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In a world where looks matter so much, a healthy-looking tan is a vital part of a confident self-image for countless individuals. With a 20-year track of accomplishment, Palm Beach Tan listened and studied what their members want. Palm Beach Tan creators developed the idea of tanning superstores; salons residing of large retail spaces, positioned in class A shopping centers, with over 20 tanning beds. With this attitude, Palm Beach Tan created the strategic choice to produce clean, sophisticated store atmospheres offering several levels of the utmost technologically advanced sunbed tanning equipment in the world, along with Mystic Tan® Sunless Tanning Systems and the Versa Spa Professional Skin Care Systems.

In 2003, Donald Zale, former President & CEO of Zales Jewelers, bought Palm Beach Tan’s first franchise. His well-known business philosophy: “do whatever it takes to attract and retain customers”.

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A select few maybe label it being “vain”, but in reality it is just trying to look and feel your best. It’s all about achieving a certain look that you can be comfortable in. Some may say it’s not authentic but there is tanning company that’s looking to take over the indoor tanning industry by also implementing fitness workouts to the tanning sessions. This really accomplishes the “look good, feel good” goal they are aiming for.


Donald Zale, former president and CEO of Zales Jewelers, founded Palm Beach Tan back in 2003. Palm Beach Tan’s motto is believing in a society where aesthetic is held in high regard, and an authentic, complete tan is a crucial part of the appearance. This sort of thinking has led to a tanning industry that rakes in $8 billion a year.

“Do whatever it takes to attract and retain customers”, says the company’s CEO. Palm Beach Tan really emphasizes consulting with and accomodating a client’s needs. Palm Beach Tan also puts great importance in keeping their environment superiorly clean and equipped with state-of-the-art tanning equipment, such as Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Systems and Versa Spa Professional Skin Care Systems.


Palm Beach Tan offers three types of tanning services for amazing value. Their sunbed tanning option will give you that “just off the boardwalk” look and a healthy glow. They house the most modern of indoor tanning systems available on the market. They hold a comprehensive set of sunbeds, raning from 20-minute beds to rather quick 10-minute beds.

Clients also may opt for the special facial tanners, shoulder tanners and more. Amenities aren’t hard to come by as Palm Beach Tan houses cooling fans, music, aromatherapy and air-conditioned beds. Moreover, Sunless Spray Tanning is offered and that results in unbeatable results which lead to a balanced skin tone. Keep in mind this is pure cosmetic tanning and protection is not provided with this method.

However, a lot of participants like combining the two tanning procedures to form what is called a “Cocktail Tan.” Red Light Tanning is also offered- a comprehensive tactic to aesthetic and exercise. It’s a duo of exercise and tanning with also the application of skin care formulas to help firm and tone muscles and skin.


More than not, clients have very redeeming things to say about Palm Beach Tan. What sits well with clients is that Palm Beach’s environment is always bar-none clean. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable as well as outgoing. Every employee is taught to have a customer-first attitude and will do just about anything to provide a pleasant experience.

There also raving reviews about the sunbeds they house. That’s obvious as Palm Beach Tan only equips their locations with state-of-the-art tanning systems for excellent value.

For those who are longing to have an authentic, beautiful glow and complexion, Palm Beach Tan is absolutely adept in providing it. Pay a visit to any location and employees will accommodate your every require and need.

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