LA Nails Prices

LA Nails is a full service enterprise which offers nails, hair and skin services. They administer services such as the manicure, pedicure, hand and body massage, hair styling and treatments, and waxing and eyelash extensions. LA Nails can be found in multiple areas around the U.S.

LA Nails prides itself on maintaining clean facilities and an atmosphere that enables customers to feel relaxed and at ease. Typically, services at LA Nails are more affordable than the leading competitor.

LA Nails also offers foot and hand spas that can be packaged together with the manicure and pedicure. Additionally, hand spas come with a free paraffin soak.

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Nails are the shield so to speak for fingers and toes. It is believed that they grow around 0.1 millimeter a day. The cuticles also grow and strengthen as the nails lengthen.

Without nails, the fingers and toes are exposed and that is why it is important to take great care of them. People with broken or compromised nails will feel discomfort and pain. Nail biting is discouraged because they create groves.

Characteristics of unhealthy nails are discoloring and splitting. Usually, this means that the nails are not moisturized. LA Nails don’t do just manicure and pedicure but also specialize in nail repair. They can administer the necessary moisture, proper cleaning and filing to make clients’ nails healthy and clean again.

The most ideal way of caring for nails is to clean them with soap and water. Also, by brushing the nails and clipping them to a short length this keeps bacteria off. People with shorter nails, subsequently, have a lesser chance of giving off bacteria to others and themselves.


LA Nails provides the typical manicure and pedicure, as well as the optional hand and foot spa services. The pedicure spa includes a package that comes standard with scrub, massage, and pedicure. The manicure spa services consists of a massage and hot towels.

LA Nails are also capable of sculpting nails without needing to put in extensions or using glue and nail tips. They provide nail art and acrylic fill-ins and this protects the nails from chipping and breaking. LA Nails also administers a service called Gel Power Nails and this is where the gel is applied to the nails to bond and strengthen it.

LA Nails offers the NU Pedicure, a treatment where the feet are pampered and given a foot soak, scrub and massage all the while using an elite, top-notch line of spa products.

Customers’ children can also bask in a manicure and pedicure. The expert, professional nail technicians are equipped and capable of dealing with clients of any age.

Waxing of the eyebrow, upper lip and chin are also provided by LA Nails.

The atmosphere and environment in LA Nails are made to be accommodating and relaxing, and the surroundings itself are cleanly and neat. The equipment is very relaxing and nail technicians are extremely trained to give clients services of great value and affordability that they deserve.


LA Nails guarantees that clients’ nails will be clean, smoothed and filed to maintain healthy nails in both the hands and the feet. They use warm water to remove the dirt under the nail itself and administer massages with warm oil to keep the skin and nails conditioned. Moisturizing the nail is imperative because it prevents splitting and keeps the nail healthy and natural.

Not only providing their clients with a relaxing atmosphere, LA Nails also ensures that their staff uses sanitized tools. Disinfected nail cutters, pushers, files and brushes are used in treating every client to prevent infection and spread of bacteria.


Clientele are extremely satisfied with the LA Nails experience. Reviews constantly mention how the services are top-notch and prices are reasonable. They also cite how clean the spa is and how accommodating the chairs and other equipment are.

Most reviews also mentioned how their nails, hands and feet exponentially improved after visiting LA Nails. They mention how the expert staff is friendly and do not insist on more unnecessary services.

A customer noted how a manicure she was given was so clean and professionally done, that after three days it still looked fresh and without blemish.

It’s easy to see why LA Nails is such a hot commodity these days. Quality goes a long way and at LA Nails that’s what you will receive.


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