There is no going around the fact that women love having beautiful nails. No matter how glamorous and polished she presents herself, a woman’s look is not complete if her nails aren’t looking perfect. Luckily for those who live in Minot, North Dakota, there is a nails salon that continues to gain popularity due to the excellence of its services: AJ Nails. Offering a wide range of nail services, the salon is a perfect choice for women who want to stand out. With that in mind, the present guide will present a thorough list of all AJ Nails prices. Additionally, it will provide useful information regarding the salon’s services.

AJ Nails Prices

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What Are AJ Nails Salon’s Services and Why Should You Try Them?

Since it was established over ten years ago, AJ Nails has been offering high-quality services that live up to the standards of the most demanding customers. On top of that, they managed to sustain their competitive AJ Nails prices throughout the time.

In order to provide a service that is focused and efficient, the salon specializes in nail and nail-related services. However, aiming at satisfying as many customers as possible, it offers an ample variety of nail service modalities. Additionally, AJ Nails offers waxing, pedicures, manicures, and even spa services. As a result, the company has turned itself into a one-stop shop for a morning or afternoon of beautification and relaxation.

At AJ Nails, each and every one of the aforementioned services are carried out by expert nail-care professionals and nail artists. This high level of professionalism ensures that clients will be fully satisfied with the final result. Not content with offering only the highest quality of nail services, AJ Nails also offers its distinguished clientele a relaxing spa-like environment. This light atmosphere helps make every visit to the salon a pleasurable experience.

AJ Nails History and Growth

For over ten years, AJ Nails has been offering its clientele a wide range of high-quality nail services at exclusive AJ Nails prices. Ever since the salon was opened in Minot, North Dakota, AJ Nails has been steadily gaining popularity and loyal customers.

At first, the salon was small. As a matter of fact, legend has it that it only had a capacity for servicing up to four customers simultaneously. However, it wasn’t long before people began talking about the fantastic quality of the salon’s services. Soon, its owners decided to move to a bigger location.

Today, AJ Nails is one of the most well-known and trusted nail salons in the area. As a matter of fact, it’s not an uncommon occurrence that people travel from neighboring cities just to have a chance of experiencing the services that AJ Nails provide.

AJ Nails Salon’s Offers and Promotional Packages

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In order to reward its most loyal customers, AJ Nails has set up various different offers and promotional packages that can be discovered by visiting the salon’s website. Additionally, AJ Nails has partnered with Groupon in order offer the site’s subscribers the opportunity of getting amazing discounts and other advantages.

What Are People Saying about AJ Nails?

After going through the various reviews and customer comments regarding the services offered by AJ Nails, it’s easy to see why the salon has become so popular. The great majority of these pieces of input are remarkably positive, often praising the customer service offered by the salon’s staff. There are also many customers who loved the creativity and technical abilities demonstrated by the professionals working at this salon.

AJ Nails Hours

  • Monday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Tuesday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Wednesday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Friday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Sunday: Closed.

Closed Holidays

  • New Years.
  • Easter.
  • Memorial Day.
  • Fourth of July.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Christmas
  • Sunday.

In Conclusion

After going through all the most important characteristics of the services offered by AJ Nails, it’s very easy to see why the salon has been turning so many heads. Apart from providing nail services of the highest quality, the renowned nail salon offers additional services such as waxing, manicures, and pedicures at enticing AJ Nails prices.

Each one of these services is carried out by expert professionals who have the customer’s satisfaction in mind at all times. Have you ever experienced one of the services offered by AJ Nails? If so, don’t forget to leave a comment telling us all about it!

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