MasterCuts Prices

MasterCuts prices start at $15.95 for adult haircuts and $12.95 for kids haircuts. For a more detailed look at MasterCuts prices, continue reading below.

MasterCuts is a casual, positive salon that offers cool looks for the whole family – all at realistic prices. Conveniently close, they’re right there in your neighborhood mall.

Below are the latest estimated MasterCuts prices and services.

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There are a number of things that go into making a company successful and prosperous. When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, this has to be competency and genuine relationships with the customer.

Many businesses do their part in providing elite competency but don’t quite get it right when it comes to building and sustaining relationships with the customers. Ultimately, this is the hump they never get over.

With MasterCuts, this is not a problem. No, not in the least sense. MasterCuts places great emphasis on providing excellent service and retains their customers by offering a friendly, comfortable environment.


MasterCuts is owned by the heralded Regis Corporation, the multi-billion dollar company which was founded in 1958. MasterCuts itself was founded in 1985. MasterCuts aims to provide a casual, social ambience in which clients can bask in while receiving styles and cuts at great value for the entire family.

Although MasterCuts belongs to a long line of franchised salons owned by Regis, MasterCuts is able to separate itself by branding itself as a family-oriented hair salon. Its light approach to engaging with customers has made the salon a popular, inviting place to visit for families. Obviously, this has proven to be effective as there are now 277 operating locations in 44 states.


MasterCuts operates 7 days a week, including 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. on weekdays, 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. on Saturdays, and 12 P.M. to 6 P.M. on Sundays. MasterCuts Salon offers haircuts for men and women, adult or children, making the salon a very versatile one teeming with business.

Shampooing, blow dry and styling services are offered, as well as hair coloring and highlighting. If it concerns texture, competent, highly-trained stylists can also perform perming and straightening. Stylists also administer conditioning treatments and waxing.


MasterCuts prides itself on delivering superior customer service and value which cannot be beaten. MasterCuts has put a great deal of time and effort into rigorously training their employees who can now be considered elite and professional. They are well-acclimated with the newest and latest trends and styles, as well as the more traditional and retro “blasts from the past.” But what should be most noted is MasterCuts’ promise to cater to their clients as much as they can, going the extra mile to please and accommodate them.

Aside from the typical amazing prices that are always offered, MasterCuts also offers special promotions that give clients more value for their money. MasterCuts also relies on their Facebook and Twitter accounts which are one of the most engaging, active pages on social media. A lot of their specials and discounts are broken through this platform. This extreme engagement with their clientele has proven to be tremendously effective in keeping customers coming back and transforming first-time customers to frequent loyalists.

MasterCuts’ competent hairstylists are able to deliver brilliant cuts and styles. Appointments are not necessary and customers can just walk in looking for a trendy, flashy cut they have in mind. MasterCuts’ extremely talented staff is always prepared to provide one-on-one consultation with necessary and proper suggestions.

Or on the other hand, clients can just come in and give the rundown of what look they want to accomplish. No matter what approach you take, MasterCuts’ ultimate goal is to make sure you leave their esteemed salon looking immensely fabulous. On your next off day, do yourself an unforgettable favor and stop by one of MasterCuts’ critically-acclaimed salons. Whether it only concerns you or the whole family, MasterCuts houses the right resources, products, staff, and attitude to achieve anything you have in mind!

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