Walmart Hair Salon Prices in 2024

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Walmart Hair Salon Prices range from $15.50 for Express Haircut. The Walmart Hair Salon offers the best quality haircut and other hair services.

Whether you are a busy mom on a budget or a businessman on a tight budget, a trip to Walmart Hair Salon can make you look and feel your best. From basic haircuts to elaborate upon, Walmart’s SmartStyle salons have the services you need to keep your look in top condition. And because they offer competitive prices, you can’t go wrong with their great customer service. They really do set high criteria for high-quality services that are affordable.

Walmart has become a household name for several decades now. Sam Walton founded the company in 1962, and what started as a neighborhood grocery store has now grown into a giant multi-billion-dollar empire. Walmart has over 11,000 locations in 27 countries. Its 2013 revenue was $468.65 billion.

Majority of the American population trust Walmart because of its mission to give you great prices for high-quality products. They also strive to give you a great shopping experience.

If you have been wanting a haircut for a while, a Walmart Hair Salon can be your best bet. Their friendly, trained staff has all the latest equipment such as razors, shavers, and more, and will deliver the highest quality service possible. They also have a long list of chemical treatments, so you’re sure to find something that matches your tastes and your budget. Full-service salons also offer perms, all-over colors, foil highlights, and conditioning treatments.

Most people go to Walmart stores to buy grocery items, medicines, pet supplies, and general merchandise. But there are also hair salons and nail salons in Walmart stores all over the country. And when you talk about Walmart salon prices for hair, what always comes to mind is SmartStyle, whereas, for nails for Walmart salon prices, people always think of Regal Nails.

Smartstyle Family Hair Salon

SmartStyle Family Hair Salon is exclusively located in Walmart stores. If you want a haircut or hair color, you don’t need to call for a convenient pre-appointment. However, you can also do a walk-in and get service for most other types of appointments. 

SmartStyle salons can also add highlights, waves, and texture to your hair. SmartStyle salons can also remove unwanted hair from the eyebrows, lips, chin, and ears. Walmart also carries hair care products and is convenient for families with kids. And, what’s better than a great haircut at an affordable price? You can even add highlights to your hair for a little more sparkle. These highlights will lighten up your face and add dimension to your locks

Walmart salon prices are affordable. But, take note that despite their attractive rates, they offer superb services. Almost everything you find in a corner salon is typically offered at a SmartStyle Family Hair Salon. And the best part is that because it is Walmart, the services are set at prices you can’t beat.

And if you happen to be in a location far from your original Walmart, you can still expect to find the same quality of service no matter where you go.

Walmart Hair Salon prices and Services at SmartStyle:

Walmart Hair Salon Haircut Prices

Shampoo & Haircut$15.50
Adult Shampoo, Cut & Express Dry$18.50
Kid's Shampoo & Cut – 10 and under$10.95
Kid's Shampoo, Cut & Express Dry – 10 and under$13.95
Foil Highlights$49.95
Relaxer – virgin$49.95
Specialty Style$26.95
Style – includes shampoo$14.95
Conditioning Treatments$14.95

Regal Nails Salon

Regal Nails salon gives you the best royal treatment you deserve. While this salon brand can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, most of its locations are at Walmart. This is why Regal Nails is always synonymous with Walmart nail salon.

The great thing about Regal Nails is that you don’t need to make an appointment. So, if you suddenly find yourself having extra time on your hands, you can get a pedicure on a whim if you happen to be in or near a Walmart store. Instead, go to a nearby Regal Nails salon and expect excellent customer care, high-quality service, and clean and hygienic surroundings. In addition, Walmart Salon prices are low and offer a great quality of services.

Walmart Nail Salon services offered by Regal Nails include:

Walmart Salon Natural Nail Care Prices

Deluxe Pedicure$25.00
Deluxe Manicure$18.00
Super Deluxe Pedicure$28.00
Deluxe Pedi + Mani$35.00
Mani + Pedi$27.00
Gel Manicure Color$25.00
Walmart Salon Gel Color$17.00
Little Diva Pedicure–Under 12$20.00
Little Diva Manicure–Under 12$15.00
Deluxe Pedicure Spa–This complete pedicure also includes sugar scrub used for exfoliation and hydrating mask.$45.00

Walmart Salon Solar Nails Prices

White or Color Tip–Full Set$45.00
White or Color Tip–Fill$35.00
Clear Tip–Full Set$40.00
Clear Tip–Fill$25.00
Repair–Per Nail$5.00
Gel coating on top$5.00

Walmart Salon Acrylic Nails Prices

Clear Tip–Full Set$35.00
French Airbrush–Full Set$40.00
Pink or White–Full Set$45.00
Clear Tip–Fill$22.00
French Airbrush–Fill$27.00
Pink or White–Fill$35.00
Gel coating on top acrylic$5.00

Walmart Salon Gel Nails Prices

Clear Tip–Full Set$45.00
French Airbrush–Full Set$50.00
Two-Tone with Pink & White–Full Set$55.00
Clear Tip–Fill$30.00
French Airbrush–Fill$35.00
Two-Tone with Pink & White–Fill$40.00

Walmart Salon Additional Services Prices

Polish change for hands$8.00
Polish change for toes$10.00
French design$12.00
Airbrush designs$10.00
Nail designs$5.00
Nail take off$15.00
Cut down$5.00

Walmart Salon Packages Prices

Manicure & French design$23.00
Pedicure spa & French design$35.00
Manicure & Pedicure–French on toes and nails$55.00
White or Color tip–Full set solar with gel & Pedicure spa$75.00
White or Color tip–Fill solar with gel & Pedicure spa$67.00

Walmart Salon Waxing Services Prices

Full leg$45.00
Half leg$25.00
Full arm$25.00
Half arm$18.00
Under arm$10.00
Hair line$5.00
Full face$25.00

Regal Nails also offer packages such as manicure and French design or pedicure and French design. They also have waxing services for full/half legs, full/half arms, and more. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Regal Nails salon. They will immediately submit your query.

Walmart Hair Salon Stores

It should be noted that some services may be limited if you go to a different location that is not your own. Also, services do change depending on the city and the customer base. 

With SmartStyle Hair Salon and Regal Nails salon, you can pamper yourself while running errands and buying stuff you need for your home. They give shoppers like you a convenient way to do the things you need to do even with your busy schedule.

For more information on Walmart Salon, visit SmartStyle Hair Salon and Regal Nails Salon. You can check their websites to find the closest location to you.

There are a few other hair salons you should check out our Great Clips, Regis Salon, and Fantastic Sams.

Walmart Hair Salon Hours

9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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22 thoughts on “Walmart Hair Salon Prices in 2024”

  1. Had my hair cut here today and the girl did a HORRIBLE job! She totally butchered my hair and charged me the wrong price! I can’t wait to find out this girls name but when I do, I hope no one else goes to her! Absolute did not know ANYTHING about cutting hair. Didn’t part my hair down the middle, didn’t spray it down with water to make sure she cut everything evenly, NOTHING! I will NEVER come back here again! A manager WILL be hearing from me.

  2. I was wondering, i wanted to take my mum to get her toe nails done, and a color do i have to get a specail thing or can i get the spa and a color fpr how much?!?? 🙂

  3. I got a perm done here for $76 on a Sunday. I live an hour away, and I work a 7:30-6 job at a daycare Monday to friday. My hair did not turn out in the front. So I called on wednesday morning after washing my hair, and the lady had off Thursday and Saturday and Sunday. Friday was the only option to be able to get my hair done. That is not long enough notice to get the day off, especially when she is off the days I am available. They are only open until six everyday. And no other stylist she said is able to do it. I am so upset, my hair is half done, and I’m out of a days work worth of pay. I will be letting family and friends know NOT to go to this salon. Such a disappointment!

  4. It is an inconvenience to have to go back for a re-do, however it happens a lot, it’s just a fact of life. There are many reasons why your bangs didn’t process properly. It could of happened at a high end salon too. Sorry that happened to you. You just have to suck it up princess

  5. Ive never been here before an im a little nervouse cause its walmart but i want to get cheap highlights done…any suggestions?

  6. Called the hair salon in philadelphia ms to get price on just washing and drying my hair they said it would be 24.95 just for this that is highway robery if they do everybody like this I don’t see how they still working Sam would turn over in his grave

  7. This week I purchase from your store a hair gel (3600 Mallory Ln, Store # 04233) that was marked $9.79. I was charged $10.24. Not a big difference . After questioning the Manager Ashley. Her answer was “they just marked it wrong”. Aren’t you liable the honor the price marked? Ever other store does . I purchase all my hair supplies from this store. That was my last purchase.

  8. I went to the same salon and the girl messed up my hair so bad I went to the one on Norris freeway and I will never go to any of them no more she would not fix it. She said you got what you paid for

  9. Just because it’s in Wal-Mart doesn’t make it a Wal-Mart salon lol
    You have probably also been to another Smart Styles salon and not realize because it is under a different name. Regis owns Smart Styles which are very reputable corporation. They also own Carlton Hair, Images Salon, City Looks, Famous Hair, Best Cuts, Saturday’s, HCUK, Supercuts, Pro-Cuts, Hair Crafters, Magicuts, MasterCuts, Borics Hair, Hair by Stewarts, Cost Cutters, TGF Hair Salon, HairMasters, Style America, Holiday Hair, Mia & Maxx Hair Studio, First Choice Haircutters, Vidal Sassoon, Jean Louis David, and Saint Algue.
    I am sorry that some of you did not have a great experience, but it will happen even in high end salons. Some of the higher end salons that charge $35 for just a cut also take students right out of school FYI so it CAN happen anywhere you go.

  10. Today my mother and I got perms. The total tab for 2 was 123.00. RADICULUS!!!!
    You charge 44.95 for perm and you either walk out looking like a wet dog or pay an additional 16.95 for cut and style, which was pretty sorry looking. It is not posted that you no longer get this service included in the perm price. Had I known the outcome of the styled look, I could have bought groceries that would last longer than the hairdo. Really disgusted.

  11. Went in for a TRIM and the lady cut off 5 inches and used the clippers on my neck AND sideburns! I now have a bob and shaved neck! Worst place ever!

  12. I myself love regal nails. My daughter goes to the same person everytime she knows her name and what color looks good on her. She tried others but always return back to Regal. Walmart Eastwood Birmingham Very friendly


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