Darque Tan Prices

A tan is just as necessary as anything else when it comes to aesthetic. Having that golden, full complexion is synonymous with looking your finest. Even though it’s more common in the summer, a tan can be achieved and maintained in any season. Basically, for the people that look at a tan as a defining aspect of themselves, it’s all about which tanning salon can give you the highest quality.

Because not every person lives close to the beach. Also, the sun isn’t always present during all seasons. Inversely, too much sun exposure can be a very terrible thing.

Maintaining a tan all year round is not unachievable. This is why Darque Tan is here, to provide ordinary people with sunless tanning services.

Below are the latest Darque Tan prices and services.

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Darque Tan is more than just a typical, ordinary salon around. Darque is a luxury tanning salon and, in fact, is the largest among all 5-star chains. Darque Tan aims to be the best when it comes to luxury tanning. Through conversation and unparalleled service, Darque Tan builds and maintains long-term relationships with their clientele.

Darque Tan has a simple goal of providing elite services to the communities that they operate in. And they accomplish this by providing unparalleled service which makes for an amazing experience.


Customers have two major options to choose from Darque Tan: UV Tanning and Sunless Tanning.

Regarding UV tanning, this technique is comprised of classic tanning with the incorporation of UV light bulbs. Tanning beds and a stand-up UV machine are availabe for use. Beds range from level one to level five tanning. The stand-up UV machine is at level three.

Anyone of the different tanning levels have multiple degrees of tanning along with varying tanning times. Clients who have time to spare can choose level one and this will take about 20 minutes. Those on the opposite end of the spectrum can opt for levels three to five equpiment and this will only take from 12 to 15 minutes of use.

Spray tanning is specifically for clients who need a service even faster, as well as clients who prefer a sunless treatment. Spray tan is just the use of spray on tanning solutions. Also, Darque Tan houses three different types of machines to accommodate a client’s needs. And actually, the Mystic Man is the most reliable sunless tanning machine in the industry today. This machine revamped the spray tan experience and will bring amazing, unmatched results everytime.

Continuing, Versa Spa is a relatively new spray tanning machine and it provides more than just a tan. It also provides hydrating fine lines and also an airbrush look.

Darque Tan also houses the most recent in sunless tanning with the Norvell machine. Along with providing the standard airbrush tan, it is also automated for simple use.


A surplus of customers have expressed their content with Darque Tan, saying there aren’t many companies that offer more services and more variety. Customers made it clear that everytime they visited they were only given the best service. As a luxury tanning salon, Darque Tan absolutely loves hearing tesitmonials like this. This can be attributed to their flawless customer service as staff always brings cucstomers’ desires to life and answers any concerns they have.

Also, Darque Tan takes hygiene and cleanliness just as serious and important as anything else. It is in their policy to maintain a spotless, comfortable environment for clientele. Every last peace of equipment is thoroughly cleaned down. They also provide customers with clean towels and treats to furthermore accommodate them. Even radios are installed inside select machines to soothe customers as they tan.

Finally, Darque Tan is also a great choice if you want to save some money. They offer single walk-in sessions for occassional tanning clients, as well as comprehensive packages for value. Limited memberships are also available. Frequent clients will also receive regular deals and discounts.

To set up an appointment with Darque Tan or for more information, visit their official site at www.darquetan.com.