How to Style Your Bangs: The Best Hairstyles with Bangs to Try

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Bangs seem to always be a trendy hair option. However, many women discover that hairstyles with bangs are not exactly the lowest maintenance choice. You will need the proper tools and products to achieve the hairstyle that you have always dreamed of.

Fortunately, there is no reason to worry. With a few simple tips, you can rock one of these fashionable hairstyles with bangs. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can look great with bangs. So, if you have always wanted bangs and never had the courage to take the plunge, now is your chance!

6 Tips on the Best Hairstyles with Bangs

#1. Find an Easy Go to Hairstyle

a. Center Twist Parts

It is nice to be able to master your bangs and know exactly what to do to make them look perfect. But, let’s face it. Some days you might not have the time or energy to go through your entire hair routine. Center twist parts are a hassle free and adorable way to style your hair. Simply part your hair down the middle, starting with your bangs.

Then twist the left part back and secure with a bobby pin or decorative clip. Repeat the process with the right side. In a few short minutes, you can have a sleek and graceful look. The style will also keep the hair out of your eyes while looking great.

b. Side Sweep

an Asian woman wearing side swept bangs

The side sweep is another amazingly easy, yet elegant hairstyle for those with bangs. With little hassle, you can be ready for work or a night out. Simply comb your bangs over to one side and secure with a bobby pin or decorative clip. You could also twist or braid the bands back for a twist on this classic look.

c. Pin Them Back

This hairstyle is a variation of the center twist and side sweep. Yet, it is even easier. Start by brushing your hair until smooth. Then, twist a section of your bangs and pin them back. Repeat the twisting and pinning process with the remaining section of bangs. One hairstyling expert goes a little further. She recommends pinning the sections back in an X-shape. This tip will help keep the hair more secure.

d. Pin-Up Bangs

Maybe you want to pin back your bangs but want a little more flair and volume. Try this simple tip. Start by combing your bangs back. Then, grabbing the bangs, push forward and then clip. This will create a bit of volume between the root of the hair and the clip. Spray a bit of hairspray to secure and tame any flyaways.

#2. Blow Dry Immediately

a hairdresser blow drying a client's hair

As soon as you get out of the shower, make sure you blow dry and style your bangs before they have a chance to fully dry. As soon as your hair begins to dry on its own, it begins to take its natural shape. The natural shape is usually not what you want your bangs to look like. Make sure to blow dry and style your bangs, so they can take the shape you want instead of their natural shape.

#3. Use the Right Brush

a couple of hairbrushes and a comb

Always ask your hair stylist which hair brush is the best for you. However, most hair experts recommend a small round hard bristle brush to style your bangs. Brush straight and curl the ends under. The bristles help maintain any cowlicks and allow the hair to fall straight. You will be surprised on how much difference the right brush will make on your hair. Styling will become so much easier!

#4. Don’t Forget the Right Hair Styling Products

Using the right hair products is even more important than the right brush. The best hair styling products seem to cost a bit more and might not be available at your local drug store. However, these professional products have been designed to help your hair look its best. The best way to discover which products you should be using for your specific hair style, color and type are to ask your hair stylist which she recommends.

In fact, you can most likely purchase the exact products that they use when they originally style your hair. Ask a professional their go-to products for hairstyles with bangs. Imagine your hair always being able to look like you just walked straight out of the hair salon!

#5. Shampoo Them Regularly

While you might have relaxed your hair washing routine to help save your strands, don’t include your bangs! This part of your hair gets much greasier than the rest of your head. So, it is important to keep them clean and regularly shampooed. If you still want to skip a daily shampoo, there is a simple tip. Hair experts recommend a spritz of dry shampoo before your bangs get greasy. Dry shampoo is more effective before you can see the shine.

#6. Keep an Eye on Your Forehead

Many people with bangs seem to neglect their forehead. It may sound silly, but it very easy to forget about the skin under your bangs. For example, when applying moisturizer at night, make sure to pull your hair back and coat your forehead. After your forehead spends most of the time covered by hair (and possibly hair products), it is important to watch it for any breakout or dry skin patches.

These simple steps result in beautiful hairstyles with bangs. By knowing what tools and products work for your hair, you can achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. Get creative with your hair to find a variety of hairstyles with bangs for different types of looks.

Have some easy go-to looks for those days that you are pinched on time. Feel free to ask your hair stylist for tips on hairstyles with bangs. Do you rock a look with bangs? Tell us your secret for creating the perfect look. Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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