There’s a good chance your city or neighborhood has a Regis Salon. This hair salon chain isn’t quite as well-known as Super Cuts or Fantastic Sam’s, but it offers the same services as those discount chains and a lot more. This salon brand is geared toward female hair trends and serves women and girls of all ages.

A Regis Hair Salon has coloring, cuts, updos, braiding, and hair treatments. Most locations also feature eyebrow and facial hair waxing. The next time a friend or family member asks if there are any excellent, reasonably priced hair salons near me, tell them to check out this chain.

About the Company of Regis Salon

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About the Company

The parent company of Regis Salon boasts over 10,000 locations worldwide and employed 50,000 stylists as of 2014. Headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, the parent company also owns the Supercuts and Vidal Sassoon hair care chains. The corporation also owns Sasson Academies and Empire Beauty Schools.

Paul and Florence Kunin founded the company in 1922 with a single salon. The salon soon expanded into a chain, with locations in department stores. The couple’s son, Myron, took over the company in 1958.  He moved the value-priced salons into shopping malls. In 1996, the company purchased Supercuts.

Due to the closing of many shopping malls across the country, the corporation is actively looking for new locations for some of its salons.

The corporation sponsors a foundation that has raised $11 million for breast cancer research. Clip for the Cure is an annual event that takes place every October 21. The company donates 10% of the cost of every service in every salon on that day to breast cancer research.

Salon Services of Regis Salon

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Salon Services

The services at this chain run the gamut from basic cuts to fashionable highlighting and colors you might expect from an expensive, standalone salon. Many other inexpensive chains don’t offer these trendy services, so the low-to-moderate pricing combined with the chic coloring options are a selling point for many customers.


All Over Color, including permanent color for covering grey or darkening and lightening hair, ammonia-free demi-permanent to revive faded color and increase shine and semi-permanent for trendy, fashion colors or as blended shades to cover grey.

Mini, full and partial conventional foil highlights add another dimension to your hair. A mini-partial, also called baby lights, gives your hair more pizzazz by adding highlights around your face. A partial highlight adds highlights or lowlights in several sections of hair, and full highlighting is used to blend colors that cover gray or for a fashionable look.

Color and highlighting techniques are always evolving, and the Regis chain stays on top of new color techniques are popular with consumers. Balayage, a highlighting trend involves the painting of individual hair strands for an understated difference in color.

Ombre/ somber, which darkens hair from root to mid-length and makes it lighter towards the ends, is another trend technique.

Colorists can also add popular grey/silver or lavender tones to your hair for a chic look.

hair Coloring Salon Services of Regis Salon

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Other Services

Specialty Services for weddings, graduations, and other events include French Twists and upbraids. Of course, these specialty braiding and updo services are available for any occasion or everyday wear.

If you have frizzy hair, a shampoo and blow-out will make your hair smoother and shinier. A blow-out is a detailed method of drying hair with a blow dryer to achieve a particular hairstyle.

A permanent creates waves or curls if you have straight (or slightly wavy) hair. Relaxers and re-texturizes smooth or re-pattern frizzy hair.

This chain of salons offers eyebrow and facial waxing to smooth and exfoliate the skin. Waxing makes the application of cosmetics easier.

A deep conditioning treatment nourishes your hair with one of several specially formulated products. Designline conditioning treatment moisturizes your hair and strengthens it with more protein.  A stylist can prepare a customizable Redken Chemistry Shot to treat dry, damaged, frizzy, or color-treated hair.

The company’s main website doesn’t list any services for men. Call or visit your local salon for more information. The website also has no mention of manicure or pedicure services, but some franchises do offer them, according to Yelp reviews.


Salon Reviews

When someone wonders, “What are the salons near me like?” you can find answers through word of mouth or check online reviews.  Salons are either franchises with owners whose modus operandi may differ slightly from company-owned salons.

The quality of services will vary depending on the salon owner, manager, and staff. For example, a salon in Fairfield, CA has 103 Yelp reviews with an average of four stars. There are glowing four and five-star reviews, and one-star reviews from disgruntled customers.

The chain’s salon in Tampa, FL has an average 4 ½ star review. The manager and several stylists were given high marks for technique and professionalism. The few bad reviews are quite old, indicating that the poor or incompetent stylists are no longer employed at this location.

Salon Reviews Of Regis Salon

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Finding the Right Stylist

The problems mentioned in reviews are mostly due to incompetent stylists and not the salon itself. It is important to find a stylist you like and visit him or her on a regular basis. Always ask for recommendations from someone you trust when you need a new stylist.

Chain salons are often a first-stop for new stylists, so this may account for some of the fair or poor reviews. Rude or unskilled stylists won’t last long in any salon, whether it’s a chain or standalone location.

This mid-range salon chain isn’t as inexpensive and family-oriented as Supercuts, but it’s not as trendy or pricey as upscale spas/salons. If this chain salon is in your price range, and you like the services they offer, check their website to find a salon near you.

Some cities and metro areas have several salons, and you can check online reviews to find one with four or five-star reviews. Remember to key in on the names of stylists with positive reviews, instead of merely the salon location. Some salons may have a few excellent stylists and an incompetent or rude one on staff at any given time.

With thousands of locations all over the U.S., you will probably find a Regis Salon in your city with a stylist you can trust.


Hair Care Products

The salon sells a line of hair care products at their salons, retail outlets and online. In addition to its hair care line, you can also purchase Wella, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian, Redken and Redken for Men products at its salons.

Designline products bear the salon’s name and are the only brand specifically affiliated with the company. Several Designline and Designline for Men products are sold at the salon, and in retail stores. Designline products are formulated with the best ingredients, like any luxury or salon shampoo. Most Designline products are moderately priced.

Five Top Designline Products Of Regis Salon

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Five Top Designline Products

The reviews for Designline Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner mention its great smell and cooling tingle. It is recommended by some stylists to treat dandruff and flaky scalp without the medicine-like smell and consistency of ordinary dandruff shampoos.

Designline Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner are proven to keep extremely dry and color-treated hair moisturized and manageable. One reviewer stated that she had used the products for 20 years with good results; another user wrote that although both products are excellent, the conditioner s even better than the shampoo. There’s also an olive oil hair masque for even more moisturizing power.

Super Silver Shampoo neutralizes yellow or brassy tones in light-colored hair. This shampoo is suitable for white, gray or blonde hair. (It works on both color-treated and natural blonde tones.)  Users like the wonderful, lingering smell, its silky effect, and the purple color. The matching conditioner is blue-colored and has the same scent and ability to make gray or light hair soft and shiny.

Leave it with Keratin, Enchanted Midnight Color Luxury is formulated to de-frizz kinky hair and leave it fluffy instead of flat. One user writes that it is a great conditioner for untangling hair, and another reviewer uses it to correct dry ends and color-damaged hair. This product is a spray-on conditioner that also protects hair from UV damage and fading color. You spray the conditioner on clean, dry hair, comb it from roots to end, and style.

Designline Ultimate Radiance Leave-in Conditioning Styler gives your hair the proper moisture balance. Use this spray-on conditioner on normal to damaged hair. You spray it on clean, damp hair, so it’s perfect to use when you first come out of the shower or bath. This conditioner makes hair manageable and smoothes out frizzies, according to user reviews.

Coupons and Deals

Save on haircuts and coloring with coupons from Groupon and promo codes from Retailmenot. These discount coupon sites also offer coupons and promo codes for styling products available at the company’s salons or franchises.

You can buy gift cards in denominations from $10 to $250 at any of the brand’s salons.