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Happy Nails is a complete nail service spa and salon located in Los Angeles, Irvine, Newport Beach, North Orange County, South Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego and San Jose. Happy Nails provides manicure and pedicure services, along with waxing and facial care services for both men and women.

Happy Nails and Spa accommodate those who seek the highest of efficiency in nail and skin maintenance. Salons are fully equipped with necessary resources and are taken care of to an elite standard in terms of sanitation and hygiene. Services are reasonably priced as well. Happy Nails is considered to be one of the most professional in nail and skin care and customers have attested to that over the last 30 years with raving reviews.

Below are the latest estimated Happy Nails prices and services.

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Happy Nails and Spa was first conceived of by Mai and Henry Huynh, a Vietnamese couple who moved to Southern California immediately after the fall of Saigon. Mai Huynh set on a path to work as a manicurist and learn the tricks and trades on how to run a successful nail salon.

In 1983, their dream came to fruition and Happy Nails and Spa opened in Southern California. The couple aimed to provide a happy, easygoing environment and to meticulously care for their clientele in an atmosphere which would allow for such.

Currently, Happy Nails has 50 stores opened and are still planning to expand and build on the brand.


Happy Nails and Spa offers nail and skin care to both male and female clientele. Signature services include “Pamper Me Mani” and “Pamper Me Pedi.” Concerning “Pamper Me Mani”, the customers’ hands are massaged and treated to a hydrating mask along with nail cleaning and polish. On the other hand, “Pamper Me Pedi” is a foot scrub and massage topped off with exfoliation. Nails are given a strenuous cleaning and polish is applied after.

Additional nail care services include Men’s Sports Manicure and Pedicure. Variations include Simply Mani or Simply Pedi- basic cleaning services sans polish. Customers may also opt to take the nail art service, choosing from patterns and colors to best fit their style.

Regarding skin care, Happy Nails offers acne treatments where the face is treated with AHA, otherwise known as Alpha Hydroxyl Acid. Herbal botanicals are implemented in face exfoliation, shrinking pores and consequently ridding acne breakouts. Happy Nails also offers European and Deluxe European Facials that come standard with hand and foot massage.

Happy Nails is versatile, as they also cater to children with spa, manicure and pedicure services. Children can also experience hand and foot massages along with nail cleaning and nail art.

Waxing services are administered to both men and women alike. Happy Nails gives waxing jobs to areas such as the underarm, legs, arms, face, back and bikini area. Their locations are immaculately cleaned and sanitized and are advertised as “bacteria free.” Full body waxing is also offered.


For affordability and value, Happy Nails provides special packages. For instance, the European Facial package includes a number of services such as the steam treatment, deep pore cleansing, and whiteheads and blackhead extraction. The package is finished with a grand masque application and facial massage. Furthermore, the Deluxe European Facial package consists of a European facial with arm and leg massage.

Nail care packages are abundant with the luxury manicure and pedicure, Indulge Me, Please Me Mani and Pedi, and Pamper Me Mani and Pedi.


A number of customers have expressed their content with their Happy Nails experience. They raved about how well the facilities are taken care of and organized. They were also satisfied with the tools employees used.

Continuing, customers gave extremely positive comments on the professional services they received. They commented on how their nails were buffed in impeccable fashion and cuticles were precisely filed. A few customers also talked about how much they liked their hand and foot massage after manicures and pedicures.

Nail maintenance is not the only thing as one customer also gave comment on how her broken nail was repaired. She said that her broken nail had been a persistent problem but the technician she was given was able to fix it with ease.

Regarding facial care, it comes as no surprise as clientele was also happy about that. Waxing services received positive reviews. One client said her eyebrow wax was beautifully contorted and without irritation or discomfort. Also, customers raved about how the eyebrow wax is affordable and has great value.

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