Beach Bum Tanning Prices

Looking your best will always go hand-in-hand with feeling your best and, subsequently, that leads to your highest confidence level. Of course, many companies and industries aim to fulfill this memorandum, but only a select few have the necessary resources, attitude, and skills to accomplish it.

When it concerns the indoor tanning industry, Beach Bum sits atop the hierarchy. With superior products, equipment, and staff, it’s no wonder they prosper at such a high level.

Below are the latest Beach Bum Tanning prices and services.

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Beach Bum Tanning was founded in 1986 in Manhattan, NYC. Beach Bum Tanning has gained a reputation where they are regarded as one of the elite tanning and beauty salons on the East Coast. With over 50 locations dispersed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia and West Virginia, they have proof that can attest to such claims.


At Beach Bum Tanning, you will find only high quality, state-of-the-art tanning equipment. This includes the latest tanning beds which include features such as facial and shoulder tanners, cooling fans and aromatherapy. Beach Bum also houses Sunless Booth Tanning and Airbrush tanning.

Sunless Spray Tanning is when spray/mist solution is applied to the body to achieve certain, desired complexions. When applied to the skin, DHA (active ingredient) reacts with the proteins in the skin’s shallow undertone to create a golden brown color. Shortly after, the skin darkens in two to three hours after applications and will reach its peak color within 24 hours. Of course, the color will steadily fade away through natural exfoliation, similar to a natural tan from the sun.

Airbrush Tanning is a customized treatment in which the artist uses an accurate technique in conjunction with a fine point as well as a wide point to give the skin an authentic tan. In fact, Beach Bum Tanning is a pioneer in the Airbrush technique as they developed a custom solution that is organic and vegan. It also includes pre and post care regimens.

Services may be taken advantage of in single sessions or in complete packages. The Beach Pass is also available, a package that allows for savings. However, the best value usually comes in the individual sessions.


Beach Bum Tanning provides custom-tailored memberships, packages, and Beach Pass programs. All of these are aimed at your desired tanning needs with a number of payment options.

Furthermore, Beach Bum tanning consultants and airbrush artists are Smart Tan certified and are well-acclimated with the latest of modern trends.

Beach Bum Tanning treats every client with individual importance. The tanning experts are adamant that no two skin tones can ever be the same. Therefore, they work diligently in mixing over 150 different color combinations to provide your skin with the ideal color in less than 20 minutes. And this is packaged with the standard, amazing Beach Bum value.

Beach Bum Tanning is here to work on making you feel like a star. It’s also here to stay. Through modern equipment, elite technique, and excellent customer service, they have propelled to a well-respected, critically-acclaimed status.

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