Ministry of Waxing Prices

The Ministry of Waxing has been regarded as an innovate pioneer in the waxing industry. This enterprise has welcomed many new and creative products to the market such as SOS Virgin Forest Kit for the waxing amateuers, along with beneficial treatments such as the Brazilian facial and the Intense Pulsed Light hair-removal.

The Strip-Ministry of Waxing founder, Cynthia Chua, has always been a firm believer in the practice of body culture hygienically, efficiently, and safely. Chua went through her fair share of trials and tribulations of experimentations in formulating new waxes until she finally hit a breakthrough and conceived a comprehensive set of Brazilian techniques which cause less pain but still keep a great sense of hygiene. These techniques effecitvely remove undesirable, excessive or unappealing body hair.




Crack (Hard Wax)$35.00
Crack (Laser)$100.00
Bikini Line (Hard Wax)$40.00
Bikini Line (Laser)$200.00
Clipping Down the Front (Hard Wax)$45.00
Clipping Down the Front (Laser)$220.00
Full Bikini (Hard Wax)$55.00
Full Bikini (Laser)$300.00
Extra (Hard Wax)$65.00
Extra (Laser)$380.00
Labla + Bottom (Hard Wax)$75.00
Labla + Bottom (Laser)$400.00
All Off (Hard Wax)$75.00
All Off (Laser)$400.00


Crack (Hard Wax)$40.00
Crack (Laser)$140.00
Back, Sac, Crack (Hard Wax)$125.00
Back, Boyzilian (Hard Wax)$160.00
Bikini Line (Hard Wax)$50.00
Bikini Line (Laser)$300.00
Clipping Down the Front (Hard Wax)$60.00
Clipping Down the Front (Laser)$320.00
Full Bikini (Hard Wax)$70.00
Full Bikini (Laser)$380.00
Extra (Hard Wax)$75.00
Extra (Laser)$450.00
Bottom (Hard Wax)$95.00
Bottom (Laser)$600.00
All Off (Hard Wax)$95.00
All Off (Laser)$600.00

Upper Body


Under Arm (Soft Wax)$25.00
Under Arm (Hard Wax)$25.00
Under Arm (Laser)$200.00
Half Arm (Soft Wax)$35.00
Half Arm (Laser)$320.00
Full Arm (Soft Wax)$45.00
Full Arm (Laser)$500.00
Shoulders (Soft Wax)$20.00
Shoulders (Laser)$200.00
Chest & Shoulders (Soft Wax)$35.00
Chest & Shoulders (Laser)$640.00
Stomach (Soft Wax)$20.00
Stomach (Laser)$320.00
Chest & Stomach (Soft Wax)$50.00
Chest & Stomach (Laser)$740.00
Nipples (Soft Wax)$15.00
Nipples (Hard Wax)$15.00
Nipples (Laser)$100.00
Midriff (Soft Wax)$20.00
Midriff (Laser)$320.00
Navel (Soft Wax)$15.00
Navel (Hard Wax)$15.00
Navel (Laser)$100.00
Full Back (Soft Wax)$60.00
Full Back (Laser)$900.00


Under Arm (Soft Wax)$30.00
Under Arm (Hard Wax)$30.00
Under Arm (Laser)$320.00
Half Arm (Soft Wax)$40.00
Half Arm (Laser)$450.00
Full Arm (Soft Wax)$55.00
Full Arm (Laser)$750.00
Shoulders (Soft Wax)$25.00
Shoulders (Laser)$320.00
Chest & Shoulders (Soft Wax)$45.00
Chest & Shoulders (Laser)$950.00
Stomach (Soft Wax)$25.00
Stomach (Laser)$450.00
Chest & Stomach (Soft Wax)$55.00
Chest & Stomach (Laser)$1,200.00
Nipples (Soft Wax)$15.00
Nipples (Hard Wax)$15.00
Nipples (Laser)$145.00
Midriff (Soft Wax)$25.00
Midriff (Laser)$450.00
Navel (Soft Wax)$15.00
Navel (Hard Wax)$15.00
Navel (Laser)$140.00
Full Back (Soft Wax)$75.00
Full Back (Laser)$1,400.00

Lower Body


Lower Back (Soft Wax)$30.00
Lower Back (Laser)$320.00
Buttocks (Soft Wax)$30.00
Buttocks (Laser)$550.00
Inner Thigh (Soft Wax)$25.00
Inner Thigh (Hard Wax)$25.00
Inner Thigh (Laser)$200.00
Half Leg - Bottom (Soft Wax)$40.00
Half Leg - Bottom (Laser)$420.00
Half Leg - Top (Soft Wax)$45.00
Half Leg - Top (Laser)$620.00
Full Leg (Soft Wax)$75.00
Full Leg (Laser)$850.00


Lower Back (Soft Wax)$35.00
Lower Back (Laser)$450.00
Buttocks (Soft Wax)$35.00
Buttocks (Laser)$950.00
Inner Thigh (Soft Wax)$30.00
Inner Thigh (Hard Wax)$30.00
Inner Thigh (Laser)$320.00
Half Leg - Bottom (Soft Wax)$50.00
Half Leg - Bottom (Laser)$600.00
Half Leg - Top (Soft Wax)$55.00
Half Leg - Top (Laser)$950.00
Full Leg (Soft Wax)$85.00
Full Leg (Laser)$1,200.00

Hands & Feet


Back of Hand (Soft Wax)$10.00
Back of Hand (Laser)$200.00
Fingers (Soft Wax)$10.00
Fingers (Laser)$75.00
Top of Foot (Soft Wax)$15.00
Top of Foot (Laser)$200.00
Toes (Soft Wax)$10.00
Toes (Laser)$75.00


Back of Hand (Soft Wax)$15.00
Back of Hand (Laser)$320.00
Fingers (Soft Wax)$15.00
Fingers (Laser)$100.00
Top of Foot (Soft Wax)$20.00
Top of Foot (Laser)$320.00
Toes (Soft Wax)$15.00
Toes (Laser)$100.00



Eyebrows/Tidy Up Brows (Hard Wax)$34.00
Eyebrows/Between Brows (Hard Wax)$14.00
Forehead (Hard Wax)$12.00
Forehead (Laser)$100.00
Neck (Hard Wax)$24.00
Neck (Laser)$200.00
Cheeks (Hard Wax)$18.00
Cheeks (Laser)$200.00
Jawline (Hard Wax)$18.00
Jawline (Laser)$100.00
Sideburn (Hard Wax)$12.00
Sideburn (Laser)$50.00
Ears (Hard Wax)$12.00
Ears (Laser)$50.00
Upper Lip (Hard Wax)$16.00
Upper Lip (Laser)$50.00
Lower Lip (Hard Wax)$8.00
Lower Lip (Laser)$50.00
Chin (Hard Wax)$14.00
Chin (Laser)$75.00
Full Face (Hard Wax)$48.00
Full Face (Laser)$420.00


Eyebrows/Tidy Up Brows (Hard Wax)$36.00
Eyebrows/Between Brows (Hard Wax)$16.00
Forehead (Hard Wax)$15.00
Forehead (Laser)$150.00
Neck (Hard Wax)$30.00
Neck (Laser)$320.00
Cheeks (Hard Wax)$25.00
Cheeks (Laser)$320.00
Jawline (Hard Wax)$25.00
Jawline (Laser)$150.00
Sideburn (Hard Wax)$15.00
Sideburn (Laser)$80.00
Ears (Hard Wax)$15.00
Ears (Laser)$80.00
Upper Lip (Hard Wax)$18.00
Upper Lip (Laser)$80.00
Lower Lip (Hard Wax)$10.00
Lower Lip (Laser)$80.00
Chin (Hard Wax)$19.00
Chin (Laser)$100.00
Full Face (Hard Wax)$65.00
Full Face (Laser)$650.00

Post Wax Care Productions

Ice Cream$39.00
Sothys Post Depilatory Softening Care Cream$44.00
Sothys Soft Peeling Cream$33.00
Sco Peace+$67.00
Sco Ace Cream$82.00
Sco Miracle Wrinkle Filler$52.00

Malin + Goetz Body Care Products

Ingrown Hair Cream$34.00
Bergamot Body Wash$18.00
Eucalyptus Shower Gel$18.00
Peppermint Body Scrub$30.00
Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer$38.00
Essential Kit$30.00


Squeezy Toys$7.00


Founded by the world-renown Spa Esprit Group in 2002, Strip-Ministry of Waxing originally began providing pedicures, manicures, and waxing services for the legs and arms as well as Brazilian waxing. Its first location was located in Singapore’s Holland Village and expanded rather quickly as the exciting concept resonated with the locals. Strip-Ministry of Waxing had one simple aim: eliminate horrid hair growth.

Through extensive research, development, great personnel scouting, and quality control, Ministry of Waxing has remained a staple in the industry. Locations include Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Shanghai, New York City, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Manila.

Moreover, the Spa Esprit Group is a Singapore-based corporation of enterprises in the food, beverage and beauty industries which include Camp, Qi, Mantra, Browhaus, Barracks, Beauty Emporium, Tippling Club, Spa Esprit, Skinny Pizza, and Strip-Ministry of Waxing. These businesses have received a bevy of accolades and awards, as well as Ministry of Waxing granted a feature in the Women’s Wear Daily.

Waxing, of course, is Ministry of Waxing’s practiced expertise and it has a wide array of services for nearly all parts of the body where unwanted hair grows, such as the legs, underarms, arms, and the bikini area for women. Even customized soft and hard waxes are available in lavender, wild berry, and chocolate flavors. These waxing techniques are only performed by the most certified and accepted of aestheticians. Their newest innovation includes the IPL service, a permanent hair removal technique. This is not to be confused with laser removal. IPL makes use of beams of pulse lighting which then rid the body of undesired, ugly hairs straight from the root. Most of the time this procedure ends hair growth in its entirety. It also lightens skin pigmentations and thwarts ingrown hair from developing.

Strip-Ministry of Waxing also houses the “Brazilian Facial”, a wet microdermabrasian procedure that softens and lightens skin on a women’s private pubic, groin and labia areas along with the underarms, buttock line, elbows, kneecaps, eye and lip areas, and inner thighs. There are a plethora of options for clients to choose among, such as Facial Hydro, Facial Cleanse, and Facial Light.

Strip-Ministry of Waxing sympathizes with first-timers and have a great understanding of what that entails. That is why first-timers are given squeeze toys to relieve anxiety and stress while waxing is taken care of as harmlessly as possible. Understanding and considerate technicians at Ministry of Waxing will even hold a client’s hand to provide further moral support.

Each Ministry of Waxing’s interior structure is unique and interactive for clientele. They dub their “airplane” structure as the Strip Jetset and the Strip Buddy. The Strip Buddy enables two or more clients to communicate with each other through a porthole-inspired window as they receive their waxes. The music and the décor located in each store also adds to the elegant ambience Ministry of Waxing aims to fulfill.


At Strip-Ministry of Waxing, you may also purchase in-house products such as post-waxing products, one particularly being called “Ice Cream”, an anti-inflammatory cream which aids in moisturizing newly-waxed areas and prevents harmful dessication or swelling of the skin. Body scrub in peppermint scent and body wash in bergamot is also available.

The heralded waxing enterprise also carries an esteemed hygiene pack, a pouch that is sealed containing disposable equipment primarily for waxing such as face masks, spatulas, and wet wipes which have been formulated to set the skin’s pH levels to normal standards. You are also given the resources to rid yourself of stubborn, ugly ingrown hairs with the Ingrown Hair Cream, a cream solely formulated by Malin Goetz for the Strip-Ministry of Waxing.

The Ministry of Waxing is as epic as it sounds. Pay a visit and receive accomodation and service fit for a king.

To set up an appointment with Ministry of Waxing or for more information, please visit their official site at