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BoRics prices start at $13 for kids haircut and $16 for adult haircut. The salon also offers other hair services such as hair color, perms, and highlights.

BoRics is yet another banner name under the heralded Regis Corporation that gives the usual excellence that comes with being a subdivision of Regis: high quality products, good customer service, and highly competent staff members. It is no different when it comes to upholding a promise to serve all of its customers in the ultimate, considerate fashion.

BoRics Prices

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BoRics Pricing for Basic Services

Adult Haircut$15.00
Adult Haircut & Shampoo$18.00
Adult Haircut, Shampoo & Style$30.00
Kids Haircut (10 and under)$12.00
Perms (includes cut)$55.00
Facial Waxing$10.00
Conditioning Treatments$5.00

BoRics History

For a brief history of Regis Corporation, it is good to know that since the 1990s they have been an unstoppable powerhouse in the hair service and styling industry. They populate most of North America as they have more than 12,500 units of hair salons under its name, be it own companies, franchises or salons. Even more interesting is that 400 of these 12,500 units are in Germany and England.

It’s almost impossible, when searching for hair services, to not every once in a while come upon a Regis’ owned franchise or store. They are spreading across the U.S.. Some even come in malls and supermarkets in your local neighborhood! Isn’t it fascinating? Along with Best Cuts, SuperCuts, MasterCuts and Sasson, BoRics is just another privileged member making a contribution in the Regis Corporation.

BoRics Growth

Regis put its stamp on the industry in the 1990s as they somehow managed to purchase 8,000 salons. This was the turning point in its legacy.

As a result, the resources are able to accommodate their customers. Their motto is that they can become the hair salon of choice for everyone and anyone. However, to be well-equipped to do this, they made their rates and services flexible to cater to several different classes of people.

BoRics welcomes clients with welcome arms as they can walk in at any time and served well. This is imperative for people on-the-go who have no other options; they must get their hair done immediately. Whether it’s Valentine, Christmas, an important date-whatever it may be, BoRics will be ready and prepared to assist you.

Even with walk-ins clients can still request the latest, newest trends, and dressers and stylists will be on standby. Treatments are guaranteed to be talented dressers knowledgeable on these methods will apply them. Therefore, BoRics only provides prime results. This can be heavily attributed to the staff as they accommodate as much as you need and are always ready to answer any concern you have. You know why? Because these employees engage in a special training under a “Senior Specialist”, a well accomplished and decorated employee, to groom their skills. This makes all the difference in their poise and work.

BoRics Prices and Services Offered

BoRics has a multitude of haircuts and styles. It offers basic haircuts to men and children while the women usually receive the more complex treatment. These treatments consist of hair highlights, hair perms, hair coloring, relaxing hair treatments, and trimming of bangs for women as well as the trimming of beards for men. Furthermore, facial waxing is offered and conditioning as well to achieve softer locks.

BoRics also contains a Hair Gallery to assist in choosing the most suitable hairstyle for your personality and aesthetic. With all that, BoRics prices remained reasonable.

Concerning the women, if you choose a classic bob this means you desire a Brianna cut. More versatile layers? Well, you’re a Candace. A peaceful soul? How about Erin’s cut? But maybe you like long, bouncy layers in which case Julie is your soulmate. For the fun and wild girls a Kristen’s cut will do just the job. Kind of free-flowing and natural? I think you’re a Vanessa. And finally, the Yvonne cut accomplishes the vintage blonde look.

Now, men are of course much more low maintenance. Still, there is a market out there. If you aim to sustain a fresh look then the Alex cut is perfect for you. For a fade the Devin’s clipper cut will turn you into a stylish star. Lastly, the Eric cut is the most classic, original look out there.

BoRics Prices and Promotions Offered

In partnership with Paul Mitchell, American Crew and other BoRics partners, the consummate salon offers promotional discounts. These discounts are typically for styling and finishing services, and are substantial at that. BoRics prices and promotions are of a great deal.

These offers are usually around five dollars off a 20 dollar hair service. They even offer amazing discounts such as 10 dollars off recommended kits, hairstyling products or conditioners. BoRics loves to do these type of good deeds as a morale boost on clients.

They even offer gift cards! You can choose to buy gift cards whenever you want at BoRics. What better gift is there than blessing your friend with a great hair service at no cost?

Why Customers Love BoRics?

Why wouldn’t they? With the impressive expert staff, healthy emphasis on clients and excellent consistency, it’s hard to not love BoRics unconditionally. Also, BoRics prices are really affordable. As a customer, you’re in heaven.

One client named Molly C. raved about BoRics on the review website Yelp saying, “I highly recommend” BoRics. In her situation, she was a walk-in client and the hair dresser assigned to her, in her own words, did a “fantastic” job.

Sherry A.W., a particularly frequent client, says she has been “going to BoRics for decades.” She firsthand has witnessed the managers reinforcing morals and beliefs to uphold BoRics commitment to provide unparalleled quality service.
With BoRics, this is just what you get and these reviews are living proof of that.

To set up an appointment with BoRics or for more information, visit their official site at

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Operating Hours

9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
12:00 mn - 5:00 pm

Note: The salon hours depend on the location.

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