First Choice Haircutters Prices in 2024

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In a world where aesthetics and self-care take the front seat, having a reliable and budget-friendly salon is a blessing. Welcome to your comprehensive guide on First Choice Haircutters prices, where style meets affordability without compromising quality. Whether you’re stepping into the salon for a routine trim or opting for a complete hair transformation, knowing the price list and what to expect financially brings ease and comfort to your salon experience. The cherished moments spent at the beauty salon ought to be as delightful as the final look in the mirror, with no unexpected surprises when the bill arrives. With a plethora of services offered, from a straightforward haircut to indulgent conditioning treatments, precise waxing, and expert hair coloring, understanding the rate at which each service is priced allows for a smooth, stress-free visit. Dive deep with us as we unveil the various services offered and navigate through the First Choice prices, ensuring your next salon visit is not only transformative for your look but also light on your wallet.

Classic Haircut starting at just $23.95 CAD, or explore transformative Hair Color services from $62.95 CAD. Perhaps, a meticulous Waxing service, commencing at a modest $12.95 CAD, will elevate your look, while the cherished Kid’s Haircut promises impeccable styling starting at $18.95 CAD. Traverse through our detailed First Choice prices guide, where every service, from a fundamental trim to a complete hair overhaul, promises a blend of quality and affordability. Please keep reading for the full-price table

First Choice Haircutters was established in 1980 by Bud Cowan. The company began as a low-priced, family-oriented salon that heavily emphasizes excellent value. Operating on a “first come, first serve, no appointment necessary” basis, the company had solid success with this concept. In fact, in 1982, franchising began. Also, the First Choice Haircutters’ prices are affordable. They are one of those businesses that provide high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Presently, the well-known Regis Corporation owns First Choice Haircutters. In addition, Regis Corporation franchises several other salons such as Supercuts, Magicuts, Pro-Cuts, and City Looks. Initially, First Choice began with only one salon in Ontario. However, it has grown to more than 400 locations nationwide.

First Choice Haircutters Prices List

View the latest average First Choice Haircutters prices and services below.


First Choice Haircutters Haircuts for Adults

Shampoo & Cut$30.95
Complete Service$36.95

First Choice Haircutters Haircuts for Kids

12 and under

Shampoo & Cut$25.95
Complete Service$31.95

First Choice Haircutters Haircuts for Seniors

Shampoo & Cut$23.95
Complete Service$32.95

First Choice Haircutters Other Services

Shampoo & Style/FinishBy Consultation
Demi Permanent$78.95
FoilsBy Consultation
Conditioning Perm (short)$84.95
Conditioning Perm (medium and long hair)By Consultation
Bang Trim$8
Styledry Basic$21.99
Styledry Full$31.99
Styledry Luxury$59.99
Beard Trim$8
Waxingfrom $12.25

Canada Prices

Service Type
Starting Price (CAD)
Haircut – Cut, Shampoo & Basic Style
34 min
Conditioning Treatment – Basic
10 min
Hair Color
1 hr 30 min
10 min
Perm – Full w/Cut
1 hr 45 min
15 min
Kid’s Haircut
18 min
Haircut – Cut & Shampoo
20 min
Color – Full Highlight 16+ Foils
1 hr 50 min

Kid’s Haircuts at First Choice Haircutters

Navigating through the enchanting world of children’s haircuts reveals a realm where tiny locks cascade into big adventures. First Choice Haircutters cherishes these youthful moments, offering Kid’s Haircuts that blend tender care with playful style. With prices starting at a friendly $18.95, little ones embark on a delightful journey of transformation, where each snip and style molds not just their vibrant locks, but also precious memories. The stylists, adept in conjuring styles from classic to contemporary, curate an ambiance that welcomes and comforts, ensuring every haircut becomes a cherished adventure, intertwining quality and affordability and bringing style within reach for the smallest of trendsetters.

Products & Brands Used in First Choice Salons

The essence of an unparalleled salon experience often intertwines with the caliber of products in use, painting every service with a stroke of excellence. At First Choice Haircutters, a meticulously curated palette of esteemed brands breathes life into each hairstyle, embodying quality and innovation in every drop. Blossom Pure, renowned for its organic, nurturing formulations, caresses strands with nature-inspired purity. Designline, weaving technology with artistry, sculpts styles that transcend the ordinary. The prowess of Matrix, bridging the gap between salon professionals and their clients, crafts impeccable transformations with its industry-acclaimed solutions. Meanwhile, Redken’s scientifically formulated, high-performance products become the unseen artists, perfecting hues and textures with a masterful touch. Together, these brands elevate First Choice Haircutters’ offerings, ensuring every cut, color, and style is not merely a service, but a masterpiece crafted with the finesse of unparalleled products.

Haircuts and Colors for Women at First Choice Haircutters

Transformative and empowering, a woman’s haircut and color service at First Choice Haircutters is a journey towards her most radiant self. Immerse in the beauty of precise cuts, tailored to celebrate individuality and a palette of color options that embody versatility and style. With haircuts that speak to her unique spirit and colors that mirror her essence, every woman finds her bespoke style, elegantly crafted and brought to life by skilled professionals. Guided by an affordable price structure, this sanctuary of style becomes a realm where every woman discovers and redefines her vibrant, colorful self, seamlessly merging affordability with unparalleled aesthetic artistry.

First Choice Haircutters History and Growth

First Choice Haircutters’ headquarters belong in Minneapolis, MN. The company aims as a salon that caters to “value-conscious families.” First Choice offers a 7-day guarantee on all products and services.

Since its conception, First Choice has remained a family and friends-oriented salon that has held its promise to give the best quality and bring value hair care to families. This unselfish and down-to-earth approach has garnered substantial praise from loyal customers and success. And a good part of this success comes from the immensely-trained staff who have a knack for beauty and hair care services. The workforce has received training to produce excellent results.

If you wish to enjoy a friendly, exciting, and affordable environment that caters to women’s, men’s, and kid’s hairstyles, then the First choice is your, well, first and best choice. Upon walking into the doors, an expert staff member will assist you in choosing the right cut and coloring style perfect for you.

First Choice Haircutters seeks to employ only the finest stylists in the area. Having undergone extremely beneficial training in all areas of hair care, clients should rest assured knowing they are in good hands. If a new color or cut isn’t quite what you are looking for, you could also choose curls or highlights.

Why Choose First Choice Haircutters?

first choice haircutters store front

To understand what First Choice stresses, you must know what goes into their everyday operation. What values, morals, and beliefs do they make a focal point of? Well, it’s all about the customer, the products, and the staff. Those three things equal great success if pulled off correctly. Haircare is described as the following:

  • Making the whole family look and feel great about themselves
  • Inventory needs are low and not demanding
  • Experts staff it and employees have enough knowledge
  • Resists technological desuetude
  • Cost Cutters Prices in 2024Cost Cutters Prices in 2024
  • It’s relevant in any economic climate and community

Why Do Clients Love First Choice Haircutters?

first choice men hair cut

If you are tired of all the other bland, uninspired salons and need something refreshing and unique, then First Choice can provide you with the hair care quality you have always wanted. Stylists are creative, friendly, and well-accustomed to the newest trends out today.

Most hair care salons require appointments, but at First Choice, that is unnecessary. Instead, you can visit at your convenience. They just let their customers walk right in and you can choose your selected popular hairstyle.

First Choice Haircutters is an expert in color, haircuts, highlights, and wash and style. All trained staff members are up-to-date with modern trends and styles for the whole family! The salon also offers a “Kids cut” program which, for great value, provides an amazing haircut in addition to a free toy.

First Choice Haircutters realized early on that men, women, and children all have needs relevant to their situations. Also, customers love the First Choice Haircutter’s prices since it is family-friendly. Ever since this epitome, they have dedicated themselves to being a one-stop-shop hair service for families. They provide excellent customer service, making them a fantastic choice for a salon.

Question& Answers

What is the starting price for a basic haircut at First Choice Haircutters?

Prices for a basic haircut start at $23.95 CAD, but may vary by location.

Are coloring services available at First Choice Haircutters?

Yes, hair coloring services are offered, starting at $62.95 CAD.

Do they offer services for children?

Absolutely, kid’s haircuts are available, starting at $18.95 CAD.

What is the duration of a hair coloring service?

Hair coloring services are estimated to take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, although duration may vary.

Are walk-ins accepted at First Choice Haircutters?

While walk-ins are welcomed, booking an appointment is recommended to ensure availability.

What brands of hair products are used?

Brands such as Matrix, Redken, Blossom Pure, and Designline might be used, although the specific brands can depend on the location.

What are the operating hours?

Operating hours can vary by location. It’s recommended to check the specific hours of your local salon.

Are there any COVID-19 safety protocols in place?

Salons are likely to be following local guidelines for health and safety, which may include mask mandates, social distancing, and enhanced cleaning protocols.

Are senior haircut services offered?

Senior haircut services are typically offered, but for specific prices and services, it’s best to check with your local salon.

Is there a loyalty program available?

Loyalty programs may be available. For accurate details, please check the official website or contact your local salon.

Services Offered

first choice haircutters store inside

For over 30 years, clients have been choosing to come back to First Choice Haircutters. This is a testament to the elite, reliable services they offer. First Choice offers some of the best services in hair care, including wash and wear, color, trimming, and cutting; they built a bond with their clients from the ground up and did everything to retain that relationship.

The expert stylists even have a way with kids, especially those who are anxious about their first haircut. They’ll apply strategies to calm the child down, such as reasoning with the kid and convincing them they will look very handsome or beautiful after. They’ll even go to the lengths of showing them past pictures of first-time kids who looked amazing after their haircuts! Isn’t that something? It shows that First Choice Haircutters will go the extra mile for the kids and all their clients, hair care services, and beauty products. First Choice Haircutters’ prices are right for you. Thus, First Choice salon is the only choice when considering all the extra things they do.

To set up an appointment with First Choice Haircutters or for more details, visit their official site at

First Choice Haircutters Hours

8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Note: The operating hours may differ depending on the salon’s location.

first choice haircutters store hours


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