First Choice Haircutters Prices and Services

First Choice Haircutters was established in 1980 by Bud Cowan. Originally, the company began as a low-priced, family-oriented salon which places heavy emphasis on great value. Operating on a “first come, first serve, no appointment necessary” basis, the company has experienced substantial success with this concept. In fact, in 1982, franchising began.

Presently, First Choice Haircutters is owned by the revered, well-renown Regis Corporation, which franchises a number of other salons such as Supercuts, Magicuts, Pro-Cuts and City Looks. Initially, First Choice began with only one salon in Ontario. However, it has grown to more than 400 locations nationwide.

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First Choice Haircutters’ headquarters belong in Minneapolis, MN. The company aims to be seen as a salon that caters to “value-conscious families.” First Choice offers a 7 day guarantee on all products and services.

Since it’s conception, First Choice has remained a family and friends-oriented salon that has held its promise to deliver brilliant quality and bring value hair care to families. This unselfish and down-to-earth approach has garnered substantial praise from loyal customers as well as success. And a good part of this success comes from the immensely-trained staff who have a knack for beauty and hair care services.


To get a good sense of what First Choice stresses, you must understand what goes into their everyday operation. What values, morals and beliefs do they make a focal point of? Well, it’s all about the customer, the products, and the staff. Those three variables equal a great success if pulled off correctly. Hair care can be described as the following:

  • Making the whole family look and feel great about themselves
  • It cannot be outsourced
  • Inventory needs are low and not demanding
  • Is staffed by experts and employees are knowledgeable, certified and strenuously trained
  • Resists technological desuetude
  • It’s a fundamental service that is ideally performed by a professional for best results
  • It’s relevant in any economic climate and community


If you wish to relish in a friendly, exciting and affordable environment that caters to women’s, men’s, and kid’s hairstyles, then First choice is your, well, first and best choice. Right upon walking into the doors an expert staff member will assist in you choosing the right cut and coloring style perfect for your situation.

First Choice Haircutters seeks employing only the finest stylists in the area. Having undergone rigorous and extremely beneficial training in all areas of hair care, clients should rest assured knowing they are in good hands. Literally. If a new color or cut isn’t quite what you are looking for, you could also opt for curls or highlights.


If you are tired of all the other bland, uninspired salons and need something refreshing and unique, then First Choice can provide you with the type of hair care quality you have always wanted. Stylists are creative, eccentric, friendly, and are well-accustomed to the newest trends out today.

Most hair care salons require appointments but at First Choice that is not necessary. No appointment is needed and you can swing by at your convenience.

First Choice Haircutters has a decorated expertise in color, haircuts, highlights, as well as wash and style. All trained staff members are educated, experienced and up-to-date with modern, current trends and styles for the whole family! The salon also offers a “Kidscut” program which, for great value, provides an amazing haircut in addition with a free toy.

First Choice Haircutters came to the realization early on that men, women and children all have their specific needs relevant to their situation. Ever since this epitome, they have extremely dedicated themselves to being a one-stop shop hair services for families.


For over 30 years, clients have been choosing to come back to First Choice Haircutters. This is a testament to the elite, reliable services they offer. First Choice offers some of the best services in hair care including wash and wear, color, trimming and cutting; they built a bond with their clients from ground-up and do everything in their power to retain that relationship.

The expert stylists even have a way with kids, especially the ones who are somewhat anxious about their first haircut. They’ll employ strategies to calm the child down such as patiently reasoning with the kid and convincing he or she will look very handsome or beautiful after. They’ll even go through the lengths of showing them past pictures of first-time kids who looked amazing after their haircut! Isn’t that something? It just goes to show that First Choice Haircutters will go the extra mile not only for the kids, but in regards to all their clientele, hair care services and beauty products. First Choice is the only choice when you consider all the extra things they do.

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