Fantastic Sams Prices

Fantastic Sams prices start at $14.00 for adult haircuts and $12.00 for kids haircuts. For a more detailed look at Fantastic Sams prices and services, continue reading below.

Placing an adjective such as “fantastic” in your brand name is a risky and broad thing to do but Fantastic Sams is more than confident they can pull off such a promise. Yes, once you place your name beside a superlative you are expected to uphold your end of the bargain. Well, you’ll come to find out Fantastic Sams gracefully does this with class, exceptional service, and superior quality.

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Sam Ross, owner of Fantastic Sams, opened his very first hair salon in Memphis, Tennessee way back in 1974. Sam’s relentless ambition and passion proved to pay off. With a gratifying reception from his customers, Sam decided to franchise his beloved brand just 2 years later.

Today, the Fantastic Sams brand has grown to over 1,100 salons nationwide. They have earned the esteemed status of providing elite quality hair care services for the whole family at a great value. Sam Ross aims to: provide unparalleled quality, service and style for an unmatched price.


Fantastic Sams seeks to provide the entire family a friendly environment with affordable prices. Haircuts for men, ladies and kids are all offered with according prices for each. Fantastic Sams also offers a combination package for women’s haircut and styling. Additional services include beard and mustache trim, eyebrow waxing, shampoo and style out.

Regarding hair color services, Fantastic Sams offers unseen costs for single process color services, foil highlights, partial highlights, cap highlights, men’s color and cut. And for texture, anything from perms, body waves, spirals and specialty wraps can be performed on any given client who chooses so.

Also, Fantastic Sams has its own exclusive line of hair care products from shampoos, conditioners, as well as more than a few styling aids that contain their own distinct formulation, “Fantastic Complex.” This formula strengthens, smoothens, and augments shine to your hair.


The greatest highlight about Fantastic Sams is their versatility and diversity. Again, at a great value, they offer complete packages for cutting, styling, straightening, coloring, highlighting and texturing. There isn’t much they leave out to be considered.

Fantastic Sams follows an intensive customer service philosophy of creating a friendly, cozy environment that a client can spiritually sink and relax in. Reservations are not required.

They house unique, skilled hair professionals who are always educated on the latest and flashiest of styles and trends. These stylists are on stand-by to make significant suggestions and whose honed skills will always deliver on your desired looks and styles. Even more notable is that these passionate, hard-working stylists place great emphasis on connecting with their clientele and making them as comfortable as possible.

Hold your excitement as Fantastic Sams also has their trademarked brand of hair care products that are sold at a price that makes the everyday, original market price seem laughable and pathetic. This is important as the Fantastic Sams experience and enjoyment isn’t just confined inside their walls but can also be taken home for domestic leisure. Said products are guaranteed to grant every customer with the “salon ready” look whenever they please.

The commercial, ultimate goal Fantastic Sams aims to fulfill is: “We want to make each customer feel fantastic.” Sounds simple, right? Sure. Easy to pull off? Not to the common corporation. However, Fantastic Sams is not a common organization by far. Fantastic Sams is certainly a “fantastic” company, along with exceptional, amazing, unbelievable, superior, elite, and a number of other superlatives. Make use of your time and visit Fantastic Sams for a fantastic time!

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