European Wax Center Prices

European Wax Center is a popular hair removal salon chain in the US. They started in Aventura, Florida 11 years ago (2004) and right now they have close to 200 clinics across the country.

Aside from offering waxing services, European Wax Center also creates and sells their very own products such as calming cream, ingrown hair serum, tweezer kit, body wash, body lotion for softer and thinner hair, brow powders, and others.

Below are the latest European Wax Center Prices.

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Soon as the summer rolls around it’s time to visit the beach and go shopping for a new, cute bathing suit. However, if you aim to look your best in that stunning bikini you must get a wax! That is just an unwritten rule.

Don’t you wish for your legs and your armpits to be rid of all its nasty hair, especially without the ugly bumps and spikes that are indicative of shaving? Waxing does that, and waxing is the ideal hair removal option. It can be performed on nearly any part of your body, from eyebrows down to legs. Waxing is much more effective and long-lasting than shaving, as you can be hair-free for a month in some cases. Shaving leaves you with unpleasant results, but professional waxing yanks hair out from under the roots and this makes for all the difference.

Professionals do not recommend self-waxing. It can be a tedious and frustrating practice, and when not applied correctly can result in uneven bikini lines or left-over hair follicles. Overall, self-waxing does not have a high success rate.

However, this is why European Wax salon is here to allow you to book an appointment and sit back while a professional cleans you up properly. If you are longing a true spa day then a full-on wax serivce at European Wax is definitely your best bet.


Remaining hair-free does not have to be a miserable, lengthy process. The European Wax Center turns it into a small task you just have to keep up with as they have a credible expertise in professional wax services and body treatments. Established a decade ago, the European Wax Center is a firm believer in everyone obtaining their desired skin and look. In fact, first timers are given a complimentary wax.

Women can expect a free bikini line, underarm or eyebrow wax while the men can receive a complimentary wax regards the ear, nose or brow. To make it even easier, setting an appointment at the European Wax Center is not a difficult, trying process at all. As soon as you arrive at any location, wax specialists will accommodate you in everything you request and walk you through the process, which is named the 4 Steps To Gorgeous.


Following the booking of your first bikini wax appointment, it is recommeond you prep just a little. These are some steps and techniques you should follow if you wish to acquire the best look:


In short, do not trim prior to visiting a wax center because it might harm the practice more than help it. Hair should be about one quarter of an inch in length in order for the wax strips to work ideally.


Inform the staff of any pills you are taking, if you are pregnant, or have any allergies. Waxing is not recommended in the case of some of these complications.


It’s completely acceptable to take a shower on wax day, however, don’t apply any lotions, perfumes, creams, toners, oils, or astringents on the wax areas you have in mind. This is because moisturizers and thick lotions can prevent the wax from applying to the hair correctly. Astringents can also constrict and close up the pores, resulting in more pain once the strips are pulled off.


Wax technicians recommend exfoliation because it rids your skin of all dead cells, thus enabling wax to completely stick to the hair.


Of course, it may be a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable to take your clothes off for a Brazilian wax. However, professionals and technicians at European Wax are understanding and accepting people, sensitive of their clients. At the end of the day, you will need to undress for some of these waxing procedures but rest assured that European Wax professionals are as mature and tolerant as anyone you can find.


Truthfully, waxing does have a bit of a sting to you, but there are precautions you can take to curtail the discomfort.


Your body is much more tolerant to the pain of waxing a week after your period. Waxing is permitted during a period but professionals recommend to be patient and wait it out.


Feel free to speak up and let your assigned technician know if something hurts or is uncomfortable. European Wax encourages you to do this.


If you are a first-timer, it’s probably not a good idea to go straight for the Brazilian wax or the all-out Hollywood. These procedures will not be pleasant and, in all likelihood, will probably surprise you in a bad way.

This advice is for overly sensitive people, however, and waxing pain is extremely fast and passes before you know it. If you think you can handle it then go for it. You will especially be happy you did once you see the perfect results that stem from it. When it concerns the European Wax Center, waxing is more of a fun, interactive experience than a nervous, looming task. If this interests you then you would be doing yourself a favor if you visit anyone of their esteemed locations.

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