Cost Cutters Prices

Cost Cutters prices start at $15.95 for an adult haircut. For a complete list of Cost Cutters prices and services, continue reading below.

The name of a business, at times, tends to be the main selling point of a company. It is one of the most effective and surefire ways of choosing a brand or service. Once you read that name it should give you a good sense of what is going on at that company.

That being said, a company will always seek a name that best fits the products and services it’s attempting to sell. It must be noted that once a company picks a bold name it must live up to that tall task.

Well, this is nothing but the case with Cost Cutters salon, a business which does everything in its power to provide superior hair care services at prices reasonable for the average consumer.

Below are the latest estimated Cost Cutters prices and services.

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Joe Francis founded The Barbers Hairstyling for Men Salon in Minnesota. 5 years later, this same salon began styling women’s hair. Finally, in 1982 is when Francis opened the family salon, Cost Cutters. This was met with rapid growth and prosperity as 12 locations opened in the initial year. In six years, a total of 300. Today, more than 850. It goes to show what great values and beliefs can accomplish if sustained and not compromised.

Cost Cutters is currently owned by Regis Corporation, a Minneapolis-based company that owns countless other famous salons. To no surprise, Cost Cutters places a heavy focus on friendly and affordable prices. Each salon offers soothing, pleasant hair care experience with no appointment necessary and no hassle. They are extremely committed to providing a complete family experience with convenient hair care services performed by expert stylists and staff.


Traditional, trendy, retro, funky- it’s all covered in the styles Cost Cutters offers. Haircuts are available for both adults and children. Styling and finishing services include: shampoo & style finish, style finish with cut, beard or bang trim and updos.

Chemical services are also available for coloring, cap highlighting, full foiling, perming and corrective coloring. Waxing for the eyebrows and lips are also available. Lastly, a select few locations offer tanning sessions.


In this economy the average consumer is looking for the optimal service and price hand-in-hand. Well, Cost Cutters should be considered a consumer’s sanctuary. If it concerns the whole family then Cost Cutters is a no-brainer.

For men, Cost Cutters is great considering its background and history. Again, it was originally founded to cater to the manliest of men and accommodate to their hairstyling needs. For men who are looking for something more top notch than what is provided in barbershops, but are also looking to retain a mature look then Cost Cutters is something they should truly consider.

That being said, Cost Cutters is not a strictly-male hair care service. The hairstylist there are more than equipped and capable of pulling off the most modern and newest of women’s hairstyles.

For the typical, blue collar family Cost Cutters is the ideal choice. When it comes to value, versatility, and overall family experience, there aren’t many comparable. You will be sure to appreciate the range of styles offered.

Just walk right into any Cost Cutters salon and experience it for yourself. Choose from a range of high quality services from their menu of cuts, styling, color and perms. After that, everything falls out of your hands and into Cost Cutter’s. Relax because they will make you and the whole family look great while your pockets don’t have to compensate.

To set up an appointment with Cost Cutters or for more information, please visit their official site at Cost Cutters.

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