Cost Cutters Prices 2024 (Detailed Guide)

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Cost Cutters prices start at $18.95 for an adult haircut and $14.95 for a kid’s haircut. They also offer other services, such as perming, coloring, waxing, and more. Continue reading for the price list for other service rates. The prices on Tuesdays will have special discount. In this post, we’ll share you the most recent & updated Cost Cutters Salon prices, stay tuned!

Looking for that perfect haircut to match your personal style, or perhaps a splash of color for some much-needed flair? You’ve likely heard about Cost Cutters, the renowned family-friendly hair salon that caters to all your hairstyling needs at an affordable price. This article aims to bring you a comprehensive overview of the Cost Cutters salon services and prices. With compelling conversations about haircuts, color treatments, special services, and more, we’ll provide you all the necessary information that you need before booking your next appointment.

Cost Cutters Prices

2024 Cost Cutters Prices

Whether you’re looking for an adult haircut, kids’ cut, or a trim for your beard or bangs, Cost Cutters boasts a variety of haircut options for everyone. Armed with professional products and stylish strokes, our experts are ready to invigorate you with a fresh outlook.

Let’s start with a quick adult cut which, at an affordable price of $18.95, will give you a trendy look in no time. But why rush when you can relax and have a nice shampoo as part of your cut and shampoo service for just $22.00? Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

But if you truly want to bask in the full hairstyling ambiance, consider the cut, shampoo, and basic style or the cut, shampoo, and full style service. Priced at $28.00 and $35.00 respectively, these services promise a makeover that complements your individual style while ensuring the utmost care for your luscious locks.

Are your little ones not so little anymore and demanding their very own makeover? Children aged 10 and under can opt for the $14.95 Kids Cut or the $20.00 Kids Cut & Shampoo service. Never underestimate the joy a cool new hairstyle can bring to your little ones!

kids haircut

In between your regular cuts, if you seek a touch-up, a Bang or Beard Trim for just $7.00 can do the trick without disturbing your budget.

What are the prices for adult and kids’ haircuts at Cost Cutters?

Adult Cuts are $18.95 and Kids’ Cuts (10 & under) are $14.95

What are the prices for hair coloring at Cost Cutters?

Basic Color/Re-Touch is $55.00, Cap Highlight is $55.00, and Full Foil is $75.00

What Cost Cutters prices on Tuesdays?

Tuesdays are discount days for Cost Cutters, you can have a $3-$10 discount depending on the services you get

Does cost cutters take Apple Pay?

Yes, Cost Cutters salons offer quick and easier ways to pay using contactless and Apple Pay

Does cost cutters take Android Pay?

yes, most Cost Cutters salons will accept Android contactless pay, just get your wallet apps ready before you get there

Cost Cutters Tuesday Prices

Certain Cost Cutters salons provide haircut discounts on Tuesdays, although promotions can differ across locations. Common savings involve $1 to $2 off haircuts or a percentage reduction on products when purchased alongside a service

mens haircut

Colors and Highlights Prices

What if you want to boost your style quotient with a dash of color or a splash of highlights in your hair? Stepping up the game, Cost Cutters offers an assortment of color and highlights options to meet everyone’s unique needs.

You can go from subtle to daring with our all-over color options. The Permanent All-Over Color service, at $55.00, offers you the freedom to add an entirely new dimension to your personality or simply cover those pesky grays.

cost cutters womens coloring and haircut

Those wanting a less permanent transformation can opt for the Semi Permanent All-Over Color at $45.00. Our Specialty All-Over Color option, priced at $70.00, caters to those wanting to experiment with the latest hair color trends like balayage or ombre. And for the men, our Gray Blending service for $40.00 reduces the grays while maintaining a natural look.

With a robust range of highlighting options, you can add depth and dimension to your hair color. Our Mini Highlights option, priced at $30.00, is perfect for face-framing highlights. The Partial Highlights, priced at $55.00, offers even more depth with the placement of 6-15 foils. If a total transformation is what you seek, the Full Highlights for $75.00 is just the right choice for you.

A unique and effective alternative to our traditional highlighting options is the Cap Highlights, priced at $55.00. This technique involves pulling strands of hair through a perforated cap and then applying the color for a natural highlighted look.

For Special Occasions and Beyond

hair botox

With Cost Cutters, your hairstyling needs transcend beyond routine haircuts and color. Whether it’s a celebration or a formal event, we ensure you are always at your stylish best.

Our Formal Styling/Special Occasion Hair costing $45.00 can give you that perfect updo, chignon, or French twist. You can also transform from frizzy to fabulous by treating yourself to a Blow Out service for just $25.00.

Craving for some curls or waves? The Perm service for $70.00 can be your ticket to a stylish transformation. There’s also the Spiral/Specialty Wrap, priced at $105.00, for a truly intricate look.


Added Care with Waxing and Conditioning Treatments

Nurture your skin and hair with our wide range of waxing and conditioning treatments. The Brow Wax service prices at $11.00 helps frame your face with perfectly arched eyebrows. Similarly, our Facial Waxing (Lip) service, also priced at $11.00, gives lips and chin a smooth finish.

To care for your hair, consider the Basic Conditioning treatment for just $14.00. Our Malibu treatment for $20.00 offers a two-step process to cleanse and intensely repair your hair. If you’re in search of tailor-made treatments, invest in our Specialty Conditioning for $25.00. It offers tailored treatments for color-treated hair, moisturizing, smoothing, or strengthening.

The name of a business, at times, tends to be the main selling point of a company. It is one of the most effective and surefire ways of choosing a brand or service. Once you read that name should give you a good sense of what is going on at that company.

So, a company will always seek a name that best fits the products and services it’s attempting to sell. But, once a company picks a bold name, it must live up to that tall task.

Well, this is nothing but the case with Cost Cutters salon, a business that does everything in its power to provide superior hair care services. As a result, Cost Cutter’s prices are reasonable for the average consumer. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality in favor of a less expensive one.

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Professional hairdresser making a beautiful hairstyle of young adult woman after dyeing hair and making highlights in hair salon. Modern lifestyle concept. (Professional hairdresser making a beautiful hairstyle of young adult woman after dyeing hair a

Cost Cutters prices and services:


Cost Cutters Haircut Prices

Adult Cuts$18.95
Kids–10 & under$14.95
Beard/Bang Trim$7.00

Cost Cutters Styling and Finishing Prices

Haircut, Shampoo & Condition$25.00
Haircut, Shampoo & Style Finish$32.00
Shampoo & Style Finish$17.00
Deep Conditioning$14.00
Beard Trim$7.00
Bang Trim$7.00

Cost Cutters Waxing Prices

Eyebrows & Lip$11.00

Cost Cutters Perming Prices

Spiral/Specialty Wrap$105.00

Cost Cutters Hair Coloring Prices

Basic Color/Re-Touch$55.00
Cap Highlight$55.00
Full Foil$75.00

(Notice: Prices may vary depending on the store’s location.)

History and Growth

Joe Francis founded The Barbers Hairstyling for Men Salon in Minnesota. 5 years later, this same salon began styling women’s hair. Finally, in 1982, Francis had the family salon, Cost Cutters. It has had rapid growth and prosperity. They have 12 locations in the initial year. In six years, a total of 300. Today, more than 850. It goes to show what great values and beliefs can accomplish.

Cost Cutters is nowadays owned by Regis Corporation, a Minneapolis-based company that owns countless other famous salons. To no surprise, Cost Cutter’s prices focus heavily on friendly and affordable value. Each salon offers a soothing, pleasant hair care experience with no appointment necessary and no hassle, the same with Hair Cuttery Salon. Their commitment is to provide a complete family experience with convenient hair care services performed by expert stylists and staff. Each family member will undoubtedly adore the excellent services that their team offers because of their thorough training.

Special Services Offered

Traditional, trendy, retro, funky- it’s all in the styles Cost Cutters offers. Haircuts are available for both adults and children. Styling and finishing services include shampoo & style finish, style finish with cut, beard or bang trim, and updos.

Chemical services are also available for coloring, cap highlighting, full foiling, perming and corrective coloring. Waxing for the eyebrows and lips is also available. Lastly, a select few locations offer tanning sessions.

Why Choose Cost Cutters Hair Salon?

In this economy, the average consumer is looking for the optimal service and price hand-in-hand. Well, Cost Cutters is a consumer’s sanctuary. If it concerns the whole family, then Cost Cutters is a no-brainer.

For men, Cost Cutters is great, considering its background and history. But, again, it was originally founded to cater to the manliest of men and accommodate their hairstyling needs. So, for men looking for something more top-notch than what is in barbershops but also looking to retain a mature look, then Cost Cutters is something they should truly consider.

Cost Cutters is not a strictly male hair care service. They equip their hairstylists. So, they can pull off the most modern and newest women’s hairstyles.

For the typical blue-collar family, Cost Cutters is the ideal choice. There aren’t many comparables regarding value, versatility, and overall family experience. In addition, you will be sure to appreciate the range of styles offered.

Just walk right into any Cost Cutters salon and experience it for yourself. Then, choose from a range of high-quality services from their cuts, styling, color, and perms menu. After that, everything falls out of your hands and into Cost Cutters. Relax because they will make you and the whole family look great while your pockets don’t have to compensate.

To set up an appointment with Cost Cutters or for more details, please visit their official site at Cost Cutters. Also, check out Cost Cutters coupons for the latest Coupons and Specials.

Some hair salons like SupercutsGreat Clips, and TGF Hair Salon offer great services too. If there is a branch near me, I would probably hop into it immediately.


9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Note: The operating hours may vary depending on the store’s location

What are the unique services provided by Cost Cutters?

Cost Cutters offers a wide range of hair services including haircuts, color treatments, special services, waxing, men’s services, and deep conditioning treatments.

Does Cost Cutters offer kids’ haircuts?

Yes, they offer Kids Cut and Kids Cut & Shampoo services for children aged 10 and under.

What are the different color options available at Cost Cutters?

They have a vast selection of color options including Permanent, Semi-Permanent, Specialty All-Over Color, and Gray Blending.

Do they offer styling services for special occasions?

Yes, their Formal Styling/Special Occasion Hair service is ideal for any formal event or special occasion.

Does Cost Cutters provide any hair care treatments?

Yes, they offer Basic Conditioning, Malibu, and Specialty Conditioning treatments to ensure the health and vibrancy of your hair.


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