Bliss Nail Lounge Prices and Services in 2024

bliss nail lounge store front

Bliss Nail Lounge provides excellent spa treatments. They provide top-tier brands, high-quality products, and excellent services. Also, there are over a thousand different polish colors to pick from at Bliss Nail Lounge. Additionally, they carry a full selection of cruelty-free and natural organic polishes, including (Spa Ritual, Zoya, Orly) and OPI. Essie, and many more. … Read more

Massage Green Spa Services And Prices in 2024


The Massage Green Spa is committed to its mission to provide its customers with an exceptional experience focused on unforgettable relaxation, whole-body rejuvenation, and overall health. The Massage Green Spa is famous for its tagline, “You can all afford the luxurious massage relaxation experience that anyone can enjoy.” Indeed, they offer a massage salon with … Read more

Anthony Vince Prices 2024

Anthony Vince Nail-Spa Prices

When it comes to indulging in a little self-care, Anthony Vince’ Nail Spa stands out as a beacon of luxury and relaxation. But as with any high-end service, potential patrons often wonder about the cost before stepping through the salon’s doors. In this post, we’ll delve into the pricing structure of Anthony Vince’ Nail Spa, … Read more

Beach Bum Tanning Prices in 2024

Beach Bum Tanning

Beach Bum Tanning prices range from $25 to $109 for Beach Bum Pass Membership. Looking your best will always go hand-in-hand with feeling your best and, later, that leads to your highest confidence level. Of course, many companies and industries aim to fulfill this, but only a select few have the resources, attitude, and skills … Read more

Dominican Hair Salon Prices in 2024

Dominican Hair Salon prices range from $13 for men’s haircuts, $15 for women’s, and $10 for kids. The Dominican Hair Salons are a well-known group operating under several names. These Hair salons bring pride to the country. For example, one of these salons is in the Dominican Image Salon, and all salons are under Mariana. … Read more