Palm Beach Tan Membership Prices and Reviews 2024

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Palm Beach Tan membership prices range from $14.95 and $99.95 monthly. Single Sessions and Package Deals start from $30, does it worth?

Palm Beach Tan prices range between $25.00 and $105.00 for auto bills or $50 and $135 monthly. When you simply want tanning at a great price, then PBT One® is for you. Choose between Sun or Spray tan for just $14.95 per month, with ultra-modern equipment and expert advice from our PBT Beauty Consultants. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

In a world where looks matter so much, a healthy-looking tan is an important part of a confident self-image for many individuals. Palm Beach Tan listened to and studied what its members wanted for over 20 years. As a result, Palm Beach Tan creators developed the idea of tanning superstores. They opened salons in large retail spaces and positioned them in class-A shopping centers, with over 20 tanning beds. With this attitude, Palm Beach Tan created the strategic choice to produce clean and advanced store atmospheres offering several levels of the most advanced technology sunbed tanning equipment in the world, along with Mystic Tan® Sunless Tanning Systems and the Versa Spa Professional Skin Care Systems.

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Palm Beach Tan Prices


Palm Beach Tan Sunless Pricing

Sunless Premier MembershipOne per month$25.00
Sunless Premier Membership$59.95

Palm Beach Tan Single Sessions

Palm Beach Tan Walk-in
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2$35.00
Medium and Level 3$40.00
Anti-Aging Moisturizer$5.00
Palm Beach Tan Premier MemberExcludes Diamond
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2$25.00
Medium and Level 3$30.00
Anti-Aging Moisturizer$5.00
Palm Beach Tan Diamond & Sunless Members
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2Included
Medium and Level 3Included
Anti-Aging Moisturizer$5.00

Palm Beach Tan 3–Pack

Palm Beach Tan Walk-in
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2$90.00
Medium and Level 3$105.00
Palm Beach Tan Premier MemberExcludes Diamond
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2$60.00
Medium and Level 3$75.00

Palm Beach Tan Additives

Palm Beach Tan Walk-in
Triple Bronzeboost$6.00
Hypertan / Accelerator$7.00
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$2.00
Palm Beach Tan Premier MemberSilver Platinum
Triple Bronzeboost$4.00
Hypertan / Accelerator$6.00
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$1.00
Palm Beach Tan Diamond & Sunless Members
Triple Bronzeboost$4.00
Hypertan / Accelerator$6.00
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$1.00
Mystic EFT-Dark$6.50
VersaSpa EFT-Dark$5.00

Palm Beach Tan Membership Prices

Palm Beach Tan Membership Prices

A select few maybe label it “vain”, but in reality, it is just trying to look and feel your best. It’s all about achieving a certain look in which you can be comfortable. Some may say it’s not real, but a tanning company is looking to take over the indoor tanning industry by implementing fitness workouts in the tanning sessions. This accomplishes the “look good, feel good” goal they are aiming for.

Which package should I start with?

Palm Beach Tan has been a go-to for many looking to achieve that sun-kissed look, but with its variety of packages, making a choice can be overwhelming. Especially if, like me, you have light skin with Eastern European ancestry. While my skin does tan relatively easily, I must admit that I’m no stranger to sunburns that later transform into tans.

Previously, my go-to spot for tanning was the booths at Planet Fitness. But this year, I’m thinking of leveling up my tanning game with Palm Beach Tan. With their range of packages and pricing, I’m pondering which package would be the best value for me, ensuring I get the desired tan without burning a hole in my pocket (pun intended!). I’ve also been curious about which tanning lotions would complement my tanning journey.

Upon diving into the world of tanning forums and discussing with fellow tanning enthusiasts, I came across some insights from a former Palm Beach Tan manager, sadiebug97. They recommended the Diamond membership but acknowledged it’s on the pricier side. For beginners, the Platinum membership seems to be a good pick as it provides access to three different tanning levels. For those like me, who are prone to tanning but also burning, starting with shorter tanning durations and rotating beds could be a wise approach.

When it comes to lotions, Palm Beach Tan has its premium range. The top pick from our former PBT manager was the Emerald lotion, though it carries a steep price tag of $200. A more budget-friendly favorite of theirs was the Midnight lotion, which offers more quantity for a slightly reduced price. However, if you’re really aiming to keep costs low, the Scarlet line was recommended.

All in all, whether you’re a tanning newbie or a seasoned pro, Palm Beach Tan seems to have something for everyone. It’s just a matter of understanding your skin type, desired outcome, and budget to find the best fit. Whatever you choose, always remember to prioritize skin health and safety above all. Happy tanning!

Palm Beach Tan History

Donald Zale, former president and CEO of Zales Jewelers, founded Palm Beach Tan in 2003. Palm Beach Tan’s motto believes in a society where aesthetics are highly regarded, and an authentic, complete tan is a crucial part of the appearance. This thinking has led to a tanning industry that rakes in $8 billion annually.

“Do whatever it takes to attract and retain customers”, says the company’s CEO. Palm Beach Tan emphasizes consulting with and accommodating a client’s needs. It also emphasizes keeping its environment clean and equipped with tanning equipment, such as Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Systems and Versa Spa Professional Skin Care Systems. They really offer services that fit your preference.

Palm Beach Tan Service Offered

Palm Beach Tan offers three types of tanning services for amazing value. Their sunbed tanning option will give you that “just off the boardwalk” look and a healthy glow. They house the most modern indoor tanning systems available on the market. They hold a comprehensive set of sunbeds, ranging from 20-minute beds to rather quick 10-minute beds.

Clients also may opt for special facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and more. Amenities aren’t hard to come by as Palm Beach Tan houses cooling fans, music, aromatherapy, and air-conditioned beds. Moreover, Sunless Spray Tanning offers unbeatable results, which lead to a balanced skin tone. Keep in mind this is pure cosmetic tanning, and protection is not provided with this method.

However, many participants like combining the two tanning procedures to form a “Cocktail Tan.” Red Light Tanning is also offered- a comprehensive tactic for aesthetics and exercise. It’s a duo of exercise and tanning with skincare formulas to help firm and tone muscles and skin.

Why Choose Palm Beach Tan?

Clients are very pleased with Palm Beach Tan. What sits well with them is that Palm Beach’s environment is always clean. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable as well as outgoing. Every employee is taught to communicate well with the customer and will do anything to provide a good experience.

There are also good reviews about the sunbeds they offer. That’s obvious as Palm Beach Tan only equips their locations with tanning systems for excellent value.

For those longing to have an authentic, beautiful glow and complexion, Palm Beach Tan is providing it, and Palm Beach Tan prices are affordable. Pay a visit to any location, and employees will accommodate you.

However, we cannot avoid the fact that they don’t have branches in every inch of the country. So, I would suggest looking for other trusted tanning salons like South Beach, Darque Tan, and also my personal favorite, the Beach Bum Tanning Salon which I have a store near my location.

For more information regarding Palm Beach Tan, visit their official website. Also, find the nearest Palm Beach Tan locations to you.

Visit the Palm Beach Tan Coupons page for the latest Coupons and Specials.

Palm Beach Tan Operating Hours

9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Note: The operating hours of Palm Beach Tan may vary depending on the store.

Palm Beach Tan Dallas Prices

Palm Beach Tan Columbus prices are as below :

sunbed tanning

Auto-Bill Prices

Diamond Prism Premier EFT
Diamond EFT
Platinum EFT
Gold EFT
Silver EFT

Month-to-Month Prices

Diamond Prism Premier Flex
Diamond Flex
Platinum Flex
Gold Flex
Silver Flex

sunless tanning

With sunless spray tanning, you can achieve natural looking results perfectly matched to your skin tone in just one visit.

Auto Bill Prices:

Sunless Platinum EFT
Sunless Gold EFT

Single Session Prices :

Sessions expire 45 days from purchase

Sunbed Premier Rewards® Memberships

Sunbed Type
Price per Month
Silver Sunbed
Gold Sunbed
Platinum Sunbed
Diamond Sunbed
Diamond Prism Sunbed

diamond prism

The Ultimate Experience, The Ultimate Tan


Four unique spectrums of light, plus all the luxurious amenities of Diamond level beds, make for the ultimate tanning experience.

image?h=400&&from=center&from vertical=middle&crop w=600&crop h=400&f=sunbeds diamond prism r2


  • Four unique spectrums of light, a mix of bronzing UV and skin-nourishing LED
  • 10 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Includes all Diamond level amenities and a comfortable ergonomic design


Maximum exposure, maximum bronzing

Maximum exposure helps you achieve your maximum bronze. Diamond sunbeds include luxurious amenities like air-conditioning, premium sound systems and much more.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Superior bronze. Longest lasting results.
  • 10-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Luxury amenities: air conditioning, sound system and more


Deep bronzing

Maximum UVA rays deepen and maintain your color, all in the comfort of a luxury bed, with air-conditioning, a premium sound system and much more.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Maximum UVA deepens color
  • 10-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Luxury options: air-conditioning, sound system and more


Color enhancing

Higher intensity lamps, 12- to 15-minute exposure schedules and a greater concentration of UVA rays darken your base melanin for a deeper, more beautiful color.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Higher intensity lamps
  • 12-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Greater concentration of UVA rays


Foundation building

Lower intensity lamps, 20-minute exposure schedules and higher concentrations of UVB rays combine for optimum melanin production. Perfect for building a base tan.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Lower intensity lamps
  • 15- 20 Minute Maximum Tanning Time*
  • Higher concentrations of UVB rays

Dallas Prices & Locations :

  • Victory Park
  • Uptown
  • West Village
  • Mockingbird
  • Inwood/Lovers
  • Greenville
  • Town Creek
  • Galloway
  • Las Colinas
  • Addison
  • Richardson
  • Coit
  • Cedar Hill
  • Plano Frankford
  • Garland
  • Rowlett
  • Lincoln Square
  • Allen
  • Plano West Parker
  • Lewisville
  • Bedford
  • Legacy Village
  • Southlake
  • Allen
  • Grapevine/Hurst
  • Frisco
  • Mansfield
  • Little Road
  • Flower Mound
  • North Frisco
  • McKinney
  • Alliance
  • West 7th Downtown
  • Prosper
  • University
  • South Denton
  • Hulen
  • Burleson
  • Ridgmar
  • North Denton
  • Weatherford
  • Waco
  • Tyler

Chicago Prices & Locations

  • Clybourn Commons
  • Clark
  • Norridge Commons
  • Village Crossing
  • Wilmette Commons
  • Carson’s Center
  • Hinsdale Commons
  • Town and Country
  • Schaumburg
  • Central Parkway S/C
  • Naperville
  • Market West

Housten Prices & Locations

  • Midtown
  • Memorial
  • Weslayan
  • Richmond
  • Gessner
  • Silverlake
  • Pearland
  • Eldridge
  • Deer Park
  • Humble
  • Sugar Land
  • Copperfield
  • Louetta
  • Friendswood
  • El Camino
  • Tomball Parkway
  • Katy Kingsland
  • Barker Cypress
  • Kingwood
  • Spring
  • Baytown
  • League City
  • Grand Parkway
  • Bella Terra
  • Bay Colony
  • Tomball
  • Pinecroft
  • Woodlands
  • Conroe
  • College Station

Questions & Answers

1. What’s the best way to lie in a tanning bed?

It’s best to lie flat and evenly to ensure a uniform tan. Make sure to follow the salon’s guidelines and use the appropriate protective eyewear.

2. Can I tan in a sunbed if I have fair skin?

Yes, but start with shorter sessions and lower intensity beds, like Palm Beach Tan’s Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2, to prevent burning.

3. How many times a week can I tan?

It’s generally safe to tan 2-3 times a week, but it’s always good to consult with the tanning salon to determine a safe tanning schedule.

4. What should I put on my skin before tanning?

Apply a good quality tanning lotion to moisturize the skin and enhance the tanning process.

5. What should I put on my skin after tanning?

Use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and to help maintain your tan.

6. How long should I wait to shower after sunbed tanning?

It’s recommended to wait at least 2 hours after tanning to shower.

7. How long does it take to see results from sunbed tanning?

Results can be seen after a few sessions, but it may take a couple of weeks of regular tanning to achieve your desired color.

8. What’s the fastest way to tan in a tanning bed?

Using a higher intensity bed like the Diamond or Platinum sunbeds at Palm Beach Tan can help achieve a faster tan​

9. How long should each sunbed tanning session be?

Session length varies by skin type and bed type. Consult with the salon for personalized advice.

10. What are the prices for single sunbed tanning sessions at Palm Beach Tan?

Prices start at $35 for Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2​

11. What are the different sunbed tanning options available at Palm Beach Tan?

They offer Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sunbeds, each providing different levels of bronzing and features​

12. How do the prices vary for sunbed tanning at Palm Beach Tan?

Prices vary based on membership and session packages. Single session prices start at $35 for Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2

13. What are the features of the Diamond Prism sunbed at Palm Beach Tan?

The Diamond Prism sunbed offers multiple spectrums of light and wellness benefits​

14. Are there any membership options available for frequent tanners?

Yes, Palm Beach Tan offers Sunbed Premier Rewards® Memberships among others for frequent tanners

15. What are the operating hours of Palm Beach Tan?

Please refer to the Palm Beach Tan’s official website or contact them directly for their operating hours.

16. Are there any wellness benefits associated with sunbed tanning at Palm Beach Tan?

Yes, especially with the Diamond Prism sunbed that offers wellness benefits​

17. What are the maximum exposure times for different sunbeds at Palm Beach Tan?

The maximum exposure times may vary by sunbed type. It’s best to consult with Palm Beach Tan directly for this information.

18. What amenities are provided during a sunbed tanning session at Palm Beach Tan?

Please contact Palm Beach Tan directly to learn about the amenities they provide during sunbed tanning sessions.

19. Can I achieve a natural-looking tan with sunless spray tanning at Palm Beach Tan?

Yes, Palm Beach Tan offers sunless tanning options for a natural-looking tan

20. Are there any special discounts or offers available at Palm Beach Tan?

Please refer to the Palm Beach Tan’s official website or contact them directly for information on current discounts and offers.


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