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Great Clips prices start at $14.00 for adult haircuts and $12.00 for kids haircuts. For a detailed look at Great Clips prices and services, continue reading below.

Salons have always been the solution of many men and women when it comes to hair care and maintenance. Many great hair salons around the world offer exceptional and quality services that have brought them enormous business growth.

Great Clips is one of the most popular and biggest salon chains in the world that gives clients outstanding hair care for all age groups. The company is well-recognized by their great customer service which they believe to be the main key to their success in business.

Below are the latest estimated Great Clips prices and services:

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We recommend Great Clips to everyone looking for a trim to an entirely new style. But why is choosing an established hairdresser so important? When we head to a hair salon, we want to leave feeling our best. For some, getting a haircut is a part of maintenance, whereas women spend their fortunes on improving their confidence and appearance.

You may have already discovered that hairdressers’ prices can massively fluctuate. What you pay in one place, you might easily pay double at another salon. But for self-confidence purposes, you can never spend too much if you’re satisfied with the results. Finding a salon you can trust to fix your hair and not leave you in tears when you leave the door isn’t always easy. But it’s essential that you feel the best version of you when you walk down the stress. When we feel confident and positive, it affects our mood and actions.

Perhaps you’ve tried cutting back on your spendings and attempted to cut your locks yourself. We applaud your bravery, though cutting hair is a talent and requires years of experience. You wouldn’t knock down a wall in your home if you didn’t know how to do it, so why attempt cutting your hair without any experience? Forking out the extra money on a trusted brand – such as Great Clips – means an experienced and professional hairdresser will serve you. You’ll also notice that higher-charging salons have a more relaxing environment with better customer service.


Since its launch in 1982 in Minneapolis, Great Clips has always been competitive in bringing excellence in terms of haircuts and hair styling. Founders of this long-established salon, Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer together with Ray Barton, established the company’s growth through franchising. The first franchising contract happened in 1983 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

Great Clips’ mind-blowing target to build 3,000 salons was reached through their customer-centric approach in delivering their services. The salon gives high value to their clients’ time. Great Clips finds its way to adjust to customers’ busy schedule by having their services available in the evenings and on weekends.

In 2011, the hair salon company launched a service which they call Online Check-in. This allows customers to register to the waitlist and check wait times before they arrive. Not long after this, Great Clips introduced their very own Clip Notes system which traces customer data for a better customer service between salons. Today, Great Clips operates a total of 3,700 salons all over Canada and the United States.


great clips pricesGreat Clips offers a wide range of services for all haircut and hair styling needs. Quality haircuts for both men and women are available as well as special rates for children below 10 years old and senior citizens 65 years old.

Great Clips also provides unique styling with unbeatable prices. Formal, long and regular hairstyles are available. Trimming for beard, neck and bangs is also available for a minimal service fee.

Also, excellent perming styling is offered at Great Clips with extremely low prices. For long and regular hair, there is flexibility to elect for special priced partial perming. Even conditioning treatments are available for reasonable and affordable prices.

It seems as if the services at Great Clips are never-ending and ever-expanding. That’s because they are. Come try them out yourself!


great clips prices and servicesThe chain stresses a very laid back and relieving atmosphere for their clientele. Not only that, but they also make sure they are available at all times and at your convenience. They do not require you to make an appointment. So walk right in!

This is a hair salon where the whole family can go on the weekend and have an unforgettable experience as expert hair stylists tend to everyone needs in particularly friendly fashion. Great Salon houses a personnel that is competent and serious about meeting the entire family’s requests and concerns.

This sort of flexibility should give you the sense that Great Clips is truly committed to upholding their end of the bargain in providing exceptional customer service. Great Clips has no problem in compensating their convenience in return for your satisfaction. That makes them happy as can be.

The ungodly size and success of the Great Clips franchise should be more than enough indication that this a company worth trusting. Many people have invested their hard earned money into this brand and, in return, are satisfied with that. The Great Clips brand-its morals and beliefs-are quite valuable because of the high end service standard that comes with it.

Countless have given in and tried the Great Clips experience. That has proven a smart decision as the experienced combined with the value makes for time and money well spent. Don’t let these advocates be the defining judge of it, but do let them influence your decision. Ultimately, you should go visit any esteemed location and try it for yourself!

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