Black Orchid Barber Prices in 2024

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Black Orchid Barber is not your typical barbershop; they are extremely accommodating and professional. Furthermore, men have traditionally had to choose between getting their hair trimmed at salons that cater mostly to female clients and at walk-in salons. However,  Black Orchid Barber provides men with traditional barbering and advanced technological skills. Kindly continue reading this article to learn more about the shop.

Black Orchid Barber Prices


(Custom haircut with hot towel service.)
Haircut + Beard Trim

(Custom haircut and beard shaping with hot towel service.)
Beard Trim

(Custom beard shaping with a lather shave on the neck and chops.)

(Freshen up edges around the neck and ears (THIS IS NOT A FULL HAIRCUT).)
Hot Shave

(Signature 7-step hot shave with hot and/or cold towel service.)
Haircut + Hot Shave

About Black Orchid Barber

In October, the business at 820 E. Carmel’s 116th Street opened. It is owner Travis Moore’s second location.

“We launched the brand in downtown Indianapolis in June 2017, and it simply soared,” he said. “It was an instant success for us. ‘We need to do this in Carmel,’ we thought almost immediately.

Joe and Sue Moore founded MDG (previously Meridian Design Group) in 1985. Travis returned to Indiana in 2008 to work for a hair care manufacturer while assisting his parents with business development until he joined the team full-time in 2010.

“I never intended to work with my parents, but it became evident after moving back that the industry had changed,” Travis explained. “I more or less persuaded them that we needed to change, so we took a major risk and rebranded in 2011.”

Because of the increasing demand for men’s styling and cutting, younger stylists had difficulty growing their color business two to three years into their careers.

“The barbershop was designed to divert inbound male guests to a different setting,” Travis explained. “We wanted to be able to cater to all different forms of men’s styling. We put our stylists through our barbering and cosmetology education.”

Black Orchid Barbers allows men to sit and relax while getting a haircut in a setting designed specifically for them.

Black Orchid Barber Locations

613 N. East Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

820 E 116th St #100,
Carmel, IN 46032

16 tech
1220 Waterway Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Book Now at Black Orchid Barber

You can make an appointment at Black Orchid Barber by visiting their official website. The barbershop provides locations that are convenient for you. Also, you may choose who will work with your hair for each service you want, and each person has a corresponding price. Furthermore, once you’ve chosen, you may automatically schedule an appointment with that person. However, if you are not picky and are comfortable working with anyone, you can choose “anyone” to work with your hair. For more information, kindly visit their official website.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @blackorchidbarbers
Facebook: Black Orchid Barber Lounge

Cancellation Policy

  1. Any confirmed canceled appointment will result in full payment for the services reserved. Please ensure you are present if you schedule so your card is not charged.
  2. They provide a three-hour cancellation window before your appointment.
  3. They cannot guarantee that they will be able to accommodate your service if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment.
  4. They do not accept phone appointments.
  5. Their barbers greatly appreciate cash tips.

Operation Hours

Monday to Sunday

Morning: 10 AM to 12 PM
Afternoon: 12 PM to 5 PM
Evening: 5 PM to 6:30 PM

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