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Indoor tanning used to be considered risky and unhealthy. Nowadays? Not so much. As extensive research has been conducted and progressive steps have been taken, the tanning industry has evolved into a safe and profitable industry. LA Tan follows that formula and does it well.

Below are the latest LA Tan prices.

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LA Tan has been prospering since the early 1990s. However, this current tanning banner was founded by Nick Patel in 2001. The chain started out slow with only 4 locations, but through a calculated passion of accommodating customers with convenience and superior technology and equipment, the chain has expended to 180 locations in six different states. Currently, LA Tan is the undisputed fastest-growing tanning salon chain in the midwest.


LA Tan advertises their salons as the one-stop shop for all your cosmetic and health needs and, truthfully, that is not an outlandish claim. They house an extensive array of products and services. If you are longing a glowing, glimmering tan, then it’s most likely that LA Tan carries the products essential in providing this.

LA Tan offers tanning through Custom Air Brush which is the world’s lone multi-treatment skincare system centered on High Volume Low Pressure turbine engineering. Their proprietary technology atomizes several treatment lotions into very fine, accurate mists which deliver customized, superior skincare and sunless tanning.

You may soak in all of the benefits with all of LA Tan’s magnifying skin treatments, such as anti-aging sunless tanning, Ph Balance normalization, anti-aging or shimmer treatments. Furthermore, LA Tan’s multi-treatment system is an authentic sunless tanner created with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals that will give a radiant, shimmering golden-brown look to your complexion.

LA Tan also offers teeth whitening services at great value. You can obtain results that are common at the dentist’s place, but save a ton of money! After, you can treat yourself to their Hydration stations where you bathe your body in radiant heat and revitalizing liquid vitamins. Hydration Treatment will place you in a never-ending pool of colors to rejuvenate the mind and body. This treatment also accentuates UV results.


LA Tan is extremely convenient and accommodating. In fact, all LA Tan locations are networked through a computer interface which enables clientele to easily tan at any location nationwide. Also, LA Tan’s highly-equipped locations are managed by meticulously trained and proficient skin care professionals. These employees provide quality recommendations and consultations.

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