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Dashing Diva Prices range $16 for Divaroma manicure to $35 Divaroma pedicure. The salon is known for its top-quality services and products. And so, there many frequent customers.

It may be hard for a nail salon to distinguish itself from the other countless ones, but Dashing Diva has been able to do that. Most enterprises are content with keeping up with typical standards and also doing what’s expected. However, there are some-Dashing Diva included- who cares about those expectations.

Dashing Diva is a rare exception and does everything in its power to rise above and please clients.

Below are the latest estimated Dashing Diva prices and services.


Dashing Diva Pricing for Manicures

Divaroma Manicure$16.00
Spoiled Lounge Manicure$28.00
All-Out Lounge Manicure$42.00
Polish Change$12.00
French Manicure Add On$6.00
Gel Add On$18.00

Dashing Diva Pricing for Pedicures

Divaroma Pedicure$35.00
Spoiled Lounge Pedicure$55.00
All-Out Lounge Pedicure$75.00
Polish Change$15.00
French Pedicure Add On$4.00
Gel Add On$20.00

Dashing Diva Pricing for Extensions

Virtual Nails and Glamgel (Traditional, French, Metallic)$35.00

Dashing Diva Pricing for UV/LED Color Gel

Gel Polish$35.00
Gel Polish with Nail Guard$38.00
French Gel Add On$10.00
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay$35.00
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay (Single Finger Application or Design)$5.00
Permanent UV Overlay$80.00
Permanent UV with Extensions$110.00
Permanent UV Fill-In$60.00
Permanent French$15.00

Dashing Diva Pricing for Removal


Dashing Diva Pricing for Waxing

Full Arm$40.00
Half Arm$20.00
Under Arm$15.00
Full Leg$55.00
Half Leg$30.00
Bikini & Leg$65.00

Dashing Diva Pricing for Other Services

Chair Massage (10 Minutes)$15.00
Foot Massage (10 Minutes)$15.00
Reflexology (30 Minutes)$50.00

Dashing Diva History

Dashing Diva was founded by John Chang in 2003. He is the owner of the world’s biggest artificial nail company. The first branch was in Greenwich Village, New York.

As a result of innovations and good customer service, the Dashing Diva experiences enable itself to grow to 30 locations on three continents. It has stores in the U.S., Japan, Philippines, China, and Kuwait.

Dashing Diva Experiences

Dashing Diva is not a mere nail salon. No, they are a huge, global enterprise. Although they are humble and friendly environment of a small salon, Dashing Diva shows professionalism and excellence.

Each customer will have amazing nail care services in quality and innovation. Only the top employees are at Dashing Diva.

You will find that every Dashing Diva store is a warm, relaxing ambiance and environment where you can soak everything in and rest assured. The store interior designers make the clients can feel comfortable and pleasant.

And so, customers take notice of the hard, each store is clean and organized.

What Do Customers Like From Dashing Diva?

  • Customers love that the staff cleans and disinfects all tools and items that come into human contact.
  • Staff uses nail lacquers that make manicures and pedicures endure conditions.
  • They also use top lotions, scrubs, and special treatments that prove effective.
  • Dashing Diva prices are affordable. They have a number of promotions and discounts.
  • Their nail attendants are flexible and also dish out amazing massages.
  • Dashing Diva is trendy and always in with the latest fashion styles and trends.
  • Their menu of services is informative and actually works.

Dashing Diva Services Offered

Dashing Diva is the one-stop shop for all of your nail care needs. They perform manicures, nail extensions, pedicures, and waxing. They can also perform most of these services for children below 8 years old. Aside from the nail services, massages and facials are also offered.

Dashing Diva offers manicure and pedicure services that have a massage. If it is something that they can do, they will, in fact, do it.

Regarding nail extensions, they can also outfit nails with silk wraps, overlay on natural nails, tips, extension with silk, glue & gel manicure, and powder fill-ins.

They can perform waxing on eyebrows, lips, full-body, underarm, bikini, semi-Brazilian bikini, full leg, chin, cheeks, chest, back, and shoulders.

Furthermore, they can arrange for 10-minute chair massages, 10-minute foot massages, and 30-minute reflexology.

With all these services, Dashing Diva prices are not expensive.

Why Choose Dashing Diva?

Simply, Dashing Diva offers a good nail experience. Also, they have the best and the skilfull nail specialists. In each location, they have experts to operate on any client.

Dashing Diva is a top nail service enterprise. So, it’s natural that all of the top nail experts are lining up for Dashing Diva to gain experience and wisdom in personal growth. Dashing Diva is always in training and development.

Customers should know most of Dashing Diva’s services as their talented, trained staff are able in doing great work. If you desire the highest manicure and pedicure services, Dashing Diva is the place to get them.

Dashing Diva stays in with the latest trends and fashion, so when a customer visits they can have the newest trends.

Nail days should be relaxing and Dashing Diva realizes this. So, Dashing Diva is good in manicure and pedicure strategies, and on your day off you will come to find this out.

It is careful in hygiene and sanitation. Their standard services are safe. So customers are of no harm.

If you long to have the best and well-deserved salon day then Dashing Diva is one of select few salon products that can give this to you. We recommend you pay a visit.

To set up an appointment with Dashing Diva or for more information, visit their official site at www.dashingdiva.com.

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Operating Hours

10:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Note: The operating hours may vary depending on the location.

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