Avid Salon Prices and Services

It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, a haircut that is indicative of your personality is imperative. Some choose to play it safe while others go for a more risky look, however most people do place a healthy emphasis on their hair and what it means to them. Through all four seasons new styles come and go but the importance on the hair stays. Getting a haircut is a very fragile thing as the final result cannot be taken back or altered. So, if you are looking for a hair salon that will get it right the first time then Avid Salon is the perfect candidate. Their versatility and customer service make for one hell of a hair salon. Listen to your intuition, it’s telling you that Avid Salon is what you need.

View the latest estimated Avid Salon prices and services below.

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Avid Salon prides itself in using only the most effective and superior of hair products. Whether it be the clippers, shampoo, or blow dryers, understand that everything used will be grand in quality.

Shampoos, conditioners, hair dye, makeup- your money spent on these products will be well worth it. You will surely get the biggest bang for your buck. But it’s one thing to house the necessary products, and it’s another to employ talented artists who can apply these products in fabulous fashion. That being said, the employees at Avid Salon have such a great natural feel in using these products. They are so well-acclimated with the aforementioned shampoos, conditioners, and makeup and are absolute maestros in achieving the best look out of their clients. It takes many variables for success to fall in place and Avid Salon has that formula.

Just give them a call and they’ll be more than glad to answer your inquiries about their superior products and items.


At Avid Salon, there is a fair hierarchy of styles and cuts for different people. If you only wish for a simple haircut, male or female, that will run you less than 20 bucks! And for the job they do for 20 bucks, you may think to yourself, “wow, how can they afford to price so low?” Truth to be told, we don’t know. Additionally, Avid Salon offers more glamorous options such as the blowout and perm, in which the price varies but still remains reasonable. Being the advanced hair salon it is, they can even outfit you in beautiful hair extensions and hair highlights. Avid Salon is the preferred place to go to if it concerns beauty and craftsmanship.

You want to remain modern and trendy in a rapidly-evolving society. Sometimes the typical hair salon just can’t provide these new, sexy looks for you. At Avid Salon, that’s not even a question, let alone a concern. Their team is full of vibrant, young minds who understand what’s going on and keep up with the outside world as much as possible. It would be tough finding a staff who is more equipped and trained than the one at Avid Salon. For that reason alone Avid Salon is a powerhouse.


There are a multitude of reasons why you should visit Avid Salon, and a huge absence of reasons why you should not. They just seem to have the whole package: quality products, talented stylists and hairdressers, and brilliant business ethics. Service is exceptional and the client is the number one priority. Styles are modern, trendy, sexy, unique, and brilliant-the whole nine. Employee personnel is beautiful and infrastructure is top notch.

The Avid Salon must be a fitting name because a first-time visit will most certainly become an avid, frequent customer and fan. For men, this is the spot to go to if you are in need of a crisp, handsome cut for a special event or even just a confidence booster. For women, if you crave a new look in your life then this is where you go to undergo that transformation. Avid Salon will make you into a life-size doll with its excellence and knowledge in hair, makeup, and style.

To set up an appointment with Avid Salon or for more information, visit their official site at www.avidsalon.com.