Holiday Hair Prices

Sometimes the occasion calls for sporting a more easygoing, natural look. Other times, it calls for dressing up and looking your absolute best. No matter what the look is, those two options and everything in between are offered at Holiday Hair.

Work and other inconveniences won’t let up their grasp, even when time is already sparse. If you can’t find the ample time to do the necessary things beauty demands, then just hand your worries and troubles over to Holiday Hair and they’ll take care of it. At Holiday Hair, you will get the beautiful, revamped hair makeover you are looking and dying for.

Below are the latest Holiday Hair prices.

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Holiday Hair was conceived of 35 years ago in Pennsylvania, operated and founded by Ray Holland. Initial success came almost as a free gift as the chain grew to an astounding 153 salons. Today, it is one of the leading franchise salons by Regis Corporation, a giant tycoon in the hair care industry.

Trusted by many in the industry, Holiday Hair houses an assortment of superior styling and finishing products from prominent international hair care companies such as Redken, Paul Mitchell, Sexy Hair, Matrix, Sebastian, TIGI, and American Crew.


A great stylist over at Holiday Hair holds the ability to assess the optimal hairstyle for any client. To do so, the stylist just factors two main features- hair texture and face shape.


Hair can be thick, fall a certain way or have a distinct shape to it. This all attributes to the hair texture. The texture determines the length of the cut and which tools will be used in performing it. Common hair textures include straight, fine, wavy, coarse, frizzy and curly. You may even have a combination of multiple textures, in which case a special treatment would be necessary. However, with the right stylist, this is no problem in pulling off.


Haircuts pulled off right should complement your face shape. You can frame your hair with layers and this usually augments your most notable features or, reversely, minimizes parts you wish not to be seen. Common faces shapes include oblong, round, oval, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped. Other facial features should also have a little emphasis placed on them, such as the shape of your eyes, or the size of your nose and mouth. It may seem minor, but these things make for a world of change.


Quality stylists who understand the task at hand run premium at Holiday Hair. They can perform a number of services, such as weaving silk out of your hair or applying rich, golden highlights. At the end of the day, the customer’s trust placed in the stylist and the stylist’s ensuing work goes hand-in-hand. Holiday Hair urges you to relax once you are in their hands. Hairstylists will listen to your needs and accommodate accordingly. They are gentle in listening to all your desires and requests and working in unison to make sure the final product comes out flawless. Stylists of varying expertise and specialties can be found at Holiday Hair, making for the most versatile of salons.

Holiday Hair stylists are honest and accurate. They will tell you what they honestly think is best for your hair and you can work off that to decide what you want. Additionally, they’ll walk you through on how to use top-notch hair products suitable to your hair, such as gels, finishers, spritz, and leave-in hair moisturizers.


  • Haircuts- don the latest trends in fashion with a new, spiffy cut.
  • Color- Blonde or brown, red or orange, it’s all covered in the Hair Holiday experience. Go ahead and give yourself a much needed new look.
  • Highlighting- If your hair has become a little dull, this is just the right medicine to get you back in the game. With vibrant, golden highlights, you will capture everyone’s attention.
  • Perms- Do something fun and get a set of new curls.
  • Relaxers (select salons)- Hair has become entangled and just borderline messy? Straighten and manage everything with this option.
  • Bang and Beard Trims- You can choose to trim those long, intruding bangs if you’re a woman or give that gruff of a beard a refreshing touch-up.
  • Facial Waxing (select salons)- Banish all of that unwanted hair from your skin for up to several weeks.
  • Conditioning Treatments- Give life to those dull, lifeless strands and restore your hair’s natural gleam with a keratin-heavy and protein-based natural hair treatment.

As you can see, services at Hair Holiday have not been compromised for. If it’s a unique perm or restoring color you wish for, Hair Holiday has it included in their overall package and their expert stylists would be more than happy to apply it for you.

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