Natural looking makeup should be something that’s easy to achieve but many of us find it challenging to give ourselves that look. It can be a hard to avoid looking like we’ve caked makeup on to our faces. With just a few pointers, tips and tricks from some makeup experts you can easily achieve those beautiful, natural makeup looks.

Before starting your natural looking makeup routine, be sure you’re applying your makeup in a well lit area. Natural light is best, so find the room in your house with the most light pouring in through the window! If that’s not possible, prop a mirror up and turn on as many lights as possible so you can clearly see.

How To Achieve Natural Makeup Looks

The first thing you want to do is wash and exfoliate your face. You want to make sure your skin is a clean, dry surface to build off of. This will allow the makeup to blend well.

Next, use a couple pumps of your favorite moisturizer (we love this one!) to keep your pores happy and skin well hydrated. Moisturize your face to keep your pores happy. This will also help your daytime makeup to appear flawless. It’s important to use a moisturizer with SPF, even if you don’t plan to go out in the sun. Always protect your beautiful face from those damaging rays!

Your next step is to apply a quality foundation in a thin layer all over your face. Use a beauty blender or foundation brush to make sure the foundation is evenly applied. 

This will cover up flaws and help minimize the visibility of breakouts. There are so many foundations available but here are a few of our favorites!

Give your foundation a moment or two to dry, and apply a light layer of translucent powder across your entire face. This will help to set the foundation so it won’t move or smudge when you touch your face. Translucent powder is a lifesaver for hot days when your makeup might be more prone to “melting,” and will help keep your face from appearing oily or shiny.

Blush is one of the most important parts of a natural looking makeup routine. You’ll want to select a color that complements your skin tone, whether it’s rosy or more peach tinted. Apply the blush in rounded strokes to the apples of your cheeks. Be careful not to do too much otherwise you’ll look like you walked out of an 18th century opera production! You want to give yourself just enough to give a slight flush to your cheeks for a natural, healthy glow.

Now that you have a nice base set and your skin is glowing, it’s time to move to your beautiful eyes!

For a natural eyeshadow look, use soft, light colors like champagne, beige and light brown. Sephora makeup brands have an amazing eyeshadow pallet that can give you multiple different options. We love this basic eye shadow tutorial that helps with how to properly apply eyeshadow.

Natural looking eyeliner can be a challenge to achieve. A lot of women skip eyeliner entirely if they’re going for a truly natural look. Many people end up putting it on too thick or lining their entire eye which makes it look like a stencil so be careful when applying! On the top of your lid along your lashline, only line from the outer corner to just past the widest part of your eye. Be sure to taper the end of the line and use a blending brush to make the line appear less harsh.

Do the same under your bottom lash, extending a bit past the end of your top line. You can play around with this a bit, to achieve a look that you prefer. Some people love to do the cat eye which gives a vintage look, but it can take some practice to perfect and is less natural for every day wear.

To finish your eye makeup, show some love to your beautiful, luscious lashes! Apply a coat of mascara to your upper and lower lashes, being careful to avoid clumping. If you have blonde or light brown lashes, use dark brown mascara instead of black to achieve natural looking makeup. We love L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara because it’s affordable, long lasting and makes your lashes extra full and beautiful.

Finally, choose your favorite lip tint that’s as close to your natural color as possible. The team here at All Salon Prices loves Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Tinted Lip Balm. It doubles as a chapstick and lip color to keep your lips looking moisturized and beautifully luscious! If you’re not sure what color best suits you, a sheer berry color this one is flattering on most people. It gives nice, full color without being too overbearing or obvious.

Voila, you’re done! You’ve achieved natural looking makeup with just a few simple, basic steps. Your look should be dewy and rosy but not overly obvious that you are wearing lots of makeup. If you’re not happy with your results the first time, don’t worry! Beautiful, flawless makeup can take time. Keep working at it and you’ll quickly achieve your desired results. Remember, makeup is meant to enhance the beautiful person you already are. Focus on bringing out your best features with your natural looking makeup routine, not covering up the things you don’t like. Highlight your beauty, everyone wants to see your beautiful face!

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