South Beach Tanning Prices in 2024

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South Beach Tanning prices range from $9 to $700, depending on the session and levels. So if you are longing for an authentic and crisp tan, this tanning salon is the place to go.

Below are the latest estimated South Beach Tanning prices.


South Beach Tanning Prices Per Level

Level 1 Tanning

VIP Unlimited$18.88
Single Session$9.00
30 Day Pass$49.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$36.00
Annual Pass$188.00

Level 2 Tanning

VIP Unlimited$38.88
Single Session$13.00
30 Day Pass$59.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$48.00
Annual Pass$388.00

Level 3 Tanning

VIP Unlimited$58.88
Single Session$18.00
30 Day Pass$79.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$72.00
Annual Pass$588.00

Level 4 Tanning

VIP Unlimited$78.88
Single Session$22.00
30 Day Pass$99.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$88.00
Annual Pass$788.00

Level 5 Tanning

VIP Unlimited$78.88
Single Session$30.00
30 Day Pass$119.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$120.00
Annual Pass$788.00

Sunless Tanning

VIP Unlimited$58.88
Single Session$30.00
30 Day Pass$99.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$120.00
Annual Pass$688.00

South Beach Tanning Sunless Pricing

Single Sessions

Single Session Sunless$30.00
Single Session Sunless + Dark$35.00
Single Session Sunless + Dark + Options$40.00

Pack Pricing

6 Pack Sunless$120.00
6 Pack Sunless + Dark$140.00
6 Pack Sunless + Dark + Options$160.00

One Month Pricing

One Month Sunless$99.00
One Month Sunless + Dark$119.00
One Month Sunless + Dark + Options$129.00

Membership Pricing

Membership Sunless$58.88
Membership Sunless + Dark$68.88
Membership Sunless + Dark + Options$78.88

South Beach Tanning History and Growth

Attorney Brian Hibbard founded south Beach Tanning in 2003. Since its opening, it has flourished in the Florida area and Orlando, Tampa, Central, and South. Not only has it flourished, but it has also essentially been perfect. Since its founding, no shop has ever been closed down. Such consistency and excellence can be attributed to South Beach Tanning’s professional and superior service and the product itself- the tans! South Beach Tanning was put on this earth to nourish your skin so that you can be proud of it and flaunt it. So, take advantage of visiting a location immediately!

Why Choose South Beach Tanning?

There are many sensible reasons one would choose to tan at a salon instead of the beach, including the inconveniences of sustaining a sunburn or dealing with the pesky sand. In addition, the beach can be a hassle sometimes, whereas the salon is quick, easy, accessible, and affordable if it’s South Beach Tanning. Such great deals to fit your convenience!

These salons can help you get the same tan as you get from the beach. With South Beach Tanning, that crisp and bronze flesh is so possible. So much so that after you’re done, every living moment will feel like you are at the beach shore basking in the sun with sand passing through the creeks of your toes as the water sways in the background. Ultimately, that is the effect, and the experience South Beach tanning is looking to give you. So, each tan should be long-lasting and memorable. On top of that, South Beach Tanning prices are not extremely high and has the best services. And so, visit the nearest South Beach Tanning salon from you.

South Beach Tanning Products

Sometimes, tanning isn’t as common sense as you think. Certain tanning products fit certain skin types and complexions, so you can’t just jump into a tanning bed expecting a perfect color. So, that is why at South Beach Tanning, there is a competent and expert staff who can accommodate you in what combinations of tanning beds and tanning products are necessary for your situation. In addition, they will give you complete tutorials and walk-throughs of the available oils, moisturizers, tanning lotions, and sprays they house. So, this way, all your questions, and concerns will never go unanswered. Thus, communication and assistance are key at South Beach Tanning.

You can also check their moisturizing products at South Beach Tanning.

South Beach Tanning Bed Levels

At South Beach Tanning, quality and accuracy are stressed. To pinpoint the tan you desire, there are many tanning levels offered at each location. So, these tanning levels can help gauge if you want a simple, basic tan, a dark, glowing one, or anything in between. You just get to choose!

Check out the tanning bed levels below to give you a good sense of what you are looking for:


  • The starter bed to build your base tan.
  • You can tan during your lunch break or right after work.
  • Consider a tanning quickie with a run time of 15 minutes.
  • It has a built-in surround sound stereo.
  • Equipped with high-powered body blowers.
  • More coverage than average: Has a wide tanning surface area.


  • Known as the ‘golden bronzer of tanning beds’
  • Creates a bronze glow effect on the face
  • Features high-pressure UVA facial tanners
  • With higher output bronzing lamps
  • Has additional cooling systems


  • Features adjustable high output UVA facial lamps.
  • Results in deep and dark hues of golden brown tan
  • No burning with UVB rays is usually found in the lower-level beds.
  • Features quick 12-minute session times as an option
  • Multi-speed full-body cooling guaranteed
  • Music rich environment
  • Stand-up units available at Level 3
  • Features 7-minute sessions


  • Highest UVA output possible for the darkest tan
  • Has high output UVA facial lamps
  • Built-in air conditioning unit
  • Enjoy 10 to 12-minute sessions
  • Keep cool on a lounge acrylic surface


  • Achieve the darkest tan possible
  • A high-pressure tanning unit
  • It creates a beautiful golden bronze glow that darkens even after tanning time
  • You can maintain your tan in 2– 3 sessions per month
  • Has very low UVB percentage, without much risk of burning


  • Spa-like experience
  • Comfortable, non-claustrophobic design
  • Zero UV exposure
  • Enjoy a golden tan every time, sprayed-on evenly
  • Has an anti-aging spritz and skin firming regimen
  • Air blow dry after every treatment
  • Total mist-free application

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