Short hair doesn’t have to be a trend, it’s always been there. Although having long locks is touted as being penultimate symbol of femininity, short hair certainly doesn’t make a woman any less of a lady. Curls look especially good on short hair, whether they appear as tight and bouncy or loose and wavy.

Think Charlize Theron or Taylor Swift if you want to get the picture. Or, going a few generations back, think Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson, Doris Day, and Linda Evangelista. If you’re still unsure whether short chops will look good on you because you wouldn’t know how to curl or style it, here are some ways to do just that.

Why You Have to Have a Good Curling Wand

Your best bet in curling your short hair is with a curling wand, primarily because this can create much tighter curls than a curling iron. You can brush out the tight curls to soften them.

You will also need a brush specifically designed for backcombing and some contouring hair cream to enhance your hair’s natural curls if you have them or create more natural-looking curls if you don’t.

The Best Way to Curl Short Hair in Four Easy Steps

Step #1

washing-hair2Start with clean hair. You should never curl hair if you haven’t washed it thoroughly. Get rid of residue hairspray, gel or mousse from previous hairstyling sessions. Use a deep rinsing conditioner to prepare your hair roots and strands for the heat they are about to experience.

Dry it completely and then spray on some hair protector or apply a moisturizing cream. With a wide-toothed comb, go through your hair in the middle and front and section it in three on both sides of your head. You can also have your crown with another three sections. Smooth your hair’s top layer and clip 2/3 of the hair.

Step #2

B004UKT21Y_cd123_modelApply a small amount to each hair layer before curling it. Start with your hair’s third bottom by sectioning between 1 and 1.5 inches of hair that is closest to the face. Wrap this around the curling wand, pulling the curl two thirds through, and leaving the bottom or last third section straight. Pulling through the curl all the way can make it too tight.

Work from front all the way to the back on both sides of your head. Let the second hair section down, apply some styling spray, and work all around to your head’s back again. Keep on curling your hair away and up from your face until it’s all done and then let your hair’s top layer down. Apply the styling spray and then curl only two thirds or halfway that particular section of hair.

Step #3

2Curl several small hair sections on the top layer toward your face. Keep on curling until all small sections are done. Let your curls cool down some before you run your fingers through your hair. Lift the curls carefully at their roots and apply hair spray, preferably the volumizing kind, all over the head.

Shake out your head after you spray so your hair doesn’t become stiff. At this point, you can re-curl any hair sections that need it even after you have sprayed. And then you can finish off by spraying a small amount of moisturizing spray to hold the curls and set them in place.

Step #4

got2b volumising spray mousse (1)If your curls come out tighter than you want, spray them with some mild volumizing spray so that they loosen a little while still holding up. Use your fingers to comb your curls out to “relax” them. Use the backcombing brush to tease smaller hair sections of curled hair to create more volume.

You can also use a hair pick to pluck out some curls which have become too tight. Loosen them with this hair pick by gently pulling them out from their curved state. You can spray on some glitter on your hair for a night out on the town but remember that less is more; you don’t want your curls with a lot of gooey shine.

Curl Quality Really Depends on the Curling Wand

Get a curling wand that has a barrel size of ½”, ¾” or 1” to for tighter and smaller curls and 1½” to 2” for loose waves. Make sure your chosen curling wand is made of ceramic, tourmaline or titanium for even heat distribution when curling.

Additionally, make sure that your curling wand has variable heat adjustments so you can choose your preferred heat level, an automatic shut off feature, and a heat-resistant glove for protecting your fingers and hands while your curl. Most curling wands with such features are priced reasonably.

On a final note, see to it that you get the most suitable curling wand for your short hair; otherwise, you would have wasted money, time, and effort in curling, not to mention getting frustrated and regretting your purchase. Selecting the best curling wand is the best way to curl your hair.