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Initially, David and Rick Keuber began in the video retail business. Naturally, in the summer sales and profits would go down. As a result, they decided to do something risky and different. To combat low sales in the summer, the Keuber brothers implemented tanning beds. As sales exponentially improved and popularity grew, the two entrepreneurial brothers decided to get into the tanning business. In 1999, their new interest came to fruition in the name of Sun Tan City.

Sun Tan City had the fortune of avoiding slow growth and rocketing immediately into a prosperous company as the business grew to 21 locations by 2005. The company aims to provide superior customer service while utilizing high-quality products, the best skin care products and highly-trained consultants. That attention to detail has served Sun Tan City well as, presently, over 250 tanning salons are dispersed across 18 states.

Below are the latest estimated Sun Tan City prices.

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Sun Tan City offers tanning through sunless spray tanning and traditional sunbeds. Concerning the spray tanning, the company utilizes airbrush technology in which several colors and complexions can be achieved to give you that ideal glow you long for. Said spray tan only uses natural ingredients.

Sun Tan City houses four variations of tanning beds extremely efficient in helping you achieve the ultimate tan. The variations are: Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Instant. At an affordable value, the Fast sunbed will provide results in a 20-minute session. For up to two to three times faster, hence the name, the Faster sunbed is what you are looking for. Now, if time is really an issue, the Fastest sunbed will help you achieve your fantasy complexion in three to five times faster. To cap it off, the Instant sunbed gives you a superior complexion in lightning speeds of five to ten times faster. The multitude of options offered make Sun Tan City an affordable, worthy company in the eyes of many customers.


Sun Tan City has built a foundation in which customers can count on proficient tanning power. Only the highest of quality is employed in the confines of Sun Tan City. The tanning beds are equipped with powerful lamps specifically designed to deliver profound, dark complexions.

Sun Tan City has sacrificed a great deal in terms of money spent on quality products and going the extra mile to satisfy their customers. However, the gratification of all this effort clearly trumps said effort. And it is apparent customers appreciate the calculated excellence that has gone into making Sun Tan City as it continues to prosper in today’s tanning business.

Through extensive research, Sun Tan City has set a foundation in only using the most effective skin care products on the market. But this is only one part of the equation as Sun Tan City also employs workers who are competent in the skincare and tanning fields. These employees are trained in assisting customers in choosing the ideal combination of lotions and procedures that will help them achieve their respective desired skin.

This elite personnel is always well-prepared to accommodate the client’s personal needs and requests, as well as giving recommendations. You will find that all of this is even more indispensable when you come to find out how affordable and reasonable the prices at Sun Tan City are. When considering excellence, value, and customer experience and service, Sun Tan City is somewhat of a no-brainer.

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