How Long Does Arctic Fox Hair Dye Last: Tips To Keep Your Color Longer

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How Long Does Arctic Fox Hair Dye Last?

Being one of the longest-lasting semi-permanent hair dyes on the market, you may want to know exactly how long Arctic Fox hair dye lasts, and we can help.

According to the Arctic Fox website, the dye lasts between four and eight weeks. However, there are ways to extend the life of your color. Also, the type of hair you have, oily, dry, or fine and think may have an impact on the duration of your color.

Tips To Make My Arctic Hair Dye Last Even Longer

Below are some tips for keeping your dyed hair healthy and maintaining color.

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How Can I Make My Arctic Hair Dye Last Even Longer?

Wash Your Hair In Cold Water

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The cold water naturally smoothes down the cuticle of your hair. The cuticle is a layer of microscopic cells that overlap like scales on each hair. When the cuticle is closed or smoothed down, the color is locked into the hair for a longer period. This doesn’t mean you must take cold showers; try rinsing your hair with cool or cold water to close the cuticle. Try to Avoid Swimming in Chlorinated or Salty water.

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Chlorine and Salt are both lightening agents, so if you have colored your hair, these agents can strip the color and make it dull. Additionally, they can dry your hair more than the dye already has and cause more damage. You must avoid them as much as possible to maintain your hair’s vibrance.

Try Not to Wash Your Hair as Often as You Normally Would

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This can be strange, especially at first, but it will help your color last longer. If your hair gets super greasy, like mine, try using dry shampoo. The shampoo will absorb most of the oil in your hair.

Use a Sulphate Free Shampoo

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When you do shower, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Many shampoos have chemicals that break down the coloring and cause fade. Sulfate lightens hair, and because you just colored your hair, you don’t want that. A sulfate-free shampoo will be gentler on your recently dyed hair.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner

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Using a leave-in conditioner will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Dying your hair can dry it out and make it very brittle. Conditioner will give it a moisture boost and help lock in the color. Using a conditioner specifically formulated for dyed hair can also be helpful.

Wait Seventy-Two Hours After Applying Arctic Fox Hair Dye to Wash your Hair

It takes about three days for the hair cuticle to close after dying hair. When your hair cuticle is closed, it locks in the color. Shampooing before this will lead to a lot of your dye being lost, which you don’t want.

Let Your Hair Air Dry

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Drying your hair too roughly can cause it to be damaged and your color to fade. Using a towel can cause dry, split ends, and the color can damage your linens. Heat products like a hair dryer can also dry out and damage your hair.

Avoid Using Heated Hair Tools

Hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons will dry out your hair and damage the ends. Using these tools can cause more damage than normal because the dye has already substantially dried your hair.

Wear a Hat When You Go Outside

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The sun can cause your hair color to fade, so try wearing a hat when you go outside to protect it. Floppy hats are coming back into style, you know!

The Best Thing About Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Arctic Fox Hair dye is not permanent, so that you can test the waters. If you try it and don’t like a color, you can experiment with mixing and combining colors or even going with a new color until you find one you love.

When you find one you love, and it starts to fade, you can reapply just like that to keep the color for as long as you wish.

Check out this awesome guide for more information and buying Arctic Fox Colors!

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