Dark Red Hair Makeup Styles And Other Looks

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Dark red hair is bold and beautiful regardless of the shade. It will be making a big comeback this fall, so why not give it a chance? Deep shades of red can make you look stunning and confident. So, let’s take a look at some trendy makeup, styles, and looks that will go perfectly with dark red hair.

​Dark Red Hair Styles Are More Popular Than Ever

Dark Red Hairstyles

Whether you look at Emma Stone’s, Debra Messing’s, or Christina Hendricks’s beautiful red hairstyles, they all prove one thing: dark red hair is trendy. So, it will be a total hit in the fall.

There is no other color much bolder than red, and there is something about it making heads turn, no matter the shade. It is a bright and impressive color to wear, so don’t be afraid to try it.

​15 Trendy Styles for Red Dark Hairstyles

Trendy Styles

​There is a wide variety of red hairstyles, so you will have no shortage of options. Below we included a list of styles that look really stunning with dark red hair and can serve as an inspiration.

So, check them out to get a better idea of what might work best for you, while also considering your skin tone and eye color.

​1. Ginger Red Hair and Delicate Makeup

​Ginger is probably the most popular version of red hair. It can have medium or darker red-brown tones that can also make the hairstyle the most natural-looking kind of red. So, if you have ever been to the UK (or watched some British sitcom), you may have heard natural redheads being called gingers. Then, ginger looks best with fair skin, green or brown eyes, and delicate makeup.

​2. Bright Copper Hair and Cinnamon Makeup

​The bright copper red hair looks vivid and shiny. It can be a bit intense, which makes this hairstyle an exciting choice. So, bright highlights mix well with darker copper tones and will go well with peach or golden-toned skin and green or brown eyes.

Bright copper with deep red hair will lighten up your look and make you stand out in a crowd. Cinnamon or nutmeg eyeshadow will complete the look, going perfectly well with the bright copper hair color.

​3. Golden Copper Hair and Warm Makeup

​Golden copper is as versatile as red hairstyles can get, and it can also go darker. It has a warm and spicy hue, blending golden blonde and bright red colors together. Many actresses, including Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain, wear this shade very nicely with warm peachy makeup. Then, it will definitely work for porcelain, peach, golden or neutral skin tones, and blue, green, hazel, or brown eyes.

​4. Auburn Hair and Sparkly Makeup

Auburn style gives hair a beautiful, rich color – perfect for someone not ready for a bigger color change. It’s a rather subtle dark, and perhaps more sophisticated, the shade of red that conveys boldness and elegance. It will work well with a medium skin tone, with both warm and cool undertones.

So, both dark and light eye colors will go well with auburn’s richness. Then, auburn hair will look perfect with some sparkly makeup accents like a dark glitter pomade or moondust eyeshadow.

5. Red Mahogany Hair and Bold Makeup

​This deep, cool, red color is an excellent choice to try with fair or medium-toned skin. Then, it will suit green, blue or brown eyes, complementing them with a royal look. Every royal look needs bold makeup with black mascara and deep red-colored lipstick.

​6. Golden Rose Hair and Simple Makeup

​Rose gold hair combines a lighter shade of gold and deeper coppery-rose color, rendering it one of today’s most trendy dark red hairstyles. The coppery-rose pink shade can be subtle and it will go well with porcelain, tan or olive skin tones, and all eye colors.

Simple makeup is the way to go with rose gold hair color. So, smokey eyes with soft eyeshadows and peach or pale pink lipstick will be the perfect match.

7. Cherry Coke Hair and Purple Makeup

​This color will look like a rich, deep red with a bit of blue or brown. It will create a stunning dark red look that goes best with darker skin tones, and it can bring out the depth of brown eyes.

Cherry is a universal red color and will most likely remain on top of the fashion list. It will go well with subtle purple eyeshadow and a darker shade of lipstick.

8. Burgundy Hair and Navy Makeup

​Burgundy is a dark red violet shade that creates a dramatic and memorable hairstyle color. It will look wonderful with dark or olive-toned complexions and brown or deep blue eyes. So, the color will be complemented by a navy or plum eyeshadow and natural lip color.

​9. Red Velvet Hair and Classic Makeup

​Red velvet hair color looks stunning on its own but can be accentuated even more by a deep red lipstick and black eyeliner. It is a great color for cool, dark, or olive skin complexions, especially with brown, cool blue, or emerald eyes.

​10. Magenta Hair and Soft Makeup

​Magenta hair color is bold in itself, so it is just fine to tone down the makeup with this one. It also goes well with multicolored highlights, creating an artistic vibe. So, this hair color looks great with medium-to-dark skin tones and dark eyes.

11. Blackberry Hair and Nude Makeup

​The blackberry shade of dark red looks amazing with darker skin tones. The color is both bold and warm, creating an illusion of glow with a dark skin complexion. Then, this purple kind of blackberry hair color will create enough effect to not require much makeup.

​12. Violet Red Hair and Blue Makeup

​Reddish purple hair color looks great with very dark skin tones and dark eyes. So, when paired with blue eyeshadows and delicate pink lipstick, it brings more life to the skin and creates a stunning fairy look.

​13. Bright Crimson Hair and Light Red Makeup

​Crimson hair extracts the red in fair skin, creating a natural blush effect. It looks particularly beautiful with blue eyes, accentuated by black eyeliner and delicate red lipstick.

14. Subtle Scarlet Hair and Brown Makeup

​Subdued shades of scarlet are a foolproof go-to for tan skin with olive undertones. It is important to not make it too purple and ensure the color preserves hair’s brightness for the most flattering effect. So, paired with dark brown or black eyes and gentle brown eyeshadows, this dark red hair color will certainly make a lasting impression.

​15. Ruby Red and Green Makeup

​Ruby red is a clear, deep, rich red color that creates a dramatic shade. It looks best paired with pale, porcelain skin tones and with light blue or green eyes. So, it will look wonderful with pearly green eyeshadows and sparkly pink lipstick.

​Additional Tips for Dark Red Hair


​There are a few more things to consider before deciding on your hair color and makeup combo.

​1. Choose the Right Shade

Generally, warm red hair colors (ginger, copper, and auburn) go well with very fair or very warm skin, and cool red hair colors (red-violet, ruby, and red velvet) go well with dark or cool skin.

​2. Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

To prevent red hair color from fading, look for shampoos and conditioners made for colored hair. They should be free of harsh ingredients that may strip hair color, and they keep hair shiny and the color vibrant.

Also, do not shampoo your hair too frequently as it makes your hair color fade away more quickly – try using dry shampoo instead.

​3. Keep Red Hair Out of the Sun

​Long exposure to sunrays will dry and damage hair, causing any hair color to fade. Since red hair color looks best when it is vivid and shiny, it will be best to keep your red hair away from the sun and UV exposure by wearing a hat or a fashionable scarf.

​4. Select the Right Makeup

​Experimenting with red hair color can be fun, but it can also change the kind of makeup you apply. Since dark red shades will naturally draw attention, consider playing with more delicate makeup styles.

So, rosy or peach cheek and lip colors with green, brown, or blue eyeshadows can be your go-to styles as you try new ones and create your own.

​Dark Red Hair Style and Makeup Inspirations

​Even if you have some doubts about changing your hair color to red, consider how versatile a dark shade of red can be and consult with your hairstylist on shades that would be the best match for you.

For more makeup inspiration that goes well with a dark red hair style, check out beauty websites like L’Oréal, Elle, and How to Be a Redhead.

Or you may want to check out other related searches like Angelina Jolie Makeup Guide, Makeup For Brown Eyes, and Cheap Makeup Products.


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