36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest

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After a while, we all get tired of our same old look. Dying your hair can be a great way to change things up, but figuring out what to do with your hair can be a real hassle. So, here are some hair color ideas that will help inspire you on your voyage to unique hair.

Pastel Hair Color Ideas

Whether you’re looking for light hair color, or just something crazy but mellow, pastels have got your back!

Blue Ombre

Hopefully, you aren’t blue after taking on this style. The wintery look is a beautiful ombre that incorporates everything from indigo to ciane. Also, it can even dive into the gray spectrum, incorporating ash and slate.

White Hair

Throughout the early 2000s, platinum blond hair was all the rage.  So, fast forward a few years, to the modern-day, and white hair is the newest fad.

Gray Hair

No matter what age you are when you start going gray, or how fast you are graying, don’t worry, gray is the latest trend! So, don’t try and hide your beautiful gray hair with constant dying, just embrace your natural hair.

Colorful Hair Ideas

Mermaid Hair

This green ombre look is bright and trendy.  The green gradient creates a stark contrast from one tone to the next. So, the overall effect of this look is wild and edgy.

Geometric Dying

This style is bright and uses light and dark colors to create a geometric design. This two-toned look uses contrast to create its unique style. And so, the bright colors attract attention, and if you can pull it off, you go!

Sunset Locks

This sunset style is bright and full of beautiful colors like yellow, peach, and deep pink.  Then, this look incorporates both natural and unnatural hair colors to ultimately have an appealing effect.

Rainbow Hair

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - rainbow colored hair

This rainbow look is one of the beautiful hair color ideas. It is very vibrant and is sure to turn the heads of people all around. Then, for a look this vibrant, I would suggest.

So, for this look, I would suggest Splat dyes, they are extremely bright and pigmented.

Purple Ombre

This beautiful ombre incorporates everything from deep plum to pastel lilac. Then, the colors are incorporated into each other very well.

Blue Mermaid Hair

This colored style, brimming with purples and blues, is exotic and a little unnatural, but still very attractive. So, the tones used to create this look are very bright, and all meld together to give off an aquatic vibe.

Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Purple Taupe

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - purple taupe shaved hair

Forget the Pixie cut, the shaved sides style is taking the world by storm, paying no mind to gender or race. Men and women from all over are getting cuts like this that they use to express themselves in several different ways. Then, this specific look uses intense color on top and natural color on the sides to create an edgy contrast.

Silver and Maroon

This sleek, silver and maroon look is aged and beautiful. It works for all skin tones- fair, tan, and everything in between.

Geometric Coloring

Hairstyles like these are gaining popularity recently.  So, this specific hair color idea incorporates teal, violet, pink and white to get a very pretty and geometric look.

Purple Swirls

Currently, the shaved sides haircut is a great area for experimentation.  In this look, we see that just the swirling sides are dyed purple.

Trippy Rainbow

Bobs have recently made a comeback, and this unusual dying pattern will help to keep your bob looking chic.  This shoulder-length haircut is very sharp and refined.  Then, paired with this beautiful hair coloring ideas, the overall look is enhanced.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blond locks will always be the envy of the world. So, this coloring idea is very natural-looking and is good if you’re not going for something crazy.

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - strawberry blonde colored hair

Honey-colored locks are what every girl is chasing in the summer months, but with a little help from hair dye, it can be your year-round look.

Purple Peek-A-Boo

This dirty blond look with the purple Peek-a-boo style is perfect for summer. In a high ponytail, you can show off this dash of fuchsia that’s normally hidden under your usual sunny locks.

Rose Gold

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - rose gold colored hair

We can all agree that there are lots of different kinds of blonde around, but for me, this golden blond into pale rose takes the cake.

Hair Color Ideas For 2022

Flower Beards

Though males are not always forthright, we all know that they too want to change up their hair every once in a while. So, flower beards are perfect for them, all the excitement of a new hairstyle with none of the commitment

Glitter Hair Beautiful Hair Color Ideas

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - glitter rainbow hair

This is one of the unique beautiful hair color ideas look. This is the new Instagram trend that is sweeping the nation. Glitter hair, the style that will help fill your need to color in between the lines as an adult, is the new crazy style that everyone and their brother is itching to try.

Hair Stenciling Beautiful Hair Color Ideas

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - hair stenciling

When you first look at the product of hair stenciling, it is a bit funky, but no one can argue that it isn’t beautiful.  The bright flower design is an emblem of spring, and customarily, the dyes used to create this effect are not permanent.

Rainbow Beards

Men all over the world have created the beard embellishing trend, and it doesn’t appear to be dying down! This new male trend is bright and grabs your attention.

Brown Hair Color Ideas

Blondes just wanna have fun, right? No. It is a well-known fact that brunettes are really the life of the party.

Brown Balayage

This balayage look, good for girls with chocolate brown hair, is perfect for hair of all lengths. Balayage is a style of dying that is similar to ombre, just with a much more gradual gradient.  So, it’s almost like one color is melting into another.

Chestnut With Highlights

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - chestnut brown colored hair with highlights

This bright chestnut look is perfect for any complexion and will help soften the angles of your face. Then, this style is all about highlights and lowlights that will enhance your natural hair color.

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette and want to change it up a bit, these zesty hairstyles and colors for brunettes might interest you!

Brown to Blonde Ombre

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - brown to blonde ombre

This beautiful mahogany to caramel ombre sticks with natural colors but is still very trendy and chic. So, these colors, go from a dark brownish color to a warm blonde. Then will really make brown and hazel eyes pop, especially with an olive complexion.

Short Hair Color Ideas

Icey Winter Beautiful Hair Color Ideas

This ultra-cool look, with the top half of the hair white, and the bottom blue, is unique and edgy. Then, the icy blue tones in this style are a friendly reminder of winter, and all blend well together.

Short Mermaid Hair Beautiful Hair Color Ideas

And this look incorporates several elements of Mermaid’s hair, but also some bright yellows, aquas, and teals.

Red Hair Color Ideas

Every woman wants to be ginger at some time in their life.  If that time is right now, then here are some ideas to help fulfill your goal of ‘having joined the redheads’.

Deep Red Wine Hair

This brownish-reddish look is a beautiful color for fall when red and brown are mingling together. It is a darker style, but it’s simple and beautiful.

Red Lowlights

This is a nice medium red, that incorporates several different colors in order to highlight the main coppery color.

Auburn with Highlights

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - auburn hair with highlights

This beautiful auburn look with blond highlights is very natural, but still very bright. Also, the many shades of red and orange mix together to have a beautiful outcome.

Cherry Redhead

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - cherry bright redhead colored hair

This bright cherry color, mimicking the glorious locks of Ariel, is a great pop of color. Then, this cute curly look is bright and grabs the attention of everyone in the room.

Dark Hair Color Ideas

Purple and Pink Undertones

This look, streaked with deep pink and purple, is casual, yet super edgy. So, this look has the best effect with long, dark hair (either black or dark brown).

Summer Orange Dip Dye

This multi-colored dip-dye look is bright and sunny. So, it almost reminds me of a sunflower with bright yellow ends and a dark brown top.

Brown to Burgundy Ombre

This beautiful brown to burgundy look is casual but still very chic. So, it is a more tranquil look, but still very intense.

Rainbow Peek-A-Boo Beautiful Hair Color Ideas

There is nothing that accents black hair like a pop of color. This style definitely has a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Mood vibe. This is one of the best beautiful hair color ideas.

Colored Dreadlocks

36 Hair Color Ideas That Are Totally Trending On Pinterest - colored dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, an old African tradition, are gaining more popularity in America. Many Americans, regardless of ethnic background are trying out locks. Locks are a low-maintenance style for natural hair. So, they can also safely be dyed or bleached, it is easier if you dye your hair before you loc up, but you can still dye your hair when it is in locks. And if you are worried about dying your locks and weakening your hair, you can always try faux locks. American men and women have, most recently, broken race barriers that were associated with this style, and in the modern-day, everyone can enjoy the pleasures of this style. Then, the wonderful thing about locks is that they can be done yourself at home (thank the Lord for the era of the internet and DIY).


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