Best Prom Hairstyles for 2024

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Prom night isn’t just about dress and make-up, it’s all about hairstyle, too. Hair accentuates the face. That’s why excellent prom hairstyles help you feel more confident about the way you look. Long or short, an up-do, swept up, with bangs, highlighted with color, your hairstyle on Prom night should be comfortable for you to wear and stunning to look at. So, here are some prom hairstyles to consider for Prom night with matching hairstyle tips.

The Best Prom Hairstyles For 2022

Buns and braids hairtyleBuns and Braids

A big hair bun wrapped in braids is fun yet sophisticated for heart or diamond-shaped faces. This prom hairstyles looks just as great on women with long, thick hair when pulled back straight. So, you can attach clip-in hair extensions in the same, or contrasting, the color of your dress in the braids.

Vintage Prom Hairstyles

Pretty, soft, classic, the vintage hairstyle goes with any dress neckline and is ideal for short hair that has layering. Square, diamond, and heart-shaped faces look awesome with this hairstyle. So, if you have curly hair, soften them with just a little hairspray, let them cool completely, and brush lightly with a bristle brush.

fishtail braids hairstyleFishtail Braids

Fun and funky, that’s how fishtail braids are on practically any face shape, but especially for those with thick hair. Highlights have a terrific way of making fishtail braids fabulous by bringing out the hair’s natural texture and adding dimension to its strands.

Modern Up-do Prom Hairstyles

Give this classic a modern twist with curls. The placement of curls at the back of the head is unconventional, but the swept-up styling still accentuates the face. Also, just ensure that you have picked out on what side the fringes of the curls will be before they are pinned up at the back.

short and sleek hairstyleShort and Sleek

Cropped cuts are eye-catching on Prom night, too! Square, heart and round-shaped faces will look very attractive in short hairstyles but more so for those who have straight, medium-to-thick hair. Also, make sure your hair color looks shiny and fresh and not all grown out on a special night.

Rose Twist

A fresh, new take on the classic French twist, this hairstyle involves wrapping hair around to create a twist that’s rose-shaped near the nape. Medium length, thick hair, and diamond, oval, and heart-shaped faces will look glamorous with this hairstyle. Tip: continue wrapping hair while moving up to avoid ending up with an excessively large rose bun.

up do curls hairstyleUp-do Curls

Pile up soft curls to create volume for the hair, making sure that the look at the back is just as beautiful as in the front. Hold a mirror to check if the style is in place. So, this hairstyle is simple but considered a classic and is most suitable for those with naturally wavy hair to achieve that overall soft look.


Easy to do, fun to wear, and will definitely bring out the va va voom in you for Prom night! An excellent choice of prom hairstyles for those with heart or diamond-shaped faces and medium-to-thick, shoulder-length hair. So, wear a halter, one strap, or strapless dress with this hairstyle, and add a sparkly or sequined barrette or headband to complete the Vixen image.


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