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Regis Salon prices start at $20.00 for men’s haircut and $30.00 for women’s haircut. For a more detailed look at Regis Salon prices and services, continue reading below.

Hairstyling itself is a form of art, but the business of it has to do with discipline and dedication. It’s safe to say a family-owned business that bloomed into a top 1,000 U.S. corporation showed an immense amount of discipline and dedication.

That family-owned business is Regis Corporation, a prolific hair salon chain and a huge enterprise. Their ultimate goal is to provide superior customer service.

Below are the latest estimated Regis Salon prices and services.

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It began in 1922 when Florence and Paul Kunin founded Kunin Beauty Salon, which almost immediately expanded into a chain of value-oriented salons mainly located in department stores. The couple had a son, Myron, who then purchased the chain in 1958 and rechristened it as “Regis.”

Regis committed their brand to making people look beautiful, feel fantastic, and make them walk away knowing they made a good decision. Today, Regis is a multi-billion dollar company as well as a global leader in beauty salons, hair restoration and cosmetology education. There are now 10,000 operating locations worldwide.

Service excellence is Regis’ number one priority. The enterprise provides affordable haircuts, styling, coloring and waxing services to more than 155 million privileged clients globally. Customers find themselves returning frequently because they are extremely satisfied with the end product. Still, Regis Salon remains a salon which stresses value and quality of services.


Regis’ list of services can be classified into four categories such as: haircuts, color, treatments and finish. Men and women of all ages are open to styling and haircuts. With indispensable one-on-one consultation available, you will be able to come to a consensus on which latest fashion trend or style you want to don.

Regis stylists are experts and they are well-acclimated with the fashion culture and what trends are gaining steam now. Additional services they perform include beard trims and wet shaves. Regis stylists assist in helping clients find their ideal hair color that will suit their natural look and personality. And when it concerns hair color, Regis will assign their trained Wella Master color experts to tend to clients’ needs. Coloring services include color correction, fashion color and base color.

Moreover, hair treatments services include perming, straightening or conditioning for nourishment and gloss. Lastly, finishing services include bouncy blow dry, waves and updos, straightening irons, teasing and curling.


Although Regis has grown into a legend of sorts as a billion dollar enterprise, the humility and friendliness of their salon is somewhat reminiscent of a typical neighborhood barbershop. That being said, it just feels comfortable and right.

Regis maintains the proper resources and high-caliber stylists to make satisfaction and top-notch customer service possible. Regis simply knows how to treat their customers right and put them as their top priority. Their motto for growth has always been to provide unmatched, impeccable customer service.

Most importantly, the value and quality of Regis services heavily outweigh the cost of them. Therefore, making it a low risk, high reward choice. With that in mind, it is a no-brainer that you should visit the esteemed, unprecedented Regis Salon and see for yourself what all the commotion is about.

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