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Hollywood Tans prices range between $8.00 and $690.00, depending on the package you choose. It is different from other tanning salons since it offers a lot of variety of tanning options.

Before known as the Hollywood Tans Group LLC, Hollywood Tans is a chain of salon franchises that have indoor tanning. CEO and President Lewis Shender gives emphasis on good customer service and following a successful formula of high-end equipment and trained professionals. Prior to Shender’s hire, the company is very one-dimensional. Since then, it has gained a reputation as a versatile and hard-working enterprise.

Below are the latest estimated Hollywood Tans prices.


Hollywood Tans Individual Tans

HT42 (1 tan)$8.00
HT42 (5 tans)$32.00
HT42 (10 tans)$56.00
HT42 (20 tans)$80.00
HT54 (1 tan)$13.00
HT54 (5 tans)$52.00
HT54 (10 tans)$91.00
HT54 (20 tans)$130.00
HT60 (1 tan)$17.00
HT60 (5 tans)$68.00
HT60 (10 tans)$119.00
HT60 (20 tans)$170.00
High Pressure (1 tan)$22.00
High Pressure (5 tans)$88.00
High Pressure (10 tans)$154.00
High Pressure (20 tans)$220.00
Premier (1 tan)$27.00
Premier (5 tans)$108.00
Premier (10 tans)$189.00
Premier (20 tans)$270.00

Hollywood Tans Monthly Tans

HT42 (2 weeks)$19.50
HT42 (1 month)$39.00
HT42 (3 months)$99.00
HT42 (6 months)$149.00
HT42 (1 year)$249.00
HT52 (2 weeks)$29.50
HT52 (1 month)$59.00
HT52 (3 months)$156.00
HT52 (6 months)$234.00
HT52 (1 year)$390.00
HT60 (2 weeks)$39.50
HT60 (1 month)$79.00
HT60 (3 months)$196.00
HT60 (6 months)$294.00
HT60 (1 year)$490.00
High Pressure (2 weeks)$49.50
High Pressure (1 month)$99.00
High Pressure (3 months)$236.00
High Pressure (6 months)$354.00
High Pressure (1 year)$590.00
Premier (2 weeks)$59.50
Premier (1 month)$119.00
Premier (3 months)$276.00
Premier (6 months)$414.00
Premier (1 year)$690.00

Hollywood Tans UV-Free Instant Tans

1 Tan$25.00
5 Tans$105.00
10 Tans$185.00
20 Tans$330.00

Hollywood Tans Membership Programs

Hollywood Tans Unlimited Tanning Membership - Monthly Price

High Pressure$58.99

Hollywood Tans History

Just three years ago, Hollywood Tans contacted celebrities to act as their catchy “tan-bassadors.” These celebrities would act as spokespeople for the company and attract customers. Such “tan-bassadors” included gold-medalist gymnast Brandon Wynn, Playboy Playmate Dalene Kurtis, and international go-go dancer Maya Michelle Rew.

Shender says these celebrities speak to their personalities who go to Hollywood Tans. For example, Kurtis states that she tans for the confidence that flows when she has a photoshoot. Rew also explains that tanning is that “it” factor when she travels out of town.

The celebrity power was successful in giving success for the company and added to their revenue of $60 million which is a result of sales of proprietary blends for tanning lotions, skincare products, and stand-up tanning booths. Hollywood Tans now operate more than 140 tanning salons.

Hollywood Tans Services Offered

The shops carry stand-up tanning beds as opposed to the standard lay-in. Tanning at Hollywood Tans does not incorporate any use of UV lighting. Their trademark “Instant Tan” is backed up by Mystic Tan, which is a spray that applies moisturizers and elite bronzers to the skin to make for an authentic and even tan in just seconds. Also, Hollywood Tans prices offer good deals.

The Mystic Tan comes in four varieties: Build Glow, Build Light, Build Medium, and Build Dark. Visit the website or consult with a staff member if you want to know more on these four shades.

You may also choose a fast tan that is long-lasting with the HT High-Pressure Booth. All it takes is two to three monthly visits to achieve and maintain a tan with this method. The filter implemented in this booth blocks out UV rays. The ideal time spent is between 11 and 15 minutes and that is highly dependent on which booth is chosen.

The HT60 is the highest of tans. An 8-minute tan only gives you an even base and an amazing complexing in only three to four sessions. Only 2% of UV light is utilized in this method. Also, the HT54 is a great option as a 10-minute tan will provide for an amazing tone.

Hollywood Tans Products

The own line of Hollywood Tans indoor tanning products includes blend lotions that have bronzers, moisturizers, the shower gels to help preserve your base tan in its even tone, maintain skin hydration, and skin elasticity. With these lotions, your tanning is enhanced by the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients placed in these products.

Maximizer, Bronzer, Body Blush, Tingles, and Self-Tanner are a few varieties of these lotions. Maximizer enhances your melanin production. Bronzer increases your skin’s natural color with authentic cosmetic bronzers. The Body Blush deepens tanning by an increase in oxygenation of the skin surface. The Tingles assist in blood flow at the skin surface level for exploited melanin production, and the Self-Tanner, the most reliable Hollywood Tans product, provides a shimmering and radiant golden complexion on the skin after three to four hours passes after application. The Self-Tanner is convenient because it’s a great option when time is running low and you can’t use a booth. It provides a quick, easy, but effective tan sans UV application. On top of that, Hollywood Tans prices are very affordable.


9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Note: The operating hours depend on the location of the store.

To set up an appointment with Hollywood Tans or for more information, visit their official website. Find the nearest Hollywood Tans location to you.

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Hollywood Tans Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hollywood Tan?

Hollywood Tans is different from the other salon. It offers a variety of vertical UV tanning alternatives, including the UV-Free Mystic Tan, Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan, and Ergoline lay-down beds.

Is it good to get a spray tan before vacation?

Yes, it is good to have a spray tan before vacation. Do have a tan at least 1-2 days before your vacation.

How many times can you get a spray tan?

You can get a spray tan every 9-12 days though you can have it as often as you can.  It is to allow your skin to exfoliate and to prepare your skin for the next visit. Use proper spray tan to maintain your tan care routine.

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