Massage Luxe Prices

With all the stress and nuisances of modern day life, at times all you need is a relieving, easing massage to put you in a peaceful state, free of tension. Massage Luxe is an established powerhouse chain of massage parlors, which uphold a commitment to offer top-notch quality services.

Massage Luxe holds a particular expertise in therapeutic massages, including indispensable benefits for body aesthetic and nutrition. Massage Luxe is adamant that their massages lower blood pressure, ease tension, and augment the immune system.

Below are the latest Massage Luxe prices.



Swedish (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$38.00
Swedish (Non-Member)$74.00
Deep Tissue (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$38.00
Deep Tissue (Non-Member)$74.00
Prenatal (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$38.00
Prenatal (Non-Member)$74.00
HydroLuXe Dry Water Massage Table (Per 15 Minutes)$15.00
Hot Stone (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Hot Stone (Non-Member)$74.00
Aromatherapy (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Aromatherapy (Non-Member)$74.00
Reflexology (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Reflexology (Non-Member)$74.00
Sports (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Sports (Non-Member)$74.00
Trigger Point (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Trigger Point (Non-Member)$74.00


Repechage Seaweed Facial (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Repechage Seaweed Facial (Non-Member)$74.00
Pore-Refining Facial (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
Pore-Refining Facial (Non-Member)$74.00
FaceLuXe Glyco Peel and Reveal (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$48.00
FaceLuXe Glyco Peel and Reveal (Non-Member)$74.00
Lamina Lift Mask$10.00
Hydra Amino 18 Scalp Treatment$10.00
Eye Renew Treatment$20.00
Papaya Enzymatic Micro-Peel$20.00
Glycolic Peel$30.00
FaceLuXe Famous 4 Layer Facial (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$78.00
FaceLuXe Famous 4 Layer Facial (Non-Member)$111.00
Vita Cura- 5 Phase Firming Facial (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$78.00
Vita Cura- 5 Phase Firming Facial (Non-Member)$111.00
Hydra Medic Facial (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$78.00
Hydra Medic Facial (Non-Member)$111.00
Biolight Facial (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$78.00
Biolight Facial (Non-Member)$111.00
Microdermabrasion (Introductory Offer for First Time Clients)$78.00
Microdermabrasion (Non-Member)$111.00


Eyebrow / Sculpting (Guest Price)$15.00
Eyebrow / Sculpting (Member Price)$12.75
Lip (Guest Price)$8.00
Lip (Member Price)$6.80
Cheeks / Sides of Face (Guest Price)$15.00
Cheeks / Sides of Face (Member Price)$12.75
Chin (Guest Price)$8.00
Chin (Member Price)$6.80
Half Leg (Guest Price)$38.00
Half Leg (Member Price)$32.30
Bikini Line (Guest Price)$32.00
Bikini Line (Member Price)$27.20
Full Bikini (Guest Price)$38.00
Full Bikini (Member Price)$32.30
Brazilian (Guest Price)$58.00
Brazilian (Member Price)$49.30
Half Mrm (Guest Price)$25.00
Half Mrm (Member Price)$21.25
Hands (Guest Price)$10.00
Hands (Member Price)$8.50
Under Arms (Guest Price)$15.00
Under Arms (Member Price)$12.75
Toes (Guest Price)$10.00
Toes (Member Price)$8.50
Upper Back (Guest Price)$23.00
Upper Back (Member Price)$19.55
Lower Back (Guest Price)$27.00
Lower Back (Member Price)$22.95
Full Back (Guest Price)$48.00
Full Back (Member Price)$40.80
Full Face (Guest Price)$40.00
Full Face (Member Price)$34.00
Nose (Guest Price)$10.00
Nose (Member Price)$8.50
Neck (Guest Price)$14.00
Neck (Member Price)$11.90
Chest (Guest Price)$48.00
Chest (Member Price)$40.80
Ears (Guest Price)$10.00
Ears (Member Price)$8.50
Sideburns (Guest Price)$10.00
Sideburns (Member Price)$8.50


Massage Luxe was established just recenty in 2008, in Rock Hill, Missouri. The current president of operations, Todd Beckham, has an ultimate goal of making therapuetic massages a popular and demanded trend to multiple demographics. In short, he aims to manifest his dream of promoting massages as a staple in health and nutrition.

Massage Luxe can attribute its uncanny, almost hurried expansion to the affordability and unparalleled value of its massages which more people are becoming attracted to, especially as they form an agenda focused on health and nourishment. But massages are just the half of it- Massage Luxe also offers hair waxing and facials.

Franchising, it seems, has been the primary factor in Massage Luxe’s growth. All in all, they operate 37 locations in 10 different states- California, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, among many others. In 7 years time, that is a drastic growth that cannot be understated. Wait a few more years and Massage Luxe will be flourishing abound.


Massage Luxe practices an acumen in multiple varieites of massages. The most standard they offer are the Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal. Swedish is the most sought after massage, while Deep Tissue alleviates and eases tension from the deeper layers of tissue and muscles. Prenatal massages (just as it sounds), are for pregnamt women who have surpassed the first trimester, and the benefits of this include stress and inflammation allievation, improvements in anxiety and depression, and soothing of muscle aches.

Specialty massages are not left out of this extensive acumen, either. For instance, hot stone massages, which make use of heated stones, are applied to the surface layer of the skin to reduce tension, all the while a deep tissue or Swedish massage is performed. Moreover, the aromatherapy massage uses scented essential oils which are proficientt in providing relaxation.

For the athetlci type, sports massages are also included on Massage Luxe’s agenda. These massages are great for muscles and joints as they apply firm pressure to allieviate troubling aches. Also, the Trigger Point massage is a particulary special massage which reduces tension and stress in the ligaments, muscles, and muscle attachments.

But let’s not be led to believe that Massage Luxe is only adept at massages. Oh no, as they are also well-acclimated with other services. For example, the Lamina Lift Mask is a mixture of authentic ingredients that are specially formulate to soothe and nourish the skin. Continuing, Hydroluxe is a dry water massage that makes use of pressurized streams of water that emulate a massage.

As if the number of services aren’t at a mind-boggling number already, Massage Luxe also provides an extensive array of facials, including the 4 Layer Facial, Hydra Medic, Vita Cura, Biolight Facial and Microdermabrasian. Waxing in many areas is also available.


Through value and high-end quality, Massage Luxe has revitalized the demand for massages. The massage-craze is like never before!

Another comforting fact for customers is every one of their massage parlors are held to a high standard in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. They are also very peaceful and private in nature, offering a tranquility comparable to that of a Chinese monk practice. Massage Luxe is your chance to escape the demonic, stressful vices of life and thrive in an easy-to-take, warm environment.

At Massage Luxe, you are pampered as if you were a celebrity, a king, a pharoah, but without the expenses of such high honors. This is not a regularity in the day spas of today as many of them require the average customer to shell out an unhealthy amount of money. Massage Luxe, on the other hand, is affordable and is stocked with certified, trained massage specialists who take pride in listening and recommending things in your best interest, not theirs. For example, a topic fragile such as medical conditions will be taken into great consideration by the staff member assigned to you. That is just the type of over-the-top service Massage Luxe wishes to give you.

Massage Luxe is just enamored with the pampering side of things and they want their customers to feel unbelievable during and after their visit. When it comes to every tiny little aspect that goes into creating an all-world, grade A spa, from elite products, selective, deliberate hiring, and an extreme commitment to providing unblemished service, Massage Luxe has showed undeniable judgment in all these things. Do yourself a service (pun intented) and visit a Massage Luxe in your town. The good will always heavily outweigh the bad. Why? There is no bad!