt for a more warm purple, not a fuchsia color to tone down the makeup. Fuchsia is too much for eye makeup in general. Warm purples give the look of softness. You can pair it with any color liner and can be worn well as a daytime look or a nighttime look.

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Nude colored palettes and golden blends are a big hit for any season of year. This is a great collaboration of colors to put on when you are looking for that “no makeup makeup” and more chill look. It is easy to match with your color and can give your eye a clean, matte look! If you have dark brown eyes, a shimmery gold with flecks of white along the edges of your inner eye is absolutely breathtaking!

2. Mascaras and Liners Galore!

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Brown/ Black Mascara:

When choosing a mascara for brown eyes, the best color to choose would be a traditional black. Apply a few coats for a longer, more dramatic curve to your lashes, top and bottom. The combination of black and brown will complement each other very nicely.

Brown/ Black Eyeliner:

You can use a black liner which will sit nicely on your face. Black gives the appeal of a smokey look and would match perfectly with blues and gray eyeshadow when you go for a night out. You can also choose a brown. A brown liner is a much softer look so this will nicely blend well with your pinks and golds that you would wear for your everyday look.

3. It’s the small touches that adds accent!

The best way to get big brown eyes is to perfect your mascara and eye liner technique, along with adding small touches.

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Eyelash Curler:

An eyelash curler is usually the best way to elongate your lashes and then apply your mascara in long, sweeping strokes both on top and on the bottom of the lashes. This helps lengthen the lashes and the black color will really help show the natural outline of your eyes. To avoid the clumps that mascara can sometimes leave on your lashes, gently move your applicator from side to side on you lashes as you are brushing them through. This technique will open up the clumps and make your lashes appear more numerous.

Cat Eye:

Eye liner will also enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. A nice and easy cat eye on the top lid is a great way to add more color and definition to your eyes. A bottom liner which gently and softly outlines your lashes is just enough to enhance the shape.

4. Sampling and Perfecting!


The best way to determine which colors work best with your eyes is to look at the many samples provided in stores. It might be a long process but the reward and result is completely worth it. Women with brown hair normally have brown eyes which is naturally a very beautiful and easy look. By adding new color to your lids and eyes, you are creating a woman who can easily stand out in a crowd!

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Practicing on your brown eyes is a fun way to learn how to do your eye makeup, play around with many different colors, and create a new look every time you go out. There are a tremendous amount of options for day looks and night looks. Liners make the most difference so do your research when it comes to whether you want a liquid liner, pencil, or even a crayon. Each of these provides a different texture and a different finish to your eye. You just need to decide which one will suit you best.
The best way to master your makeup is to sit down at a mirror and practice, practice, practice! Once you can blend and contour to perfection, you can move onto to perfect the swish of the cat eye and get it right and symmetrical every time! Determine your unique and best combinations for you. Brown eyes are the best!