Zoom Tan Prices and Services

Zoom Tan prices range from $9.99 to $299.00 depending on the package you choose.

When the summer rolls around, we all have the collective goal of attaining a glowing, colorful tan in which will make our strut a little more confident and our overall feeling of ourselves better. The beach is the ideal place to literally snatch this tan away from the sun, but at times we all can’t make it to the beach. Reasons stem from expenses, inconveniences, and a matter of time. Luckily, the beach is not the last resort, albeit it is a resort in another sense. Alas, there are alternatives to the beach such as Zoom Tan, a decorated tanning business that stresses quality and excellence.

Below are the latest estimated Zoom Tan prices.

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Artificial tanning is not a new, trendy sensation. No, not in the least sense. In fact, the first tanning machines were conceived of in 1906. Granted, it was for medical purposes but it wasn’t long before people realized they could be used to achieve desired skin complexions. This tanning craze hit its peak in the 1980s when people began using tanning beds to enhance aesthetics. But these tanning beds didn’t always maximize or deliver the best results.

Decades later, in 2008, businessman Thomas Gosilano relocated from New York to Florida. In this point of his life Gosilano decided to open a unique tanning salon that would fully cater to all its clients. Instead of traditional tanning beds, Zoom Tan opted to make use of stand up tanning beds that met the requirements of its clients.

In the face of many competitors, Zoom Tan has managed to remain a powerhouse. With over 50 locations dispersed around Florida, New York, and Georgia, the business still continues to expand.


When it comes to utilizing the most up-to-date technology, Zoom Tan exceeds all expectations. Again, their stand up tanning machines aren’t the norm but they combine high quality and uncanny technology that result in excellence. Customers can choose to get a typical UV tan that covers head to toe. Even with stand up tanning this classic method can still be achieved in a booth, with even better results.

Even if you are a customer who is on the go and doesn’t have much time to spare, Zoom Tan offers spray tan as an alternative that can still achieve the same results as the stand-up tan. However, as opposed to the UV tan, this alternative uses a quick spray of mist that shoots out of specialized nozzles in the booth. The whole procedure is less than three minutes which gives clients plenty of time to be on the go. This alternative has become an unbelievably popular substitute as it can be done on short lunch breaks. Additionally, there are no cons to this process as colors don’t even rub off on clothes because clients are dried off simultaneously. This ultimately makes the spray tan option the absolute, most sensible alternative to go with.

These services come with a multitude of options as clients can go in for a single session with no membership necessary. Additionally, clients can choose single pay, monthly and yearly visits as well. Also, frequent customers can choose unlimited sessions for both the UV and spray tanning options.


Albeit, there is a lot of competition in the tanning industry. Even so, Zoom Tan looks to take over with exceptional customer service, superior technology and progressive ideas. It makes sense that they only use stand-up tanning booths that provide for more cleanly sessions. These booths do not require skin contact, and that makes for more hygienic environments. This alternative also results in less burns and streaks.

These machines also feature an open-air system that provides optimum ventilation. Also, these tanning booths do not carry any foul odors that most conventional tanning products are known to come with.

In the long run, Zoom Tan ensures that customers will receive quality that they pay for. These stand up tans, whether UV or spray tan, will guarantee a solid complexion without streaking. Results are long-lasting as they can last anywhere from five to ten days.

If it concerns hygiene and superior value, Zoom Tan is the number one hot spot. Visit a location whenever at your convenience.

To set-up an appoitment with Zoom Tan and for more information regarding their prices and services, please visit www.zoomtan.com.