Six Easy Tips To Manage Kids Hairstyles

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Fashionable but easy to maintain are words that best describe how kids hairstyles should be. Children these days still behave like children should but this generation, unlike other before it, takes interest in hairstyles at such early ages, conscious about out-of-place strands or too primped bangs.

Mothers are finding out that the hairstyles of their children should be kept low maintenance but still evoking a fashion-forward sense of style. Braids remain a popular hairstyle for girls, albeit these take some time to do, especially during the morning rush to get ready for school.

Never Use Hair Products with Chemicals on Your Child’s Hair

Kids HairstylesAlthough most mothers would prefer short hair for their daughter, braids have tidy and neat appeal and the French variety looks very charming on any girl. Create a ponytail by pulling your little girl’s hair back, hold it with a colorful elastic band, and then braid it at the center.

If your little girl has curly hair, keep it should length and use colorful clips on the crown’s sides to keep hair strands neat and in place. Leave the rest of the hair loose or tie it up with a rubber band in the color of her hair. Never use straightening hair products or those with high chemical content on a child’s hair.

Typical Hairstyles for Little Girls and Boys

Kids Hairstyles 1Pixie cuts are most ideal for little girls because they are truly stylish in appearance. Bobs are also cute for kids but ensure that the cut is simple enough for easy washing and combing. Bangs are okay; they shouldn’t be in your little girl’s face or eyes, though, so keep them trimmed.

Kids Hairstyles 2Boys usually have hairstyles that are easier to cut but it doesn’t mean they cannot be just as stylish as their female counterparts. The Julius Caesar is a popular style, as are crew cuts for those who are rambunctious and tend to sweat a lot. Bowl cuts look trendy on younger boys between three and six.

Six Tips on How to Manage Your Child’s Hairstyle

• Whether your child is a girl or a boy, kids hairstyles need to be cut and styled simply to be easily manageable. Fancy hairstyles will just get messed up when children play or roughhouse.

• Long-haired little girls will not only look good in braids but these will keep hair from knots and tangles. Pick out colorful accessories in interesting shapes such as fruits, food items, animals or cartoon characters.

• Use covered elastic rubber bands to prevent split ends. Young hair is rather fragile and the strands have much more tendency to break than adult hair. Detangle strands with a fine-tooth comb when combing hair after a wash to avoid strand breakage.

• Keep hair clean and free from grime, oil, and dirt all the time. Teaching a child hair hygiene at an early age will carry over into his/her adulthood. Remember to use shampoos and conditioners that are chemical-free for your children’s hair.

• Remember that kids hairstyles are supposed to be neat and practical but not drab-looking and outdated. The rule of thumb is cool but not too unusual or high maintenance. A child’s innocence should also be reflected in his/her haircut.


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