Pretty Kitty Prices

The Brazilian wax is a highly popular waxing service and it’s now a top priority for many women. Acquiring a flawless bikini line cannot be understated in today’s society among women. However, it must be noted this type of service requires a competent, extremely skilled aesthetician, a quality wax agent, and fine cloth. All of these can be provided for at the Pretty Kitty.

In fact, the Pretty Kitty, a heralded wax boutique, has a great expertise in Brazilian wax which is performed by licensed aestheticians who are looked at as professionals at their craft. Spray tans, chin waxing, etc.- the Pretty Kitty is adept at it. The Pretty Kitty uses a proprietary technique of waxing that practices good hygiene, is fast, and does not cause much pain.

Below are the latest Pretty Kitty prices.

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The Pretty Kitty first opened publicly in 2012 in Montclair, New Jersey. Proprietress Tricia Hetherington believes the women of the New Jersey area are a very fashionable, urban, and modern people where appearance and energy are held in high regard. With this sort of approach to hygiene and beauty, the Pretty Kitty fits right in.

With operating stores in the states of California, Texas, and Nevada, the salon is reaching out to more than just the East Coast demographic. The waxes they carry are created with argan oil to moisturize the skin. Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the aboriginal argan tree indigenous to Morroco. It is extremely rich and is ideal for hydrating skin because of its fatty acids.


Pretty Kitty waxes have a pleasant, ambient smell to them. And their Brazilian waxes are of the softer variety. Furthermore, Pretty Kitty’s plicy does not allow stick waxes to be reused. Even waxing beds are disinfected and hold a one-use bed paper which is replaced after each client use.

The Pretty Kitty offers their customers elite in-house products such as Chocolate, Fudge, and Bubblegum scented waxes, all formulated with argan oil to preserve the softness and smoothness of skin to relieve minimal pain from waxing. They also carry aftercare products in Vanilla, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Shortcake.


A Brazilian wax will last roughly about 10 to 15 minutes. That’s an efficiency that enables you to get a Brazilian wax done on your lunch break, assuming your lunch break is at least half an hour. Pretty Kitty’s training director Liza Lazzara says, “waxing is practically painless.” And that is because Pretty Kitty employs a waxing technique in which a specially-fomrulated Italian crème wax is used.

These bring comfort and convenience to the client and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. This formulation is also proficient in complete hair removal of the waxed area.


They accept walk-ins but do not believe in online appointments. They recommend to schedule an appointment in advance to avoid any prolonged waiting times. Furthermore, Pretty Kitty will charge if you opt to not contact them to inform them you have cancelled within 24 hours of booking. Pretty Kitty’s service are available to clients under 18, however, they must fill a form out with parental consent. Moreover, people 15 or under must have a parent present during the service.

Additional suggestions and recommendations include avoiding caffeine at least five hours prior to a wax job so as to reduce sensitivity. Caffeine restricts blood flow in the skin’s blood vessel and, as a result, emphasizes sensitivity.

Pretty Kitty also offers a comprehensive suite for men where male clients can receive waxing services on a number of body parts. They will be treated to the same high standard as the women. Visit the Pretty Kitty official website for more elaboration on these nuances and learn more about the popular Brazilian wax, as well as other services.

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