Dashing Diva Prices

It may be a hard for a nail salon to distinguish itself from the other countless ones, but Dashing Diva has managed to do just that. Most enterprises are content with keeping up with typical standards and doing what’s expected. However, there are some-Dashing Diva included- who truly care about exceeding those expectations.

Dashing Diva is a rare exception and does absolutely everything in their power to rise above the competition and satisfy clientele.

Below are the latest estimated Dashing Diva prices and services.

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Dashing Diva was conceived of by John Chang, who owned the worlds biggest artificial nails manufacturing company. Dashing Diva was founded and publicly opened in October 2003, as its first branch was located in Greenwich Village, New York.

As a result of progressive innovations and upstanding customer service, Dashing Diva has revamped the nail salon experience and has enabled itself to grow to 30 locations in three continents. Dashing Diva presently has stores in the U.S., Japan, Philippines, China and Kuwait.


Dashing Diva is no more a mere nail salon. No, they are a huge, global enterprise. Although they maintained their humble, friendly ambience and environment of a small salon, Dashing Diva is the archetype of professionalism and excellence.

Each customer is accommodated and exposed to amazing nail care services unparalleled in quality and innovation. Only the most superior of employees are hired at Dashing Diva.

You will find that every Dashing Diva store is built with a warm, relaxing ambience and environment where you can soak everything in and rest assured. The store interior designers have ensured clientele can feel comfortable and pleasant.

Customers take notice of this hard, meticulous work such as the cleanliness and impeccable organization of each store.


  • Customers love that the staff sterilize and disinfect all necessary tools and items that come into human contact
  • Staff uses nail lacquers that make manicures and pedicures endure conditions
  • They also use top-notch, elite lotions, scrubs and special treatments that prove extremely effective
  • Their nail attendants are versatile and also dish out amazing, soothing massages
  • Their menu of services are informative, descriptive and actually work
  • They have a number of promotions and discounts
  • Dashing Diva is trendy and always acclimated with the latest of fashion styles and trends


Dashing Diva is the one-stop-shop for all of your nail care needs. They perform manicures, nail extensions, pedicures, waxing and they can also perform most of these services for children below 8 years old. Aside from the traditional nail cossetting, massages and facials are also offered.

Dashing Diva can deliver professional manicuring and pedicuring services that are combined with aromatherapy, massage and exfoliation. If it is something that they can do, they will, in fact, do it.

Regarding nail extensions, they can also outfit nails with silk wraps, overlay on natural nails, tips, extension with silk, glue & gel manicure and powder fill-ins.

Concerning waxing, they can perform on eyebrows, lips, full body, underarm, bikini, semi-Brazilian bikini, full leg, chin, cheeks, chest, back and shoulders.

Furthermore, they can arrange for 10-minute chair massages, 10-minute heavenly foot massages and 30-minute reflexology.


Simply, Dashing Diva is the consummate nail pampering experience. They house the best and the most elite of nail specialists in each location who are well equipped to operate on any clientele.

Dashing Diva is the top-notch nail service enterprise, so it’s natural that all of the top nail experts are lining up for Dashing Diva to gain immeasurable experience and wisdom in personal growth. Dashing Diva is always ahead of the curb in professional training and development.

Customers should explore most of Dashing Diva’s services as their talented, trained staff are extremely knowledgeable in administering great work. If you desire the highest of manicure and pedicure services, Dashing Diva is the ideal place to get them.

Dashing Diva stays well-acclimated with the latest of trends and fashion, so when a customer visits they can rest assured that all of the newest trends will be fulfilled.

Nail days should be relaxing and Dashing Diva realizes this. Dashing Diva is extremely innovative in manicure and pedicure techniques and on your day off you will come to find this out.

Dashing Diva is meticulous in hygiene and sanitation. Their standard procedures are extremely cautious and absolutely safe so customers are exposed to no risk or harm.

If you long to have a fabulous, well-deserved salon day then Dashing Diva is one of select few salon enterprises that can provide this for you. We recommend you pay a visit.

To set up an appointment with Dashing Diva or for more information, visit their official site at www.dashingdiva.com.